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the whole story sounds fishy, it don't sound kosher, chavez reckons he might have been given cancer by the system because they can't flop his movement witout any other means because his movement is legitimate and on a level and for and by the people, for the grassroots, the have nots and anyone who is on a level full stop whatever economic background, if this turns out to be true this will be devilishment beyond belief, i hope he pulls through and beats this shit

chavez speaks for me along wit evo morales, correa of ecuador, the castro's, ortega in nicaruagua, hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, assad(against the system and for backing up palestinians and hamas even though they fell for the system propaganda and okey doke and backstabbed him), farrakhan, al sharpton, rev jerimah wright, george galloway, cynthia mckinney and the russian and chinese goverment, these are my leaders or speak for me against the system depending on who specifically, you get what i'm saying

the system is primitive savages, the US goverment still has a economic embargo againgst cuba which only effects the civillian population, causing unnessary suffering, collective punishment all because castro didn't want the system to rip off the resources of cuba to just benefit the system and a handful of puppets in the 60's, you get what i'm saying, this is an act of a childish, evil, psychotic, primitive savage mentality and if this was the russian goverment doing this to another country, you wouldn't hear the end of it, propaganda for decades and the mainstream western media losing there minds, breaking em down as primitive savages, you get what i'm saying. i hope chavez makes it

from dailymail.co.uk...

Chavez 'taking opiate 100 times stronger than morphine' as doctors predict he will die of cancer in months

Venezuelan president taking cocktail of drugs

Doctors doubt he will live to see presidential result

PUBLISHED: 16:56, 3 June 2012 | UPDATED: 16:56, 3 June 2012
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Ailing: Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez pictured last month after his latest cancer treatment
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavezís cancer battle has 'entered its end stage', it was reported today.
Chavez, 57, is not expected to live more than a few months at most, according to Spanish newspaper ABC.
The South American leader is now taking an opiate '100 times stronger than morphine' to relieve the severe pain of the aggressive cancer which has spread to his bones and the side effects of the chemotherapy and radiation.
The drugs are so potent that 'at any moment his body will not be able to tolerate them', according to doctors treating him.

Chavez is seeking re-election for a third time and registered his candidacy last Friday at the National Electoral Council. He already has a comfortable lead in the countryís polls.

But sources within the presidentís cancer team believe it is doubtful he will live to see the results on October 7.
The medical report, seen by the Spanish newspaper, revealed that Chavez is also suffering from rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancerous tumour of the muscles attached to the bones, with metastasis.

As well as the painkiller fentanyl, medical specialists have also prescribed 'bisphosphonate to combat the metastasis' and 'corticosteroids to alleviate the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy'.

Praying: Hugo Chavez during his visit to Brazil where he was blessed by a priest
But the treatment is aimed at combating the spread of the cancer, not eradicating it, according to the report.
The dire prognosis comes weeks after Chavez said he was making a 'progressive recovery' after undergoing cancer treatment in Cuba. His chemo followed an operation in February to have a second malignant tumour removed.
The first tumor was extracted last June, also in Cuba, where the presidentís cancer was first detected when he fell ill during an official visit.

Two months ago Chavez called on God to spare his life in an emotional speech to the Catholic community.
Chavez cried and his voice broke in the televised speech made in his home of Barinas, in front of his parents and other relatives.

He has not released any details about the nature of the disease, saying only that it was in his pelvic region.
He recently claimed the US may be infecting left-wing Latin American leaders with cancer after the presidents of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina were struck down with the disease.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2154072/Chavez-taking-opiate-100-times-stronger-morphine-doctors-predict-die-cancer-months.html#ixzz1wwbTxv1J

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"The Great Hugo Chavez"
lol WTF

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Yea those big bad Feds must of zapped him real good with their Cancer Gun

He had no chance. His poor dietary choices and lack of exercise definitely didnt contribute to his deteriorating health.