View Full Version : Inner Feelings And Reality During Heightened Consiousness: Based On Experience

Big Smokes
06-11-2012, 06:11 PM
As perceptions occur, begin to pay close attention to subtle inner feelings that go along with these external events. At first it will be like subtle emotions, or almost subtle pulls within yourself. If you continue paying attention to this, you will begin to find there is a true relationship between your internal feelings and the external perceptions. If you continue to do this, and to improve at it, something amazing can happen. Before, you have been noticing internal feelings that happened in response to, or along with, external events or perceptions. Now your feelings will come first, and external events will happen in response to your feelings. If you can come to experience this, it is truly remarkable. Things really begin to open up at this point, the potential for exponential raising of consciousness is seen, and unlimited potential in your reality is known.

Basically you will feel something within, and then something will happen that will produce a perception for you that is of the nature of your feeling. You need to be able to make open-ended connections, but if you can you may find more and more that everything that is happening to you is preluded by an internal feeling of its exact nature, that you could say caused it. Even in small events this is remarkable, but it is even more so because this is not limited to small events. Very large scale events, in fact, may happen. As unbelievable as this sounds, you may find that as you become sad, it begins to rain. As you become happy, everything clears up and the sun comes out. As you feel chaotic intensity, it may thunder. In a previous experience of mine, where I was in a very high state of consciousness, I have felt that my consciousness truly became one with the Earth. It is difficult to describe what this means or what it is like, but it was as if I could feel what the earth felt, and I could feel and perceive the plants and the animals. It was during this time that the weather began to correspond to my feelings.

The effects of this, if achieved, is not even limited to short-range perceptions and nature! Suddenly celebrities, politicians, various people you see on television and on the internet, will begin acting out your consciousness. Often they will do very strange and ridiculous things, that would generally make no sense for them to do, but you will see that what they are doing corresponds exactly to your own mind. A common feeling I have had during these times was that it was as if they were intentionally being incredibly strange and ridiculous so as to catch my attention. It was as if they were actors within my consciousness, trying to get my attention so that I knew that the range of my consciousnessí power was not limited to my local reality, but was truly global. Fame and notoriety does not cause you to escape the power of heightened consciousness.

Reading this, if you believe me at all, may give you the sense that this is related to power in the sense of dominion. This is true in a way, in that you learn that you truly do have power over your own reality, but if this is your impression you likely misunderstand the bigger picture. You see, all of this is achieved through absolute unity within your consciousness. There is the distinct feeling that everyone has always wanted what is happening. There is the feeling that people have always been putting on a show for others, never fully being themselves, because they were unable to do so, as a result of some fear or anxiety resulting from a lack of unity. This experience is one of unity, and the sense is that you are allowing everyone to truly be themselves, with absolutely no fear based on social anxiety, because your heightened consciousness is unified in a truly all-encompassing way. So this is incredibly wonderful individually, as you see that your consciousness is capable of producing virtually anything in your reality, but there is also the sense that what you are doing is truly selfless, because as a result everyone is able to truly be themselves, as that naturally falls within the context of this heightened state of consciousness and its associated unity