View Full Version : Dean Clifford interview 29.5.12

Big Smokes
06-11-2012, 06:31 PM
nice interview with Dean Clifford cutting through the crap again


'If you try to learn how to use the system for gain then you're back to being dependant on the system. The best way to get out of their clutches is to leave it. cancel you contracts with the government and their bullshit has now lawful effect on you. obvioucly it will require strength but it seems to be the bottom line.'
get creating a new system, a new way of living, and new way of trading, new way of building...
'The govt / courts are NEVER going to prove why/how/when they gained jurisdiction over us, they are not going to say it what when you filled in the SIN / NI application form, becuase that would be the LAST TIME anyone fills in one of those. If they say filling that in granted them jurisdiciton that would be the end, so all they can do is ignore the questions that expose the truth, it's falling apart, they just look pathetic and the more people are waking up becuase more people are asking them to prove if they got jurisdiciton fairly.

EDIT - also good resourse for cutting trough the crap = http://www.time4thetruth.info/p/dean-clifford.html