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Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 03:02 AM
the fact is the government are using satellites to read my mind
and insert thoughts so i'm taking them for a ride
crazy thoughts, insane lyrics
i think these government members are a bunch of gimmicks
half of todays wealthy banksters are possesed by evil
they think they Big having control over people
but when i get my hands on evil i will strangle
and kill it, while the evil banksters get all tangled
and go down to hell with it forever
can you see me losing this battle? never
the evil leeches energy off the banksters
and in return helps them get more wealth... wankers!
so what happens when you cut off this energy source?
you are fucking with one holy force
its only a coincidence that i appear to be the second coming
when my blades start spinning you better start running
david icke is wack, but he's right about one thing
the illuminati to take over now need to step into the light
and yet still humans don't see whats directly in front of them
i will kill the reptilian queen by attaching her to a plane and crashing her into big ben

each line i type, the satellites detect the language
they acting like they beating me, but its them in anguish
acting all confident because they never saw a holy being in they life
and they think they closer to god? niggaz done dropped the dice
some people believe in france a ufo will land and save them
thats crazy... so imagine what the illuminati must believe then
theyre fucking idiots and the pope sure as hell dont speak to god
if theres a god that likes the pope he's an idiot i dont applaud
you guys still haven't figured out who i am yet
grabbing the mic spitting a rhyme and getting paid thinking you're set
i'm the toughest motherfucker on these scottish streets
the freestyle master? nigga you're a freak
and steg g? whats worse your name or your beats?
you don't have a clue.. my beatboxing skills show you weak
Kenny Ra and Sean, thats the nicest beatboxers out
What the fucks wrong with your voice freestyle master, please don't shout

yo yo
Roger Blake gets a cut when he puts more people on Risperdal
Your a ginger fucking prick yeah thats right you gonna take the bigger fall
Dr Pell another ginger doctor misdiagnosed me to shut me up
you think i'm schizophrenic? you worthless fuck
you regurgitate what you learned at medical school
your a fool.. i'm gonna possess you with the local neighbourhood ghoul
scottish people are fucking assholes with the exception of Em
your people can't rap or sing you sound like you drowing in phlegm
why did Em admit he was scottish? nigga thats wack
it's a fact all scottish women sound like men, nigga i'm black
i know a black scottish man with a white mother
his nickname is worse than suzzer, its baza
rza gza suzzer and baza
your a worthless scottish alcoholic like gaza (Yeeah nigga)

phew cigarette time!

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 03:30 AM
Baza is a half cast nigga
Tatties are potatoes, your a wigga
Leccy is electricity, eccies are xtc
Your scottish ways will never get the best of me
What you gonna do? Your genetics are weak
When you see me in the streets you better not speak
Fit Slag is scottish for a fine ass hoe
Scottish people can barely pronounce english so how you gonna attempt to flow?
Mellow'd Elements sounds like you smoking some shitty hash
Grant and Steve took Human Growth Hormone and got some massive ass heads
I appreciate Niggaz like animals, watching patiently for them to die like a vulture
Drinking and watching fitty (football) is Scottish culture
how come niggaz today are small? nigga believe me
it went from Onyx, DMX to punny nig nogs like weezy
niggas aint black no more they american
british niggas dont compare either, listen to this veteran
my poetry speaks for itself
three 6 mafia whooping wu tang into ill health
Beat Em to the Floor and put Dre in the coffin
the game aint fair, tons of niggaz i be droppin'

You don't know what just happened
You sufferin' from a facture

I'mma whoop this nigga, i'm a whoop this nigga (9th prince)
i'm take him outside click click BOOM with the trigga

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 03:41 AM
yo Suzzers mate told him to take Antipsychotics while on eccies
He was suffering for 3 days hiding under a table fearing for his life, ya get me?
Jocky Mclane is one cool scottish DJ pressing play on a cd player
letting the cd play out for the whole time, say your prayers
"the King isn't Born he is Made"

yeah nigga i'm tearin' up this forum right about now

every body throw your hands in the air like you just don't care!

yo yo
how stupid do scottish words sound to you?
do you think in a past life these niggaz were gassed as jews?
i reckon hitler designed Zyklon-B to take out your body, mind and they soul
Nigga i'm blacker than coal, like Andy (the owner of the Dragon chinese restaurant in Brechin)

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 03:47 AM
i know niggaz be loving my freestyles up in this bitch

do you think the government who are reading my mind with satellites
enjoy the shit i spit when i batter mics?
they keep telling me they gonna kill me soon
nigga i'm the king with a gun, i used to play doom
eminem getting beat up by his stepdad LOL
i was kicking Dave Marfizo in the ribs, killing him when i was still a kid
fat head got whooped nigga
i remember when i saw my first gun, wanting to pull that trigga
clack clack kapow
clack clack kaPOW

07-02-2012, 04:02 AM
Cocaine binge last night?

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 04:24 AM
naw son i aint touch that in years fo0

bazas black dad flew back to america before he was born
either he thought his white hoe was ugly or he thought baza would be deformed
baza aka alexander bruce
nothing but a scottish person with black skin aka a poof
no culture and no black in his soul
imagine how funny he'll be when hes old
Henry Conyers is his fathers name
i imagine him to be a weakling like MF Doom and lame

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 06:05 AM
niggaz can't even tell the illuminati have drained they soul
i mean lil weezy you gon' fuck tha world? that's bold
theres no african americans anymore theres just black skinned yanks
your just as bad as british niggaz only concerned with taking money to the bank
why cant you see whats going on around you nigga?
david icke sucks but at least he knows the picture is bigga
decapitating 2 monkeys heads and swapping them around
and calling that science? hell is where your soul is bound
those monkeys died 1 week later when the body rejected the head
and now scientists think they gon' 'hack' into stephen hawkings head?
your one fucked up ugly mongol
scientists claim AI can replicate the functions of the human brain
all you know is the left side of the brain, are you insane?
you think creativity is like a drug?
jay-z your one bad ass faggot you aint no thug
you probably see the right side of the brain like junk dna
something we don't need, nigga you gettin played

my freestyles are the illest son!

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 06:49 AM
movies today were made with no inspiration
so why is it that TV is still watched by the entire nation?
bruce lee and real martial arts replaced with MMA
bubbles is now the new thing in britain, not MDMA
hip hop replaced with lil wayne
dubstep taking over is such a pain
Microsoft making consoles with nothing to excite us
Xbox 720 is the 360 with twice as good graphics, nintendo askin' why did they bite us
but the didn't fight back, they are wack
humanity is doomed, so dont twist the facts
the scientists think humans need microchips to enhance the brain
wait.. are you insane?
why do you think evolution stopped with homosapiens?
and we need microchips and space ships on this planet we're stayin' in?
fuck the earth like weezy said and flee to another atmosphere
why is everyone so filled with fear?
Let's start a motherfuckin' riot in this bitch
Let's start a motherfuckin' riot in this hoe

yo KRS ONE bigged up lil wayne
thats insane, you aint spiritual you big nosed gay
wu tang doing dubstep yeah thats clever
raekwon your skin aint tough like leather, you look under the weather
your an old cunt with no hope for the future
you probably see your brain like scientists... a computer

yo everyone is dull as fck to me

the illuminati want law and order
microchips, survellience but i pass on that offer
they already drugged me but still i see through the veil
get the fuck on your bullshit space ship and let it sail
hide in your underground bunkers and fucking leave us alone
real humanity is coming home

your afraid of the magnificent changes we're going through
get out, your through

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 07:45 AM
the truth is
for the illuminati's next stage of their plan to work correctly
they must become visible to he public, ya get me?
if you dont believe me ask david icke
so what do you think the next stage of their plan is, like?
but do you think 2012 is the dawn of a new era
a time to lift the veil on this terror
..to prove Ahmed can whoop rza
and to prove something big to gza
like science is too static
when everything raises its frequency your old methods will seem quite tragic
and whats up with people thinking a ufo is coming to save them
they say it'll happen in france, i hate them
david ickes forum is full of mental illness
but i researched the truth for you like little gems hidden in dirt, i kill this
david icke is so wrong but at least he sees the bigger picture
when i'm done i want my own shrine, temple and ill be in the scriptures

yeah son

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 10:14 AM
every time i go outside for a cigarette i see worms on the path
i wish i could get a ladder and climb on the roof to give the baby seagulls a snack
i see wu-tang clan as rich domesticated niggaz
in my line of work its best to hate niggaz
imagine the mexican drug cartel brought me in
and gave me a gun showed me the hostage and told me to kill him
i'd act like a shy guy and ask this one question
"can i use more than one bullet" to test him :)
imagine me punching the fucking hostage
and whispering in his ear "imagine a dinosaur in a little cottage"
then shooting him in the leg and asking him to dance
the ginger fucking wanker wishing he was saved by that flying saucer in france

rhyming is a drug and dr blake cant stop me from smoking it
tobacco gets me in altered states of consciousness, but not as good as coke and shit
they say i cant drink alcohol either so the police monitor me
as well as satellites in the sky and they think they get the best of me?
nigga i'm high on rhyming words
i know it sounds absurd
when dr blake dies he's gonna come back as a turd
mark my words, he's a twat like 'gangsters' in glasgow
your a retarded asshole, in monopoly you can't pass go

i'm on a freestyle rhymin' tip today

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-02-2012, 01:12 PM
"yeah you can't even remember what day of the week it is"
thats the thought the satellite projected into my head
then after it projected another pretending to be me saying
"how much do you get paid to say this bullshit" niggaz better start praying
it inserts thoughts 24/7 and they think this will wear me down
hand me my staff, hand me my crown
i'm keeping the wu tang niggaz updated every step of the way
the government are scared to fight me in person cus they are gay

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-03-2012, 01:43 AM
this mornin' i woke up to a voice saying my name
i immediately felt angry knowing the satellites did this and it was lame
i dont blame dr blake and the illuminati for wanting me put away
they cant take that i have a more powerful mind than a 33rd degree freemason and i think they're gay
yesterday i said the illuminati needed to step into the light
now today they claim they've found the 'God Particle', yeah right
Is the Large Hadron Collider what they've used to create synchronicities?
Like me walking outside every day seeing patterns in car license plates?
Dr Blake claims my synchronicities and psychic events
are all delusions so he might think i don't know whats real or what life meant

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-03-2012, 02:13 AM
Yeah Son!

one time outside ahmeds pizza shop a guy got jumped by 3 guys
so ahmed ran outside and saved his life
he easily whooped these 3 scottish fags
ahmed is highly trained in martial arts
me and ahmed know we can whoop any scottish man
all scottish people have a bulky frame
slow and lame, they think are the same
as us, but there genetics are scottish
neil edmonds tried to cheat this with steroids but he's rubbish
listen to me the real rhyme editor
britain has more obese people than america
no one in scotland but ahmed is above me
not only are scottish people weak they are ugly
they think their scottish words are cool
thinking they aint inferior to england and even they are fools
dr blake tried to give me as much medication as possible
to slow me down, but my strength is official
i think about all my enemies as much as the satellites beam trash talk into my head
can't wait to get off my medication and smoke some crack instead (to be like dmx)

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-03-2012, 02:57 AM
sometimes i secretly wish people would be racist to Saj
and start on him so i can hard body some racist scottish fags
these scottish football hooligans are the worst
in this evolutionary race you know i'm coming out first

my ouija board tells me that 2012 is here
that cracks are already forming and people are in fear
and the illuminati are ready to step into the light with a solution
to all the unrest and confusion

the operators of the satellites are sick in the head
sat behind a pc sending fucked up messages to targets all day all the time
they really fucked up in life
slappin a dog in the face actin' like it wont bite

2012 is here and yet no one is prepared
The government are trying to cover everything up cus they scared
Slowly finding out their ways are shrouded in evil
Yet they cannot admit this to the people

The government used Derrin Brown to discredit psychics
Derrin Brown must be one dumb fuck

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-03-2012, 06:52 AM
i'm really taking these satellite operators who are reading my mind on a ride today

today i had to go get my injection
when i saw this complete tit at the intersection
i said to him "excuse me i must Ash you a question or two"
then i said "Do you find it annoying when old people take a Peek-At-Chu"
he got mad and said "u want a fight? c'mon!"
I said nigga unlike you i don't collect Pokemon
I looked at this nigga wanting to cut his hair
Once when going past a graveyard alan fraser said "people are dying to get in there"

this nigga was crazy

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-04-2012, 08:00 AM
the first part of this rhyme was my adventure years ago planting cannabis (Diesel Ryder) in scotland knowing that plants do infact communicate with each other so i wanted to scare them, the Nettles, by planting their alien cousin, Cannabis.. i had to use Diesel Ryder (NYC Diesel x Low Ryder) because the low ryder grows quicker which is perfect because the weather in scotland aint all that. The rhyme also talks about how that once cannabis is ready to harvest and be smoked by a god that strange visions will occur to the plant and then thats the end of its life and it can then journey up to higher dimensions reincarnating as something else..

"The Aliens Have Landed!" exclaimed the Scottish Nettle
that's when i planted cannabis in scotland to make it better
Scottish Nettles are the cousin of Marijuana
"Learn to grow THC and big buds if you wanna
Be like me." said the Cannabis, and be harvested at the end of the cycle
Grow naturally in Scotland so the government go psycho
then you too can move up and reincarnate as a higher being
When you're smoked by a God, strange sights you will be seeing

Yesterday and last night the satellites blasted my head
it feels like being in a room with radiation and chewing on lead
David Icke believes that the moon is a space ship
So what wack shit do the illuminati believe, those old dudes need a facelift
They think they are closer to god, but all their beliefs are irrelevant
I believe classic cartoons were inspired by a higher intelligence
Whereas none of todays people have any inspiration
They aint in tune with these changing times, so all they'll see is devastation

cj wisty
07-04-2012, 08:02 AM
why do u wanna scare plants if they communicate with eachother

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-05-2012, 01:58 AM
Why in school did Craig Cameron get called Spaceman?
Why do i see evolution as a race man?
In school i used to speak to Alan Fraser
then on friday night on Channel Four it was Ellen then Fraiser
Is that a meaningful coincidence? clear cut with a razor?
Ellen Fraiser, Alan Fraser?
I sometimes see Craig's soul to be like mine
An extra-terrestrial living on earth in these interesting times
A few aliens seeded on earth with the potential to fuck up human life
To obliterate the bible and science at the exact same time
In school Craig used to walk along white chalked lines
In the playground and enter invisible spaceship doors at times
And make the sound effects, this was before i knew beatboxing
Craig was probably trying to avoid invisible alien toxins
Most of the humans can't accept i'm Extra-Terrestrial with powers
I'm also Powdered Toastman, the superhero of the hour
If i had one thing to say to Craig i'd say it with force
Smoke up some Salvia and return to the source :D

Today i woke up early, but i feel refreshed
I feeel good right now cus i've just had rest
But soon the satellites will blast me again
Cus They really don't like me talking about them

Your plan has failed, get the fuck back in your underground bunkers!

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-06-2012, 03:24 AM

(Voice 2 Skull: That term sounds fake but its what they seem to call it)
*All da Mind Control websites i read seem dodgy but most of the symptoms they post match with mine*

Lemme spit this rhyme

All my own thoughts are Erased
and Replaced by a woman reading them out
And when i try to ignore it I also
Get a mans voice inserting stupid shit thats wack
I wish La-Cinderella was back
But they pushed her off to the side
These foolish humans use Voice 2 Skull to
Insert voices into my head so i take them for a ride
If La-Cinderella was here i'd either be
thinkin' of killin niggaz or she'd be askin'
to watch Pink Panther
but shes not there, there's no Answer
it's government agents inserting voices all da time
they project them using supposedly advanced satellites
my muscles all ache so i can't
Get no satisfaction by creating a funky dance

Am i a madman or a patient
Or do i have the capability to be some sort of agent
All these attacks on me make me think only one thing
Humanity is sick, turning extra-terrestrial guaranteed my win

When La-Cinderella said weird shit to me
I passed it off as her being a monster, ha
But what excuse do humans have? You gotta laugh

Most humans are happy, they wanna party
But they don't know what's going on around them
If animals did this they'd sure as hell die
Evolution for Survival, open your eyes

Satellite technology built for destructive needs
Learning about the human brain for the purpose of creating Dis-Ease

All in all i'm not complaining
All these attacks are just helping me train my brain and
While it's annoying having to filter out they
thoughts from mine
If they weren't here, i wouldn't be writing this rhyme

When i listen to music, they abuse it
They make appear a figure in my imagination
doing an annoying dance to it

Half of todays humans walk around in sleep mode
The government don't like visionaries they want to delete those

Evolution for survival
The way to win is to make your countries government your rival
Take to the streets, post up your thoughts
Communicate with others, like-minded, and find out the truth

Yo that's the end of this spit. Now the satellites will blast me for posting it

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-06-2012, 10:19 AM
Scottish people have frames that are bulky aka boxy
So the chi energy don't flow, my rhymes are toxic
AI can only mimick the left brain which is logic
While i travel in my imagination to other worlds on a comet
Why does todays music get alotta-appraise
When most of is it made in methodical-ways
2012 is here, so watch the way your time is spent
it's a big change, not an event

I tried to convince Kenny to use Onomatopia in his beatbox
Then he'd not only have the illest percussions, but he'd spit heatrocks
Shamans use this when they sing to the spirits
Words hold certain powers, you hear it in my lyrics
Who's the best at beatboxing? Kenny Sean & Ra
Fresher than weed stored in a glass jar
I clown around with sound that's bound to move you
And spit the funky shit that people wanna groove to

iLL x 10 son!

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-06-2012, 10:59 AM
Dear Roger,

My diagnosis is your chi energy doesnt flow
You can't be that alive as your chakras are closed
If you smoked weed it wouldnt open your mind
In the psychic realm you're practically walking around blind
On weed you'd have a panic attack and claim the evil 'Skunk' did that
But its not the weed and thats a fact
and you cant beat that with a stick or bat
All in all your personality is FAT
I reckon you suffer from mind control thats a probability
Cus you sure as hell have no creative ability
So you're prone to feel mad when i enter the room
The EMF from the routers did that and i know your doomed
Your medication merely works on the Seratonin and Dopamine
But as i've already mastered the 8 circuits theres no stopping me
You may as well admit i'm Extra-Terrestrial
At my level of intelligence i get to do anything cus i can't fail
You are slowly opening your mind to 2012 whether you like it or not
I'm beyond human, you're still a robot

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-06-2012, 11:15 AM
All in all, a real rapper like Clifford Smith should do a rap as he does claim he is the Method Man that shows the real facts on weed to the faggot british politicians.

It will explain the 2 main factors in weed and psychosis.

1. The stupid idiots smoking it

2. The fact that british weed is usually grown by some chink flooding it (poor plants) with chemicals to make it grow quicker and bigger (unnaturally of course) thus making it an unpleasant smoke.

hmm i've lost my train of thought, but at least i'm right and it's also right to want to correct the views of the faggot british and their views on weed

i mean SHEESH Roger Blake believes theres 2 types of weed... Weed and 'Skunk' the super potent version... LOL!!!

Look up Medical Marijuana on google you ginger prick

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-07-2012, 01:53 AM
At times people like Alex Jones must wonder why others won't wake up
The British and American government to put thousands of drones in the sky to spy
But nobody gives a fuck?
It's true,
what if a spy drone 'accidently' crashes into you?
Alex Jones is good at exposin' the truth
But he doesn't read through the lines like me and here's the proof
Why Does Barack Hussein Obama
Rhyme with Iraq, Saddam Hussein Osama?

This means that he was chosen before birth
To come and be the front man for the illuminati on this planet called earth
They do dodgy deals with spirits above
But they aint holy when they have no worth

Satellite technology allows them to read my mind
Insert thoughts, give me chest pain, read my rhymes
But i doubt they like it when i'm exposin' them
On cocaine my thoughts were totally overloadin' them

I pass the time by reading up on the corruption in the government
and also i feel the energys of 2012 and i'm lovin' it
Cus here comes the change, i know it sounds strange
But (soon you'll see) infact it's them who are mentally derranged

2012 could be change, ascension or evolution
But do you think your world leaders believe in this solution?
The souls of man rejuvinated and fresh
Do you think Barack Obama or Bush will be able to ascend? NO!

yo Roger Blake wouldn't know THC from ESP
Let alone computer terminology like HTTP

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-10-2012, 08:19 AM
one of the side effects of my medication
makes my nerves in my body send mixed up messages and screws up communication
Why is the government preparing for a crisis
Why does Dr Fake want me sedated so i cant type quick

Obama can now override any media to deliver commands
In event of a crisis, god damn this fucked up man
They can kill wutang corp or alex jones sites
Where the truth is spit about the government which gives them a fright

I bet Obamas tap water got no flouride in it
But damn look at Hilary Clinton or Obamas face and see they human qualities diminish
Hilary and Obama need to get a face lift or face the truth
You got power from the devil but he's a fucking poof
The devil showed them power which was really their own
then told them they could have it but they had to give up their soul

Why do they want wireless hubs all over?
"These snakes strike like a cobra"
Unmanned Ariel Vehicles patrol the skies controlled by dimwits
Look at all the security measures for the olympics
Watch the olympics, but how can you have fun?
When theres missile launchers on roofs, a warship and tons of losers with guns??

While the government use Voice 2 skull to slow me
I talk to my command base and act like shinobi
I pass messages to my commander, La-Cinderella
"Quick there's a shotgun hidden in your umbrella"
La-Cinderella is from another dimension
I bet she could whoop the devil and his earthly henchmen
Evil Banksters and Elites cower at her feet
It's time for us to show God our power to dance to the beat
Get ready to bounce

My raps are facts, but they aint creative
Cus Dr Fakes so-called medicine blunts my emotions and i hate it
So say something kicks off with the government behind it
I'll use my new-found creativity to give you a hide-in
You wack ass tyrant

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-11-2012, 09:29 AM
Look, I'm Dr Fake, i'm HAPPY :)
Look how happy i am, don't hurl hate at me :)
The Government arent preparing for a crisis in the nation :)
The missile launchers they're putting on peoples roofs are for decoration :)
There's a good reason they dont want americans being self sufficient :)
If they grew their own crops to eat they might need to pay more for a dietitian :)
The Surveillence systems are because we like you :)
And we want to see you happy smiling and on a bike too :)
The government arent using Voice 2 Skull to put voices in your head :)
That's just you being silly, think happy thoughts instead :)

Look i'm smiling cus i'm Dr Fake and i see birds :)
I'm good at left brained things like crosswords :)
We don't want you to take medication :)
But it's for the best :) Ok, Sean? :)
"Ok Dr Fake, i Agree" :)
"I Don't care about the side effects, cus medication is side-effect free" YAY! :)
WOW! We're helping you :)
Let's learn about assertiveness too :)
That will help you :)
That's all we can do :)

"My uncle thinks i should keep my head out my books aka Fantasy Land :)
Cus he thinks i should be logical and be subservient aka lesser than" :)

"Wow, Dr Fake, You're a legend!" :)

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-13-2012, 01:58 AM
A crab climbs out the ocean and takes refuge in a poppy field
Dark and mysterious blobs seep through the cracks of a ribbon reel
A shipwreck mysteriously appears in the middle of an old village
Wildlife killings, a wartime pillage
The proceeds of a charity are redirected to a dark force
A burned down bridge miraculously reassembles in a lime court
A skeleton made of bricks made with a future design
He breathes between his ears while altered agents attempt to rhyme
A battle tank made up of lyrics when god said "let there be light"
He proceeded to blow up ranks,.. exclaiming "call me Frank"
The flaming star roughly emerges from nothing
Camoflage intrusions, a few screws loosen, live from the dungeon
"Within these walls", he exclaimed "Our word will reach the shore"
A peg legged heretic clambered through the door

This rhyme is about Frank The Lyrical Tank cus he
before the earth and the universe came to be
and God said "Let there be light."
That was in the lyrical dimension, right?
And the words trickled down into the pysical
And words formed the earth and planets like some form of miracle
I can decypher your DNA in a wide array of ways
Your death is one that pays
My Lyrics form a tank, your soul a monstrous cavity
in hot persuit of energy, you don't want to battle me

A man escapes earths ghastly carousel on salvia
A killer bee reimprints the minds perception of blind deception
To stop a nation, I Kill the Queen, lyrical cannibal at leisure
Just to Swallow a 'ruler' for 'good measure'
An evil dictators wicked ways are too dark to mention
A drunken intruder accidently draws attention
He falls and wrecks the set, and is met
With a thousand evil eyes, he should have crept

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-14-2012, 08:37 AM
Why does Steve Greer look weird?
I'm not saying he's lying, but its hard to trust UFO Advocates who appear queer
Often believers in the UFO phenomenon get dissed
But i say yer a waste of space like if aliens don't exist
Is the government preparing for something at the Olympics?
The obvious is an attack, but i think they're there to scare
And to set up the worlds largest Mind Control operation
Or what about some form of sacrifice for the devils waiting
People don't be scared that evils coming into the open
Cus we're all away to ascend, however some people won't be coping
With the changes, cus they're set in their ways
Your death will be one that pays

Evil cannot ascend into heaven and above
Evil must stay down here and sulk

Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble!

** oh yeah i just remembered my other 2 lines that escaped my memory

Most people believe they are their brains
To me this sounds frighteningly strange
I cannot begin to imagine how dumb they are
In the afterlife they wont get very far
The white light will appear but they will not follow
They'd rather stay here until tomorrow and tomorrow

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-15-2012, 02:23 AM
The government use satellites to spy
and to read my mind and project voices into my head, but why?
That question i don't have the answer to
Are they more paranoid of people nowadays or do they just have nothing better to do
Maybe its cus i have amazing ideas for stealing or borrowing
I aint phased by this, i just attack them back with the following
They have to put up with me on a daily basis
Speaking to my imaginary friend La-Cinderella makin' scary faces
Actin' like a cartoon, striking with a harpoon
It's like Home Alone with a kid killin' the burglars in a crazy typhoon
I also like to imagine people speaking about me
All bigging me up as the worlds greatest MC
I can hear peoples voices in my head with a perfect likeness
Like Em saying to Dre, "this niggas ill and i want to bite this"
Sometimes i just sit there thinking of 11 11 and DNA upgrades
And the guy behind the satellite computer is like "fuck sake!"
I'm lucky La-Cinderella came to attack me 2 years ago
Because every attack the government spies do on me has been done before
It's like she primed me for these simplistic attacks
It shows the weak nature of homosapiens and their sick ways that are wack
Whenever i notice the numbers 11 11 on the clock
i know deep down the satellite operators suffer shock
I also notice synchronicity and get minature premonitions
That startle these secret agents hiding behind computer screens like they on some secret mission
But they better start wishing
That they can cope with me before doom and i get some new ammunition

Sometimes after typing these rhymes exposing them
Their only option is to attack me with directed energy weapons
They make me feel fatigued or like im in a room with radiation
Chewing on lead, its wack, but i know i'll win with no hesitation :D

* This is real son, the NWO is lame

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-18-2012, 10:57 AM
i read a book about healing and it contained the authors views on his own reality
and i believed by reading it i could download snippets of his reality into mine, actually
his world is fascinating, it contains miracles and angels
in mine i've seen a shadow creature, and i only want it to get stranger

reprogram the hologram into what i see fit
the mini software programs i code are legit

i don't know the outcome, but i know i'll definitely get there
with bass driven beats on a cd or cassette player
big decisions, patterns and actions
when i saw 11.11 today on my receipt i got satisfaction

cus i hate left-brained scientists like the gza
cutting themselves off from the source like a nigga

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-21-2012, 02:23 AM
they have invited evil to corrupt their soul and tried to fuck mines
next weekend is payback time
these sadistic satellite operators spread disease and imitate demons
but their actions show me its them thats shackled in hell and they're the ones screaming
i feel sorry for these sick queers who imitate voices in the head
brought evil to their heart, pray for them as i spray this lead
every beat of the heart is in tune with an evil rhythm
every thought they think, or action taken can never be forgiven
one by one these suckers begin to question their actions
but they are too wrapped up in this evil who fiends on dishing out disease for satisfaction

i don't like la-cinderella mostly
but she will see me defeat these evil cowards who forced me
to search the inner working of my mind to create this rhyme
a death threat that will come true in time

and la-cinderella can laugh as i thrust my mighty blade into their hearts
a corrupted organ who feels no empathy, one that evil jump starts
their face will carry the plague of hell
they don't believe in god or hell, they joined the government and follow they orders blindly
so where they go, only time will tell

*my ouija board helped me write this rhyme. thank you ouija board

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-21-2012, 06:29 AM
thoughts, intentions and patterns of evil
its perfectly reasonable to wish hell on these sick people
they mirror the devil with torrents of hate
i can't overemphasize how dire is their fate
to practice these evil ways, even a moron could tell
it did open one to the unfathomable depths of hell
these ones can't recognize that the devil is his own spirit
nightmare images flowing from the psyche where death has no limits
outside my mind something picking up these transmissions
i swear ill split them to pieces along with the satellite dishes
in their minds echo the thoughts "i don't understand"
"with such an elaborate plot we still can't stop this man"
i feel like banishing this evil is my duty
sounds in our reality are currently only 2d
i imagine multiple layers of harmonics and overtones
a deep hyper-dimensional sound tunnels through my poem

one can perceive and observe the flowing patterns of my rhyme
only the visionary can open up to the infinite horizons in my mind
new energetic patterns are being made accessible to us
which only the top mc's will be able to utilise when they bust
through synchronizing with the flow one can rock the show
i expand with the universe until the boundaries explode
Twenty Twelve, a new state of awareness
You will say this experience is deeply empowering in all fareness

Dreams that shift and fracture and non-linear progressions
Increasing numbers with that heart, mind and spirit connection

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-22-2012, 11:17 AM
This rhymes the illest that i can do right now, but i'm preparing to do something better soon nigga. all i want to do is sum things up right about now >:]

these faggot satellite operators have to keep notes of me on a daily basis
draw charts and keep logs of me whether i'm rapping and dancing or make scary faces
they gotta keep up the good work or the boss will be mad
it's like odb said long ago, "keep being bad"

their orders are to pretend to be voices in the head
or to give me chest pain when i act out, which they dread
each day i heal some more and i expand
their grip loosens and they shout out "damn!"

these wiggaz sit behind a control system like its a video game
they fiend to turn up the knob that controls the chest pain
whenever i cross the line, itz pain time
they flip the switch, pump the volume up and high five the other guy and do the peace sign

they just won't stop even though i'm healing rapidly
i aint here wishfully thinking, i'm charging my battery
and boy do they hate when i expose their plan
the truth is i'm pretty much the next stage of evolution man

everybody in their office is a kind person on the surface
but its like they forgot why they were here and even their purpose

i said it before, but they going to hell
they imitate patterns of demons, but still they can't tell
that they opened up they mind to the devil
trying to take out this ill nigga, the rebel

these niggas takin' notes of my behaviour to show to they boss son


4:20 PM - outside smoking cigarette listening to Fear Factory and dancing while imagining flying on a magic carpet.

4:26 PM - we're running out of things to say to him and the chest pain is only getting him more wild and crazy!

Fear Factory - Archetype

07-22-2012, 06:51 PM
shit is fucking wack you failed try again

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-23-2012, 01:21 AM
shit is fucking wack you failed try again

Let me re-try this shit for you my nigga.. maybe ill spell it out like a-b-c

* Part 1 - The Governments word
Hey you wanna get a job working for the Feds?
You can pretend to be a voice in someones head
Or in illiterate Scotland they call it a heed
You can be everything you want to be
We can't be stopped because A the masses are all asleep
and B out technology is so advanced, shits too deep (yeah right you primitive ape)

* Part 2 - My word

Ayo when i wear this red jacket i think i'm Optimus Prime
not the fag in that movie, he's frozen stiff as i'm droppin' this rhyme
For another 9/11 The government need me out the way
Your death will be one that pays
The government exiled me from society and thought i was done for
All i had to do was take a few drugs, and some more
Then reconnect with my higher-self, the universe and nature
Niggaz only concerned with the paper

Nigga i'm on the rise again
Surprise again
But niggaz only wanna rate me from 5 to 10
When i'm droppin' this rhyme
Classic cartoon characters were inspired by higher intelligence like Optimus Prime

Ayo the illuminati have had thousands of years to devise a plot
But they manipulate a government who lies alot
Jay-Z claimed creativity is a drug
is that because you don't know how to use your brain? you left-brained wack black thug

I like to practice Critical Thinking
Gay-Z the illuminati's ship is sinking and your soul is shrinking

The guys who mess with my head using satellites and shit
They know i've already won, but their orders say don't quit
Like i'm just magically going to go back down hill
I got to tell you, i got skill

Singlehandedly destroying the american and british governments like a robot
Niggaz know when i heal i'll flow hot
Dr Blake finds it hard to believe i didn't become ill
He thinks i'm a schizophrenic, but all i did was transform with skill (Jigga)

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-23-2012, 01:44 AM
How come in western civilization niggaz never hurd of a transformation? Did your precious government condition your minds to think it was impossible? LOL!

Imagine a caterpiller turning into goo
You might take one look at it and think 'it's through!'
But nah it aint done for
It'll turn into a butterfly and live some more
I never rated the homosapiens anyway
Your death will be one that pays
While most peeps expecting a specific event this year to occur
I am being the change of 2012, that's my word

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-23-2012, 03:06 AM
Dr Blake has no 6th sense and no empathy he feels
"But he completed Medical School" so he thinks he's the authority on what's real
This rich preppy white kid is unreal
He had a shallow sophisticated life, ya feel? (like most of you)

I told Dr Pell i was going to become more powerful than his god
He told me he didn't have a god and i was shocked
Your ginger for christ sake, dont you need someone to believe in
During the hard times in this life, your ugly, you need him

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-23-2012, 08:54 AM
Niggaz like my lyrics son.

To put things in perspective, i'm the only one the government have put multiple satellites in the sky to spy on since Bin Laden (Legend!)

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-25-2012, 03:14 AM
I see the illuminati's plan, nigga i'mma shoot ya
Let's compare this shit to Back to the Future
It's like i'm the hero, Marty the Martyr, Niggaz in the future you see me
I set off a chain reaction thanks to the Doc i see az Timothy Leary
My mind is the plutonium-powered Delorean
I'd shock all future space travellers and even historians
The illuminati i vaporize ya future and trap you in the past
Destroying devils like Barack Obama the half-assed half-cast

Big Baby Jesus 666
07-31-2012, 10:47 AM
yeah niggaz

This is the genius mistaken for madness
Now you ask yourself who's style is the baddest?
i'm straight up crippling enemies, i'm right in ya face bitch
I throw a little bone and a whole pack starts to chase it
With my words of wisdom i remain strong
conducting a brainstorm, making the pain form
Run a mile forever, my style is terror
Trial and error and your the error
Imagine RZA on a scooter weave through traffic
I play a video game on a holographic projector with see-through graphics
Oh shit my multi's is ill but still ya too spiteful
My style goes viral, you start to spiral
out of control, ya soul travel the realms
You speak a modern day chapter or end up in hell

Oh yall wanting that new Powdered Toastman shit?

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-01-2012, 03:37 AM
for the illuminati to make another false flag event truely happen
they need me out the way, aka toastman to quit rappin'
they will forever fear Powdered Toastman the renegade
sippin' on some lemonade, tie you to a propeller blade
you see me wavin' gunz in bohemian grove
and i have my own demon to do my bidding just so you know
it's a pokemon battle and i'm fully focused
while illuminati faggots still readin' scriptures thats hopeless
the future is now and ya still livin' in the past, arent ya?
name another mc who can project spiderman into his own shadow and capture it on camera
It's time to meet the future with a greet and a handshake
All the best strains of cannabis come from big countries, they are a landrace

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-05-2012, 12:48 PM
yo yo
this is just so you know that i know
listen up as i bless you with a flow
now i'm healed you're going to witness a blood spilling
i'll take these goverment thugs and give them a glorified killing
they have multiple satellites on me day and night
giving me voices and theres a demon, they both want to fight
all i can hope is dr roger blake isnt on their side
or else he'll witness the wrath of my powerful mind
and his family will be dressed in black and left standing
while he rots, i have more satellites on me than the legendary Bin Laden
the government knew i had gifts and they needed me out the way
Your death will be one that pays!

every time i leave my home i encounter synchronized events
does seeing '666' on a car license plate every time i leave the house annoy me? well that depends

Now why do the government need me out the way you ask, homes?
Because i'm ready to act not just talk shit like David Icke and Alex Jones
I am a God of War, i Raise my sword
And straight rip out your vocal chords

My demon turned on me the other day
Because i showed it how i was going to stop the government and their evil ways
the satellites can read my mind in real time
and voices comment on whatever i'm doing at that moment in time like typing this rhyme
they have no real power they are clones of evil
and their families are brainwashed people

when the rappers dissed me, demon invaded my mind
and coincidentally at the same time attacked by satellites
that wasnt hard, it was just a fun game to play or was it a fight
a few nights ago was a full moon and i saw 2 of the satellites (and waved)

i can retype these same rhymes in a massive number of ways
to the governments... your death will be one that pays
to all my fans listening deeply to my rhymes
think to yourself.. who else in the world is being attacked by teh government so rigourously at this point in time? (no one, they can't budge me)

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-06-2012, 02:58 AM
what do you do if the whole World's turnin' to shit?
And nobody notices it, not even a bit?
Lucky for me i'm really a super hero
Even more powerful than the one Richard Bartlett could see Yo
The whole world's soul is shrinking and i'm the Shredder
The government want to take me down, but i'm tougher than leather (yeeeaah)

Imagine resurrecting Big Pun so he could smack Obamas wife
The western worlds governments all know i'll win this here fight
They have teamed up to try and stop a magical super hero, that's right
But they waited on purpose until i was ill, but that phase is over and i say that with delight :D

Now it's time for me to fight back
And yes, i do get signs so i always know i'm on the right track
In my last rhyme i summed it up well
But i forgot to tell you whenever i'm forced to watch tv, they will project a thought into my head and say it on the broadcast as well
They want it to seem like something thats not even possible
I know more about reality than faggot scientists and evil devil worshippers, Sean C, that's official

The universe is on my side and that's a fact
and you can't beat that with a stick or bat

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-06-2012, 06:29 AM
When i'm on the computer and i'm bored
My higher self communicates with me via the keyboard
It makes my eyes dart to the letters on the keyboard
That spells out things like if i used a Ouija Board
It makes the satellite operator attack me more
I imagine myself appearing outside their secret base and kicking down the door
I've got a baseball bat in my hands with their bosses blood on it
I'll walk up to this sick government mutant and bludgeon it
I'm writing these rhymes and getting attacked in real-time
I guess to them these rhymes i write are some form of crime
My Self laughs at these foes on a daily basis
The worst they do is make my muscles go all tense while La-Cinderella pulls scary faces

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-07-2012, 06:34 AM
all my niggaz up in here put your hands in the air
punch a fucking nigga like you just aint scared
this nigga is so weak, this nigga is so weak
look at this nigga he's a muthafuckin' geek
niggaz in the government droppin here and there
niggaz droppin left and right, droppin' everywhere
nigga with a satellite, nigga couldnt batter mics
niggaz in the government, i bet they aint be actin' right

oh shit nigga throw you hands up in here
bust yo fuckin' gat to make the point clear
the motherfucking government are run by queers
the motherfucking government are runnin' in fear

all my niggaz send me weed, all my niggaz send me weed
and i'll be high in less than a week

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-08-2012, 01:30 AM
last night La-Cinderella tried to talk to me again
like after turning on me last week now we could just be friends
this morning i told the government thug putting the voice of mike g into my head
tonight you'll be fucking dead
i'm imagining Russia taking interest in me and my abilities
all i have to do is Finish the voice in my head with a Mortal Kombat Fatality
A Psychic killing is whats in order
I bet Barack Obama isnt ready for this slaughter
the Mike G Voice said "we're always 1 step ahead of you"
then makes it seem like he's smiling at me, fuck that fool

I'm here to reclaim my mind
then work for China and Russia developing secret chemicals that make your third eye blind
Fuck the western world, all i want is one thing indeed
I'll do anything to help Russia and China as long as i get to make funny music and smoke weed

I'm more powerful in my mind than that movie creep James Bond niggaz

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-08-2012, 01:45 AM
Barack Obama checks up on me periodically
He needs to make sure the satellite operators still got a hold on me
Otherwise i'll begin my new job working for Russia
not a simple Russian spy but a fully fledged killing machine who'll crush ya
Tony blair knows the details about this little operation
At one point there were over 10 satellites in the sky aimed at sean
Aint that overkill niggaz? Bin Laden never had this treatment
This satellite operator is a cocky white boy, gon' get a beating
I'm more advanced than any 007 secret agent cowards
I'm more advanced than any of you and they gotta keep a lid on my powers

Bomb Americuh

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-08-2012, 07:45 AM

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-08-2012, 07:48 AM
I just want to take a break now to dedicate my ill rhymes to Herb and TJ the illest niggaz in scotland.

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-08-2012, 08:19 AM

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-13-2012, 04:37 PM
Right now I feel like im winning the game
The satellite operators going crazy giving me pain
In my chest that's super strong
He's getting me for the story I recorded earlier on
He projected a voice into my head warning me to stop it
But I'm like this is a direct attack on the government, even god wants me to drop it
This motherfucker in the government going straight to hell
If the government got a problem with Sean say it to his face, it's 2012 lol

Fuk da government