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06-21-2005, 01:24 AM
[verse 1]
Yo Im Comin Thru The Names 5 Sense
Stayin Alert And Intense
Masta Plan On Defense My Rhymes Keep You In Suspense
Murderous Of Offense When You Make Me Incense
They Step To This But Dont Diss When I Reminicse
My Rhymes Are Abyss Ill Kill You Or Any Of Your Homies That Exist
Ill Slit Your Wrist And Your Neck
My Lifes Been Wrecked And Ill Affect
You Like A Disease So Please Respect
Fuck Neglect Cause I Reflect Back
Like A Mirror And Person Connect
My Rhymes You Cant Predict
Im Obbsessed With The Game Like A Fucken Addict
But Im Blessed With The Fame Like A Popular Convict
[verse 2]
Actuallly I Do Mind The Shit Talkin
Factually You Dont Walk The Walk When I Start Chargin
Cause It Be The Fi-ve Sen-se
A True Lyric Spitten Emcee
And I Guarantee Ill Keep Goin Like A Fucken Killin Spree
Not A Pop Rapper Man I Only Spit The Real
What I Feel Whatever The Deal
Pop Rappers Dont Even Know The Unreal
They Dont Undergo Circumstances Of The Surreal
I Will Keep The Weapons Concealed
So Dont Appeal Me Cause Im Always Ideal
Its Like That My Rhymes Stay Phat Just Like A Seal
Ever Since Birth Ive Been The Most Down To Earth
Even Though Life Sucks Sometimes You Gotta Contain What Its Really Worth
[verse 3]
Respect Goes Out 2 Who Support And Love
When Life Gives Me A Shove I Always Reach 4 The Above
Can Handle Gettin Down N Depressed
2 Certain Degreez Ill Put A Bullet Thru Ur Vest
2 Hit You Straight In The Chest
Might Be Possessed But I Stay Stressed
Comptetitive Actions At Any Contest So I Suggest
You Back Down Cuz Im A Straight Emcee Comin At You
Straight From The West!

06-21-2005, 02:11 AM
The third verse was much better, the first and second yes you were busting but it seemed as though you were revolving on the same issue, but the third you were coming out more (explicit that is),continue posting want to see more from you


06-21-2005, 04:29 AM
Thanks for your input bro, And for sure ill post new tracks soon


06-21-2005, 06:02 AM
Sup rebel....you got mad potential bruh....stick around and keep elevatin on them skrolls...

This artfroms a weapon and we beheddin em' from tha mid-section....

keep it muvin'

06-21-2005, 06:14 AM
Yo thanks Blak