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Uncle Steezo
08-09-2012, 10:24 PM
currently my fav song off Master Plan

i was kickin it with jesus in the afterlife
he said he regretted makin the sacrifice
he wasn't tryin to be deified
he said his teachings were for each of us to be the christ
not for us to eat his flesh and live the zombie life
20 centuries and we still worshiping his poltergeist
i asked him if he's comin back he said u out ur fuckin mind
gettin whipped aint nothin nice when i close my eyes at night i still feel them fuckin spikes
yall niggas aint gonna kill me twice, i told my dad to send someone else to go and pay the price.
horus spit his beans and rice laughin and he slapped him five
said "yeshua exactly right humans are so stupid i would prolly get kentucky fried
if i set foot on the surface the world is a circus and its headed for a bumpy ride
let them motherfuckers fight
ima give venus this penis and get some peace of mind
you and lucid hit em with the beats and rhymes
drop that master plan and maybe they will see the light"
thats when i saw some lightning strike
it zeus, dudes the truth when he grabs the mic.
the booth was a faraday
stopped mid verse invited me into the cage
said he really digs my twitter page
told me to hittem with that shit i spit the other day
bout the 2012 ascension and the cosmic rays
"yo that shit is cray it must a got a million plays while me and buddah played some spades
we were blowin on some purple haze from the edge of outer space
told buddah you were human yo u should seen his face
threw him off his game and it made cut his partners ace"
zeus put his hands up to his face
started beatboxin thunder rumbles for the bass
i spit a rhyme that made athena get up out her chaise
and start to booty shake thor began it rain
i came with some fire that made satan shame
he just sat with dyonisis who was pourin dranks feelin like a fuckin lame
jealous of my hellish flames the devil neva felt the same
he took a shot of golden grain
just to help him ease the pain he was never seen again
so we took the party to a even higher plane
krishna meditated and listened to the angels sang
muhammed was poppin bottles with quetzoquatl
his virgins were top notch like top models
but he was hoggin em handcuffin and cockblockin
but shiva went both ways and strong armed em
six at time pinchin tits and behinds
tiamat odin and enki were smokin sticky stanky
aphrodite in some thigh high silk stockings
plottin to get some hanky panky from some annunaki
i had the heavens rocking
spaghetti monster steady flying overhead tryna get acknowledged.
cthutlu was hatin cause he had doo doo garbage
and didnt do the knowledge cause orsiris isis be keepin good exotic
that they copped from hades,
but he be dick ridin posideion he got all the ladies
and 100 baby mammas so he always caught up drama
in steps the Father the one who created
we all bowed down and gave 100thousand praises.
he said "i'm in the house now get this party started"
and turned up the sounds and eyes shot 1000 lazers
that were multicolored and everybody shouted
as the clouds resonated with the higher chackras
just to show he loved us it started rainin vodka
double stacks and magic packs of magnum rubbers

08-09-2012, 11:58 PM
Word up man, u dropped alotta gems on here mang. Fuck yea

08-11-2012, 08:59 AM
Your collab is dope men, and thanx for the lyrics.

08-17-2012, 10:02 PM
one of the iller tracks on that album
love the written
beat n werds SMANGged up nicely

Big Baby Jesus 666
08-18-2012, 05:26 AM
Hot Lyrics!! YESS Keep up the good work min!!

Even Billy Paton would commend you on this one!!

(Billy Paton would whoop the Ahmed & RZA)