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08-24-2012, 09:44 PM
In early 2009 i was introduced to the wrong drug. My addiction grew to proportions that would scare most people. i have several overdoses and 302's on my record for drug use but there is one song that gives me the goosebumps that i can barely listen to. to this day i get the chills when i hear it and the song is by lil wayne. yea yea blah blah i'm a 70s baby and i grew up with the wu in my heart but the wu hold a different part of the heart. i went thru my addiction phase in my late 20s and i guess wayne was hot during that time. so be it.
anyway, at that time, i was working at a job where i could do whatever i wanted, when i wanted. my only enemy was the clock. i got to know people in the office and they had connections. after a few weeks oxy's made their way into my life on a regular basis. every night basis.
all my life i had songs from the wu that i would smoke up to. but during this point in my life, only lil wayne had a track that would to this day give me the chills when i hear it. it's Shoot Me Down off Carter 3. i had this track timed so good that at 1:34 in my car i would be holding the rolled up dollar bill to my nose ready to blast away in the parking lot behind my job. nuff said yall.......R.I.P. clint.....flip and ship it

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08-25-2012, 03:32 AM
i thought it was gonna be "i feel like dying" i got a similar story not wit oxys tho ... u talikn 80s ?