View Full Version : Jordan's Tits

09-16-2012, 07:28 PM
Jordan's Tits...what can I say?
if you don't love Them you surely must be gay,
sometimes I watch those Tits as night becomes day,
and I'm still watching Them by the sun's final rays,
They're more captivating than Shakespeare's greatest plays,
more memorable than his most poetic phrase,
rounder than the moon during its middle phase,
hotter than a bush fire, burning at full blaze,
more bouncy than a panicked rabbit in a maze,
so mesmerising that they'll leave you in a daze,
so hypnotising that you can't divert your gaze,
every day when I wake, to Jordan's Tits I give praise,
They're more finely sculpted than a Bernini exhibit,
like a Monet landscape, only much more exquisite,
They'll leave your tongue hanging like a thirsty desert lizard,
and blow you away like a fierce, gusty blizzard,
They'll cast a spell over you like a crafty wizard,
make you dream of things both lewd and explicit,
if to my town Jordan's Tits paid a visit-
I would re-arrange my schedule to be sure I didn't miss it,
I'd probably stand there paralysed, in awe,
drooling from the mouth, tongue hanging on the floor,
then Jordan would deliver a side kick to my jaw,
I'd reel, and then I'd go back to how I was before.