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11-06-2012, 02:08 AM
It was announced in August that Joss Whedon would be shepherding a television series for Marvel's Cinematic Universe in the form of Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. at ABC. Since it was included in his exclusive deal with Marvel Studios, we knew it would be before production began on Marvel's The Avengers 2 and it's coming much sooner than that. Marc Graser of Variety tweeted that the pilot for the series will begin filming in January. Could they be hoping to have it picked up for fall of 2013?

Two weeks ago saw the announcement that actress Ming-Na Wen has been added to the cast and would be playing Agent Melinda May. She joined Clark Gregg, who will be reprising his role as Agent Phil Coulson in the series.
Joss Whedon will direct the pilot and co-write it with his brother Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen.

Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. will be executive produced by the Whedons, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jeffrey Bell and Jeph Loeb.


Sky Blue Bally Kid
11-06-2012, 01:26 PM
When is this set?

11-07-2012, 02:14 PM
good question

11-07-2012, 09:37 PM
Hasselhoff as Fury = no brainer.

11-07-2012, 11:34 PM
^^ the funniest thing is that http://www.amazon.com/Nick-Fury-S-H-I-E-L-D-David-Hasselhoff/dp/B001GZJTIW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352352822&sr=8-1&keywords=nick+fury+agent+dvd $129.99 LOL

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05-12-2013, 12:10 PM

my nigga luke cage is there :yes:

Sky Blue Bally Kid
05-12-2013, 08:57 PM

Hope they don't fuk this up like heroes...

05-12-2013, 09:47 PM
you think thats cage?

it would be kinda cool if it was, but im hoping he gets a movie.

he has one of the best origin stories in the marvel universe.

05-13-2013, 09:51 AM
Tauro can you please rename this thread Marvel's agents of s.h.i.e.l.d


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05-14-2013, 11:49 PM
you think thats cage?

it would be kinda cool if it was, but im hoping he gets a movie.

he has one of the best origin stories in the marvel universe.

my bad probably rage



08-04-2013, 11:51 PM

September 24th 2013 :yes:

09-25-2013, 12:19 AM

09-26-2013, 01:22 AM
I enjoyed the first episode

rumor has it Agent Coulson is a life model decoy?

Dr. Simon Hurt
09-26-2013, 06:12 PM
the 10 minutes I watched were wack as fuck

this has nothing to do with SHIELD, this was like Fringe or Torchwood for morons with the Marvel logo slapped on it.
Coulson's a fag, too.

I think Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones have spoiled me towards this watered down nonsense.

Dr. Simon Hurt
09-26-2013, 06:21 PM
to be clear, it needs more of this:

grizzled angry old badasses and hot vixens and less CW style Joss Whedon bullshit

Guarded By Martyrs
09-28-2013, 02:40 PM
this was like Fringe .

This is what I thought.

09-30-2013, 07:35 AM
Marvelís Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Teases Something After the Credits

By: Russ Burlingame on September 30, 2013

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Agents Of SHIELDThereís one way to keep your advertisers happy: Marvelís Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is telling fans via its Facebook page that they should wait until the end of the credits when the show is over, so as not to ďrisk the spoilers.Ē

Of course, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will know that most Marvel movies have tied into the next film in sequence with a brief tease after the credits. The ones that havenít, have at least had some little Easter egg or guest appearance from elsewhere in the Marvel Universe.

You can check out the video teasing something to watch for below, but even if this hadnít come out, itís not the first time such a thing has been suggested: series star Clark Gregg tweeted yesterday that fans should stick around after the credits, as well.

Of course, most networks now run advertisements in part of the screen while the credits run. Adding something thatís already a well-established part of Marvelís strategy to the existing show in such a way that it forces fans to sit through those ads? Clever stuff.


02-17-2014, 12:49 AM
to all those still watching it ...


02-20-2014, 03:11 AM
no clue..... pretty cool that they are using Deathlok now and featuring Lady Sif (thor)

02-20-2014, 03:25 AM

AX: Is there anything else youíd like to say about AGENTS OF SHIELD?

GREGG: I think the most exciting thing for me as a fan of the show and a fan of this world is, we spent our first ten episodes kind of setting up the world and the crew and doing some standalone episodes. Iím very excited for people to see whatís coming up now, because now I think the things that Iíve always been most excited about, the fact that itís all connected, that it leads to a bigger ongoing conspiracy and one that integrates more closely with the Marvel universe Ė some of the scripts that Iíve read lately had me up all night excited, so Iím very excited for people to see that stuff thatís coming.

02-20-2014, 07:22 AM
Not a single fuck was given by me about this show since it aired. Call me when a credible network like hbo decides to pick it up....i know I know..fox.owns.the god.damn rights

03-26-2014, 11:20 PM
if you wanna know who the clairvoyant is .. just watch Captain America the Winter Soldier

03-27-2014, 04:31 PM
i think the show is decent. you guys have way too high of standards. LOL

03-28-2014, 01:06 AM
true ^^ .. and it's getting better ..

the krees are in this show .. remember the blue alien?

03-28-2014, 01:07 AM
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Blue Alien Confirmed As Kree (http://comicbook.com/blog/2014/03/26/agents-of-s-h-i-e-l-d-blue-alien-confirmed-as-kree/)


03-28-2014, 01:59 AM
Glad to hear its the kree and not the frost giants∑∑
I really thought it was gonna be the frost giants since there's some sorta rights
issue about the kree. and the appearances of lady sith and Azgard on the last couple of episodes.

Yondu, a member of the Zatoan tribe, will appear in James Gunnís Guardians of the Galaxy.
played by Mchael Rooker

rumor has it that sky will eventually become miss marvel

and the clairvoyant is rumored to be Loki, Modoc or Ultron

03-29-2014, 03:56 PM
after watching captain america the winter soldier, you'll watch this tv show .. trust me ..; EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED

03-30-2014, 01:10 AM
after watching captain america the winter soldier, you'll watch this tv show .. trust me ..; EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED

Have you seen the new Cap 2 movie yet?
I know it has been released in a couple of countres as of march 25
Cali had a special screening on March 16th

I heard great reviews about Cap 2. People are touting it to be the BEST Marvel movie ever made!!:beer:

03-30-2014, 01:29 AM
yeah i seen it, it's great, now you understand a few things about fury and the shield in agents of shield .. and about the CLAIRVOYANT !