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11-11-2005, 01:24 PM
I know this should be in General Discussion but I figured it wouldn't get as much attention.

I spits with the force of an F5 twister and shoot the plastic like a facial to your sister//
I got no competition in this game called life, yet I still feel the pressure to keep my shit tight//
Yo when you see me in the streets you quick to scamper cuz I make your raps sound shitty like a pampers//
This raps for 50 who thinks he got some skill and just because he got shot that it'll make his shit sound ill, yeah it sounds ill cuz you coped them beats from me and imma make you disappear like when I smoke up all the tree//
Hundred bars in length ain't shit for me to write and I'm always gonna be the one who keeps the flow pattern tight//
If I ever feel the steel up against my head for real imma get my 4 gauge shotty and blow your brain to veal//

Drop shells like kids on a beach//
pop the glock and its death you'll meet//
my flows like water i'll match any beat//
your shits like a woman cosmetic and weak//
I chop heads with an axe//
blow brain matter like it's gas//
set fire to your chapel to blame god for this crap//
I smacked your bishop and tear apart the trinity//
fuck up the sermon to contain messages subliminaly//
i'm the only savior so bow down before me//
or get shot at like religion in my story//
it gets gory, chop you with a cleaver//
you gets neither//
I'll pop you with my nina//

Cut that yayo with a half of soda//
sniff the lines till you in a coma//
headsprung to the floor//
diehard addicts only want more//
till they end up in jail//
six months with no chance of bail//
got all these pushas broke on their tail//
its the girtty rapper from the darkside of the streets//
your shit 3/4 cut straight meager and weak//
need it stronger to lift me up//
seen feinds killed over half a buck//
too many people gone down in flames//
under the spoon with a straw hitting those fumes//
walked through the smoke to clear my mind//
from all these drugs that I left behind//
haunts my dreams till I can find//
a better way to waste my time//
then strung out on coke with pounds of dope//
runnin through my spleen//
then hittin my brain and makin me seem//
wilin' out on all this shit that i'm rappin about//

What y'all think about it??? (it's my rhymes)

Mega Matt
11-11-2005, 09:02 PM
pretty tight