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Eerie Theories
11-11-2005, 08:23 PM
Talib Kweli=Lamar Odom
Great talent, all the tools but doesn't do enough to become of the elite players/rappers in the league.

Cam = Allan Houston
Great shot, but in the 4th Quarter his game goes to sleep

Prodigy=Penny Hardaway
Flashes of brilliance earlier in their careers. Both are slowly on the decline.

Guru=Tim Duncan
Legendary but boring as hell sometimes.

Jay-Z=Michael Jordan
Many think he's the greatest, some don't but every one wants to be like him, and even after retiring people want him to comeback,and still talk about him

Jadakiss= Steve Francis
Perennial All-Star, High expectations year after year
Fan favorite , highlight material (quotables, punchlines), low shooting percentage (2 mediocre albums)

kobe = r.kelly
perform best when facing charges...

Fat Joe = Chris Childs
Only good for throwin jabs at people clearly more talented than him(jayz)

Nate Dogg = Mark Jackson
Once considered legendary, but is only good at giving assists.

Tony Yayo = Darko Milicic
Sat on the bench all year while his team won the championship.

Fabolous - Stephon Marbury
Plays so well at times, but always seems to disappoint with his POOR decision making during the 4th quarter.

Eminem=Larry Bird
(White people think he's the greatest ever because he's white)
(Black people think he's overrated because he's white)

ll cool j=karl malone
consistent every year, but wont win a championship(with weak albums)

dr.dre=phil jackson
gets too much credit for doing nothing.

snoop= gary payton
talks a lot of trash, but hasnt been good since early days

nas= tracy mcgrady(before the trade)
1 one the best players in the game. on a weak team(braveheart) but can raise among stars(that all-star move a couple years ago)

cormega=paul pierce
great player, and underrated

Lloyd Banks = Ricky Davis , has some highlight reels but in the end will never be an allstar

DMX = Damon Stoudamire
2 drug attics that still can't put the pipe down.

Lil Flip = Earl Boykins
Both short on substance.

Mase=Alonzo Mourning
Solid player who retires and comes back, after a while no one really cares .

Lil Jon - Jason Kidd
He can't EVER do it by himself and he makes mediocre cats look like the most dominant cats in the league.

The LOX = LA Clippers
They have shown much talent over the years, but have never won anything.

D12 = Orlando Magic
Would have been a joke without their best player

allen iverson = 50 cent
both take a lot of shots

Andre 3000 = Dennis Rodman
Unique Styles often overlooked their spectular performances

Jim Jones = Ron Artest
Had items thrown them, didn't hestitate to fuck somebody up

Cam'ron = Jermaine O'Neal
Didn't hestitate to help his man out

Suge Knight = Shaq
Most feared player in the game

Kanye West = Lebron James
Rookies of the year and we're all on our toes to see what they deliver next year

2pac = Wilt Chambelain
Before Jordan, he was elite, but both ill-fated. Also took jabs at Jordan, like pac to jay when he was with B.I.G

Eazy-E= Magic Johnson
Both retired from HIV

baby jesus
11-11-2005, 08:36 PM
Hahaha Some Of Those Were Pretty Funny And Accurate.
Rakim=Kareem Abdul Jabbar Both Were Considered The Best In There Professions.

11-11-2005, 09:55 PM
ODB= Dennis Rodman