View Full Version : Imitation is suicide vs. Met-a-4 (battle)

11-14-2005, 10:44 AM
Imitation is suicide:

spiritual, lyrical rips, quickly cuttin the splits,
dont trip,bustin lips,
of shit names, written down on a guess list,
the next to get hit, like the toilet when i piss,
be sure not to slip, sittin down on the toilet rim,
go get a trim, change up yo face,
crazy ass place, spittin of no race,
when you replace , equalness for hate,
catch a case, like cool_aide,
still in the flavor state, determined not to be a discrace,
you could never replace,
the thing that makes your soul feel empty each day,
the time it takes to make the fake ,
tale of how your skilled, dont trip,
this shits it, step up then,
be sure not to be kicked ,
in your head , cause your red,
runnin out of breath, whats next,
if i win this , you boost my rep............................

11-14-2005, 10:45 AM

Usually i wouldn't even reply to this type of shyt
I cant elevate in battles when im twice as sick/
My IQ is superior compared to you,
Met-a-"4" will call ya bluff with his "pair of 2's"
sendin' missle's aerial, through tha air atchu-
impalin' through everywhere from ya hair to shoes-
You got no chance of survivin' like jumpin from a plane w/out a parachute/
Your jst another "e-thug" that masks his persona/
I got tha whole Corp nervous, sweatin like fat chicks in suana's/
I'll dissolve ya corpse when tha revolver starts revolvin ore/
Any1 sayin shyt that involves "Tha 4" will have their heads spinnin like revolvin' doors/
All I need is a minute and like Nicolas cage you'll be "gone in 60 seconds"/
I spawn these sickly methods that are so rare they belong in ripley's records-
Seriously, lyrically im sort of a king, in tha Wu-Corp arena i ain't Gandalf but im "Lord of tha ring"/
"Knuckle up" cuz your about to catch 4 to tha chin
fake thug, You's a liar like coke heads sayin "I never snorted a thing"/
There goes a siren of glocks, iron jst pops, on tha spot I'll have you eye'n tha shots
I'll be firin shots at you all night like iverson with tha rock/
ur verse is all "bent outa shape" so I got an "iron" to "de-crease" that shyt/
beseech ya clic, no matter they'll still be deceased, weak MC's decrease madd quick/
Im taking shyt over in tha rap "nation" like Castro did Batista's bitch/
indentations from Lugers lie all over you, -n- you'll die instantaneous, it's "suicide"--
to fuck with me,
i'll leave Inflimation of 2 his eye's from meta's "punchlines" implemated to ruin lives/
imitation is suicide, but in ur case imitation should be illistrated and utilized.........

11-14-2005, 10:45 AM
Lay down them Votes....

11-14-2005, 10:56 AM
Vote : Met-a-4... First dude that dropped was good though, had a nice flow... But I felt Met-a-4's punches more, more creative and straight to the point. Mad props to both of you... Peace.

11-15-2005, 03:25 AM
good battle from both emcees, but Meta4 killed that verse, nice multi's and a solid flow.

11-15-2005, 03:39 AM
met-a-4 slayed him

11-15-2005, 07:15 AM
all i had to do was read met a 4's 1st 4 lines to know he killed this dude, and i sware i started laughing and shit when i read that line......

"My IQ is superior compared to you,
Met-a-"4" will call ya bluff with his "pair of 2's"

haha that killed it, vote met a 4, and yo a word of advice to imitation of suicide, your shit is simple and predictable, start studying some of these kings in here, and broaden your vocabulary, there are so many words in the english language, u dont have to always rhyme face race and discrace, that shit is too easy, im tellen u with no hate involved, everywhere i go i see you trying to battle someone, but its not looken good, take a break for a few weeks, listen to good wu music, and read this shit and u will improve