View Full Version : imitation is suicide v. musical man

imitation is suicide
11-14-2005, 01:23 PM
you think you got skills, homie spit your rap,
your rhymes are whack, you coulndt win for spat,
you wish you could kick the lyrics i can spit,
but you dream too much son, your not that quick,
if you said or thought, beating me would be a snap,
you dont wanna say that, you'll catch a cardiac relapse,
now sit back, relax, whitness the sicness of my rap,
i clear my throat as iwalk swiftly to my throne,
now scan the scene, as follerers drop to their knees,
the respecct that is paid , as the bow and display,
the respect for you, and what you ancestors made,
from tribe, to culture, a territory soon to be invade
by foreign opposers,
whos greed for power, land and gold,
force you to decide, what you do with their lives,
should you send them to war, where most likely they'll die,
never again see their kids and wives,
you try to be wise, its honor you must take back,
as soon as they get the chance, their bound to attack,
they'll take that which your culture holds most dearest,
all in the name of some king or queen, and the worst is,
tey;ll put rest in peace over the grave of a million naked bodies,
babbys, sons, mothers ,fathers,
that they massacred, for their glorious power,
so do you order your soldiers, to fight and die with honor,
feelin the pressure get more steeper,
or do you watch as they murder your people?????????????