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imitation is suicide
11-14-2005, 01:25 PM
check it .....two verses...ok??? ok..........im first

imitation is suicide
11-14-2005, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by imitation is suicide
ill kick it simple,
pop you like a pimple,
never mind, my flos keep spillin,
blood, what im feelin,
who be the one killin,
you be the next to catch the curse,
ill make your lungs blue like a smurf,
what dont get the verse,
get you off guard, you like a drug bust,
undercover fbi, make your style rust,
conviction, for prediction of your cheap ass lines,
get a 300 dolla fine, for fuckin with mines,
ill mess with yo mind,reverse the hands of time,
think about it when it hurts your head,
your turn to bust,
.......go ahead........................................

Spade dat waz poor, come wit suttin real next time,
or set up a battle and i accept ur challenge.

imitation is suicide
11-14-2005, 01:38 PM
you think you got skills, homie spit you rap,
your rhymes are too wack, you couldnt win for spat,
you wish you could kick the lyrics i can spit,
but you dream too much , son, your not that quick,
if you said or thought , beating me would be a snap,
you dont wanna say that, you'll catch a cardiac relapse,
so sit back, relax, whitness the sickness of my rap,
i clear my throat as i walk swiftly, to my throne,
now scan the scene, as the follerers drop to their knees,
the respect that is paid, as they bow and display,
the respect for you, and what you ancestors made,
from tribe to culture, a territory soon to be invade, by foreign opposers,
whos greed for gold, poer and land, force you to decide,
what to do with thes men, and what you do with their lives,
do you send them to war, where most likely they'll die,
never again see their kids or their wives,
you try to be wise, its honor you must take back,
as soon as they get the chance, their bound to attack,
they'll take that, which your which you culture holds dearest,
in the name of a king or a queen, and the worst is,
tey'll put rest in peace, over the grave of a million naked bodies,
babbys, sons, mothers, fathers, that they massacured, for their glorious power,
so do you order your soldiers to fight and die with honor,
feelin the pressure get steeper,
or do you watch helplessly as they murder your people.

imitation is suicide
11-14-2005, 01:39 PM
your turn.......................