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11-16-2005, 05:09 PM
BigBen vs BornInvincible
battle syllabels intact, precision attack, your demise slowly approaches,
critically acclaimed Invincible's "magnum opus" is alive and ferocious,
more potent &; poisonus than eatin raw blowfish, the god never loses focus,
my opponent apparently doesnt know this, so its obvious its hopeless,
my darts are smokin & pokin leave ya holier than the holy ghost is,
holy up ya cloths kid, the most sick, son im goin straight for ya throat,
vocal cords get choked and broke, damaged and bandaged,
by this combat verbal specialist,
my technique is obscene and savage like al-qaida terrorist ,
"little pain" just got moved to next on my hit list,
my war chant linguistics are encrypted, hard to decipher my syntax,
i'll burn this lil groupie emcee with my evil form of lyrical witch craft,
black magic voodoo on ya bitch ass, your raps are doodoo what you spit is wack,
"little pain" could never take my championship plaque, not a slight fuckin chance,
eat and shit his ass out on this track as i advance to the next emcee to break backs,
sorry black, like Pachanga said, sometimes it be's like that,
against you to win... hahaha i dont even need to rap, leave you up on the meat rack,
drop bombs were you sleep at, dream at, thats what i do when i get into,
my battle mental schitzo-- your not an emcee but more like fruity sisqo gay,
pull my pistol and pop a few your way, enuff to blow that ass back to Frisco bay.

Big Pain aka BigBen
the definition of Born's style is a Dramedy,
soap opera boring Drama mixed with alittle Comedy,
My verbal dichotomies rearrange ya biology,
Join a false Religion or path like scientology,
ya Eulogy will include ya biography,
and honestly...it says you lived in mediocrity,
my philosophies are strange like Socrates,
mocking me will only lead you to a Body B.,
follow me... my lines cut with precision,
like a surgeon with a scalpel making incisions,
my decision is to leave a lasting vision,
in a ya cerebral Cortex,
riding it like a Vortex,
get stomped with my Gortex,
my lines are Complex,
leave ya dirty like Cotex,
slimey bloody and full,
once I'm finished ya be a Labotomized fool,
call me Captain Kirk and you're Leiutenant Sulu,
or just call you Britney cuz my lyrics Spear you,
a warrior like Zulu my crazed tongue will Spook you,
with my verbal Voo-Doo ,
switched to computer hacker,
break and crumble you down like crackers,
the jacker hit ya like Ronnie Lott attack ya,
back smack ya smother ya up like a Strangler,
body mangler spitting sharpend daggers,
or a renegade spitting Letheal serenades,
that liquify ya body drink ya up like Lemonade,
the Kool-Aid John Gotti cobra spit is my hobby,
lyrical Bill Cosby,
fucking Charlies Angel's and ya handing me Condoms like Bozley,
I muzzled ya snout like a Doggy dig in ya thoughts like a phsycic ya thinkings foggy,
I dialog ya diaphram digitally diagramed ya dissection of ya descention,
blood sweat and aggresion aids my ascention lyrical henchman lynching,
Im scoring throwing completions Quarterbacking and Recieving,
I'll end ya evening conducting energy like the Sun Beaming,
melting ya down... ya stance is leaning.... mugging in Pain face like a Demon,
feeding of Devil Seman you're just a heathen to my Grim Reaping,
gotcha deceiving like Transvestites dressed in the evening,
knowledge of self and understanding is the meaning,
I gotta go now its the end of my beefing now ya just leaking,
dripping and reeling from my samarai sword swinging.....

11-16-2005, 05:30 PM
u win that one?

11-16-2005, 05:31 PM
what do you think???

11-16-2005, 06:08 PM
ouiiii - I miss seeing Born spit - this was a nice match......

11-16-2005, 06:39 PM
i didn't know you had that in ya ben. but im new, and easy to surprise

11-16-2005, 06:52 PM
lol..... was that a compliment??

11-16-2005, 08:20 PM
Big Ben Went Off
Nice One

Peace 4.4.4trumpets