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11-16-2005, 05:15 PM
this was a battle with a female on here a while back her name was PB
just something for you to look at since ya never seen me battle..Peace

BigBen vs PB

Pb the digital nacho I smother ya up Like a Pancho,
slicin while dicin... fists of fury flyin... cuttin, bruisin... teeth lost ya losin... haymaker swings ,The uppercuttin king abusin... pounce on ya ass like the LION... KING contusions abrasions choke holds im fuming... I aint playin with a spiked bat... im slayin... layin heads to sleep sprayin... knuckle up lumps that dump... bumps and knots ya caught get trunked... scraped and baked ya noodle heads gettin raked... get staked ate like some late night steak... great punches seal ya downtrodden fate... banged, shot, dangled and hanged ya fragile frame... cut, stuck, ripped the fuck up maimed.... twisted and torched Bar B Que roasted like Pork.... brass knucklin with force... battered, tathered punches make you hoarse ya scatter of course... kick like a horse and hit like a hammer ...damage ya brain sendin shock to ya frame like scanners.... feelin flames ya in pain management... needle stick you lames I'm damagin.... tumble as you bumble runnin from the sane scrambling... but when im insane skin meltin is game... break bones and shatter frames... hyperextend ya joints watch blood splatter on remains... drippin out like batter it stains.... make you squeal shit out ya blatter thats Pain... droppin torture as I force ya to scream... while you swallow a thorny rose in vain... make ya choke as i provoke and stroke ya Dame... poke ya with a hot pitchfork ya reworked... stir up ya gut like some Yolk.... ya screamin for ya folks... no hope rip out ya voicebox and smash ya toes... droppin cinderblocks non-stop like flights to Vegas ...open up ya chest like picking a safe .... fill ya cavity with prostitute fliers dumb duck....cuz ya just a dead fuck shit outta luck ...and I'll close you up... and skate as you shake... leave you to ya fate ....all frozen up sweatin, shivering and throwin up.... body riddled in jagged cuts......I call the Morgue to load you UP....

now im on some deepshit like toilet bowls getting hit with ya diarrhea of the lips,
stop with proscratination.. ya flow is constipation... i'll commit dilatation... streching lines like envasions,
ya moving like migration... my lines will keep you open like cervix dialation,
put ya words in quotation ... the dillution of ya lines could never cause aggravation,
condemnation... is what ya facing.. fucking around with me I'll cause facial abbrasions,
and my shine will cause your dehydration.. looking older than historical documentation,
I got ya open like an Obstetrician.. while ya waiting.. Materbating for my lines.. giving oral stimulation,
My swords will enter you causing Impregnation.. while ya in Gestation.. ready to give birth to my divine creation,
you smile with elation.. ya like my dick-tation.. its amazin.. got ya chasin me like predation,
its in ya relation.. simulation of degradation ...constant education.. is what Im lacin,
fascination with me ya need emancipation.. PsychoBabble ya causing titilation... trying through forced emmulation,
But I'm milking ya to Lactation... there's no explination ya under my modification,
are you taking notations?.. cuz ya writing's stuck in stagnation... its just an obvious observation,
I'll cause devastation... causing ya transformation... from my verbal oscilations,
my swinging swords cause earth vibrations... putting you in a state of trepidation,
you cant understand the corralation... of my verbals and your oral coppulation... its ya crucifixcation,
PlayBunny's insubordination ..puts you in detention for this years duration... causing your frustration,
I treat you like The office of naturalization... show me ya papers or ya better keep pacin,
cuz ya not in my nation... ya need purification.. spitting without moderation... understand who ya facin,
my rationalization... is ya never meet the standard for graduation... maybe gratification ...from my demonstrations,
of my lyrical installation... flowing like water giving you hydration... cold like polarization... you taste what I'm lacin?,
mind alterations... time incarcerations... from verbal lacerations,
my constellations... tell your story ...bacterial contamination.. of ya soil I watch as ya reputation is foiled,
wrapped up in a coil.. thats what happends when you toil.. with The Clock Tower BigBen clockin ya every hour.. has you actin loyal looking sour,
but dont try and act spoiled..as if you hve the power... treat ya like a Lobster and keep you on Boil for an hour....

“Bust shots at Big Ben like I got time to kill!"

My cat sense kickin in you were in my rhyme storage!
Something ain't right why is this cold porridge?
Hold the phone, whos been sleepin on my throne?
So overaged my battle lyrics transport you to a live war zone,
Your swords will do what to me? Listen I'm Catwoman you see,
I fall out of buildings get up and brush it off like nothing,
Which character are you the Riddler or Joker?
Both by your rhymes, I heard you lost to yourself in poker,
Lets make this quick I don't have all day ask the chauffer,
The early part of your verse sounds like a guide for cooking,
Hands on backyard barbi-q in your Hollywood garden shoes,
Meet me by the Rodeo Drive sign for a battle to the death,
Jump you from a 20ft palm tree while holding my breath,
I heard you walk like a donkey thats drunk,
Slam dunk your head to say I dropped knowledge off the dome,
My Italian Al Capone hat means more business than I do,
Keep that in mind before you try to slice me with your claws,
Like a hobo bitch, in my bag the lipstick doubles for knunchucks,
Shucks, to come close at touching me, you'd need a squad of karate nuns, good luck,
Holy guacamole the vikings are approaching punk,
Quick hide in the tree trunk,
Big ben the oldest high school student I've seen so far,
The icecream man now drives a portable alcohol bar,
I'm like LORD OF CHAOS in the sense that I like orange juice too,
I'll stab you with a clockhand just to say I did that to,
Make this battle seem longer than Legato 24/7 on the site,
But in reality its a quickie like a shot of vodka sprite,
More laughs than a chicken fight,
Your face will turn whiter than most of the people on wutangcorp,
Eye blinder like a pop of the cork,
You say peace God but you still swallow pork,
Are you afraid of the dork?
You were dropped by a flying pig instead of the stork,
Bad blood making vegetarians say fork it over for the beef,
Supersoaker 9000 hidden in case replacing the violin,
For no reason I'll kill you with a piece of lint and string,
You do not want to see that happen,
Resurrect Elecktra to put a hole in your super pretendo,
I've seen you on that extreme make over show,
The plastic surgens tried to work a miracle, it didn't work though,
As soon as you click submit you transform into a nickelodeon rapper,
Split splat, grab your gat cuz I'm with Alex and her Mack,
Everytime you attempt to diss, God kills another fuzzy animal,
You'll feel more pain then Ja Rule crying in his video,
When he got shot in front of gotti you were crying like city hoe,
San fran cisky o, blood stained streets are actually gold plated sidewalks,
Why talk, I'm feelin frisky yo, its just business but its risky though,
In a cipher with your crew, read em and weep boys,
I won everything A hoy,
Abandon your ship go surfin like the beach boys,
My lyrics are now worth the price of going back to Mars,
Sicker than the Aziatic flu with a dash of sars,
My Over ratings arent over overrated,
Are you giving me a mean face or are you constipated?
Before you even think to speak ask yourself what time it is in China,
I'm the one reciting a poem wearing the crown,
Hes the clown hitting the bongo in the backround,
I'm the young the rhymer, hes the old timer, my mimer,
With the painted face,
Too bad that post count doesnt equal money, whatta waste,
Yeah go call the morgue, your the walkin corpse in the place,
Black white yellow zombie rhyming same letter words at dr.suess's rate,
You can't touch me ben, shit I was nominated for a golden globe,
Designer rope and flip flops the price of an elite bike,
It cost more than your life,
Wanna duel for real I'll hire HB to get me tip top for the street fight,
In the night over there its palm trees instead of the ghetto street light

11-16-2005, 05:21 PM
oh boy- good read -

thank ya bery much

11-16-2005, 05:46 PM
How long ago was this battle? Don't worry, I ain't doing the math (lol) just curious about this PB character....

11-16-2005, 07:07 PM
once upon a time Big Ben/ Big Pain was a Bulletproof Shelter member.
*remembers the battles*

P-Noid Brown
02-22-2006, 02:33 PM
damn ben she ripped ya ass

02-23-2006, 02:49 PM
damn ben she ripped ya ass
What ever she conceded and admitted she lost

02-23-2006, 04:01 PM
ben can u fix the battle stats? thx

02-24-2006, 06:25 PM
very nice vocab ben