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02-06-2006, 02:38 AM
The following is verse I wrote on Native Era website, local rappers in my area's forum.

Deadly Arrows

Samurai Warrior Crafted Shinto Sword
Splicein heads like Asaemon was on the chords-
Native Warriors in a Cipher walkin roads narrow-
pulling arrows from bones- strippin marrow-
I walk like a Pharoah amonst the sheep-
sheering wool from eyes awakin from your sleep-
sleek swords shimmer sharpend hard grain-
Rain powerful blood bathed in a river of slain-
the reason to my rhyme is the disease hidden in the grime-
mutated native from the slime- Infecting the weak of mind-
I'm an ill mother f*cker- Like Amonia in your lungs-
got you choken' on flem while i'm babblin' in toungues-
speakin to the young who are claimn to be men-
clutching a bottle of gin and whining you can't win-
you get a little tipsy now your out to commit sin-
who's your first victim? another native like yourself?
If takes six of you to take down 1 man then button up your blouse-
you've been officalially dubbed b*tchmade-
get spade with swift blades
there so many haterz I walk the streetz with nunchucks-
just in case I get surrounded buy a couple of you young bucks-
dum f*cks claimin steets that never heard of you-
Shang Chi That's me Master of Kung-Fu-
Now I got you buy the neck kid what you gonna do-
Crushing glands-No man can withstand my deadly hands-
don't misunderstand my verse see-
i'm about to show you the extent of my mercy-
twist off your arm- the one where your purse be-
I'm the worst G- hobble you like Annie Wilkes-
chop your head and have my b*tch shampoo it with VO5 moisture milkes-
berry passion fruit smoothie classic-
never flaccid so hard my styles exstacy laced with acid-
like Bush give me an Iraqi playground and i'll blast it-
Tommy Vercetti's Last hit- Got the vice on lock-
so funky like perferred stock- phat enuff to make your heart stop-
unlock the truth-cutting puppet strings for the feebles
-crushing these little gang bangers ego-
Native Warrior Charging Soldier Casting the Shadow of an eagle......................................

feed back......advice-constructive critisism-no haterz please
I wrote this verse because this how I feel about the little wanna be gangstas on the reservation.

Fun Fact:
Samurai Excutionor
After a prisoner was exectued in Edo(old Tokyo) there was a person designated to shampoo the exectued's head. A man would shampoo the men's heads and a woman would shampoo the women's heads- so since i'm chopping off heads of these little b*tchmade charcters it's only fitting I have my b*tch wash their heads.

Native Hopper wrote:

this dude say he BABLIN in tounges like i don't know what he's sayin dumbed up on rum humbed up on cum in your mouth why you talk about men wearin a blouse 18 still a kid before i even get started i'm werin you out life f*cked up on acid naw thats just cause you ain't had chicks the only thing you ever hads dick. you remind me of a chick wit a dick doc says there ain't no fixin this shit come to the city face to face while i'm rippin this trick
if you wanna battle lets do it cause i'm workin on my 2nd underground nuts battle king exclusive part 2

Charging Solder Wrote:
HA HA kid don't make laugh. You ain't ready to battle the WARCHIEF. it looks like you tried to rhyme d*ck with.........d*ck, how creative. All you got is Gay jokes? You better come up with something better then that if you want battle me, cuz I got somethin for you Gay rappers.
Ok you want battle- You set it up. I'll check back later....................
See this exactly the thing my rhyme was trying to point out- mother f*ckers trying to play hard twoards they're own people - whether it be on the street or the Internet- Why? we're all natives-
I'm speaking in tongues to these you mother f*ckers because they just can't grasp the message. See if you understood it I wouldn't be speaking in tongues- you woulding be disrespecting your own people trying to act like a little gangster. You would be able grasp the message in that verse and look at your own behavior. Instead it just went right over your head. Haters they crawl out of the wood work like roaches- but when you shine the light on them they always scatter, and if they don't they get crushed.

Avery Hawk Wrote:

check it, battles i shut'em down just like black outs
alot of rappers like to front and still take the back route
ryhmes hyper biters get smacked in they mouth
and if you waitin for us to flop then you probly lost count
cuz we still sproutin packin lines that'll easily bounce you
easily hurt you
you on t.v but nobody likes commercials
you fukin clown that's why we stay underground
buckin rounds you duckin ryhmes when we come to town
founders of the art this real ill clique still got credentials
cant fade us cuz our lyrics are written in pen and not pencils
alot of mc's claim to rob and only pretend to
if rap could be drawn out then we the mothafukin stencils

ayo it never crossed the mental that i be flossin like dentals pops
real emcees sprout from the dirt and knock the sense through rocks
cops chasin it up but the jobs stay payin it up
even if it's cakin up coke while i lay in the cut
money i'm rippin straightly through
stickin up mothafukin ducks for the fakest jewels
not that i'm broke but if you bought your chain with some change that's just strate up dispicable

Charging Soldier wrote:
The Roaches are coming out now yet they fail to amaze me-
Didn't I say this duke was about as hazardous as Daisy?-
Native hopper called his boyfriend because he isn't man enuff to face me?
I hope you ladies brought something nice and lacy-
Cuz the War Chief's putting you to bed-
Child's Play my rhymes writtin in crayola's rapist red-
you shouldn't try and test me when I haven't had my meds-
I'll rip you from your stroller and jack you for your Keds-
and while you flowers are barely sproutin' i'm pissing off a mountain-
It's the Jolly Green Giant- that what the kids are shoutin'-
Garden Fresh serving up these herbs-
that's how I deal with these wannabe gangsta's from the burbs-
next time we battle come witty wit the verbs- you might have a chance-
and decide before had who wears the skirt and who rocks the pants-
I'm through crushing you ants i'll brush you off some crumbs- and that's my cue-
this ain't a commercial, it's Slippy molesting two b*tches on pay-per-view.................