View Full Version : D-Dub vs sabinnchung vs surreal ( Votes Needed )

02-11-2006, 01:28 PM
Wat up, ne1 feel free to battle me, whoever steps up first has the head i will sever.

chek it out,

Step to d-dub and u battle with the raw,
so waks get batterd to the floor and left as a casualty of war,
i'm here to maul, all the clowns that shit me,
and make them suk my dik till they sound like fifty,
i kill mics so i always carry a thousand with me
and i roll around the city , goose downed n gritty,
ready like i am now for ne battle rapper,
mc's couldnt fathom the amount of bones that my raps will shatter,
Coz i like to snap ya ,like i'm a ciropracter,
but your probably a bitch, so i'll just slap ya,
fuk wit me, and i'll tie ur nanna behind a tractor
and parade her old ass around town like a banner, werd up

peace to the gods.

02-11-2006, 01:41 PM
alright here i go

this kid wanna get shot more times then superman
say it tickles n i'll spell it out in your alphabet soup man
no question better start your one on one confession
i'm dale earnhardt your danica patrick a bitch in ya profession
better off taking it up the ass or to get ya head bashed in
its the infamous talking on the real your old just like your kin
dropping the hammer not a gun either ahead of ya self dick
musta been drunk when you wrote that shit
under pressure like a shark but i still eat
your kidneys eroded from taking to many shots so face defeat

02-11-2006, 03:19 PM
Your a little bitch in the ring with a heavyweight,
dissen me about writing rhymes drunk
but there better then yours when ur straight,
And anyway in any state i spit awsome shit,
So i'm forced to split ,toys like you into two with my swordsmanship,
its unfortunite,you couldn't even put up a fight,
i'm tellen you now man, u should think twice before you pik up a mic,
coz ur rhymes are wak, i dont know why u rap,
but u already know that ,so why r u reply'n back,
u can find me at, battles fryin cats,
and if you want, come down and i might sign ur cap,
but dont come down to a place to murder me,
Coz i'll write my rhymes on a dildo and rape u verbally.


02-11-2006, 07:22 PM
i thought you were doing 1 verse, or i would have posted right after

better off putting your dukes down dude
make yourself look bad puking now, saying phew
"maybe he'll stop" he says like a bitch
you in the coffin like a pez kid
like he afraid of the dark jumpin out his shoes
you know you hear me thumpin me dude
don't try n hate when i fucked ya girl
my manhoods everything and ya girl sucked my world
cracking ya back like a chiropractor
you bring heat but you just a pyro actor
hope you understand me, your styles bland dude
try n fuck with who's hotter join a band crew
all i hear you talk about is sweaty men fight
n i get the impression your to heavy to enjoy life

02-11-2006, 10:37 PM
D-Dub step up, and watch the bitch get slapped
step back mother fucker, cause this ace is back
your cards, fold'em
spit more game then Texas hold'em
kid's should of told him
lifes a dice, never roll em
Whack raps, face facts, you're verse was ass
we'll pass, I'm the fire, man you're shit was gased
fuck a 3rd, I'll burn this herb to the nerd degree
you type suspect, known for verbal burglary
Step to this?, my shoes don't walk through shit
You drop about as much jewels as I-Legit
This kids punchlines involve sailors and queers
jail love, I could see this fag battling mirrors
This kid can tap rap back, cause I'll give you a pass
the only science you dropped, was only a class
I'd school you on that, but you a waste of a rhyme
waste of a line, damn this herb is just a waste of my time
so I'll leave you with that, take shot's?. then shoot back
but your battle raps better come better then that

02-12-2006, 02:21 PM
This kids punchlines involve sailors and queers
jail love, I could see this fag battling mirrors

ha ha....................dam

02-13-2006, 03:07 AM
i havnt bin home in a while so i just sore ur shit then,motherfukez must have laptops or some shit on here or just dont get out enougth.

alright surreal ,looks like you where the only one that uses queers in punchlines but neway...

i'll take u all so prepare to take a fatal fall
the ace is back ?,are u talken bout from when nature calls,
you get raped and mauled with ur whole cru,
u dont roll dude coz there's only one herb here and i'm about to smoke you,
haha me battle mirrors,
bro i freestyle so well i shoud battle olympic swimmers,
your the shittest times two ,
leave u worn out like a nice suit when i slap simplistic bitches like you,
u must have tied shoes coz ur trippen,u started loosen ur rythem
so started to make shit up like some of the raps i use are bitten,
if style was mittens, bro u'd be a kitten
And right now, you get cooked like soup in a kitchen,
you crossed a blak cat ,should of been more supasticouse,
coz i'll leave you with the fishes and ur whole cru in stitches,
my verse was ass ,,that doesnt even make sense
motherfuker you need to get your ghost writer a replacment,
waks like you get beatin faces,
if your teeth are straight, after this you'll be needen bracers,
stept up but now u are dead,
coz you asked me to shoot bak andl i just put a bullet through ur head,

positive energy activates constant elevation ,i'm out.

02-13-2006, 05:44 AM
u must have tied shoes coz ur trippen

I must of tied my shoe because I'm trippin?
This cat's whack punchlines are even mis-written
you spittin pre-writtens, don't lie, just start admittin
this feilds like a virgin, but dubs dick can't fit in
I said your verse was ass, that means your verse was trash
Stupid mother fucker, I'll burn your scripts to ash
your grammer is weak, and your punch's simplistic
you'd take bronze at best, in the rap special olympics.

Hold up, Hold up

I'm the shittest? I'm loosen?, poor grammer fascination
kid needs his ass beat, his Gr.9, and a job application
get out the basement, Internet gangsters get deleted
his schooling is like his punchlines.... still uncompleted
You got mis-treated, they exposed your panties at the dorm
so you said, " I'll show my gangster on the Wu-Tang internet fourm! "
but you still get clowned, exposed, this pussy a fraud
you take this shit like the bitch you are, with a smile and a nod
you not even hard, your verse was a lyrical joke
pussy,you better show some skill around us lyrical folk
and I'll battle you any day
no matter the weather, anytime, anywhere, anyway
Weither it be text or audio, underground or at a club
just know you'll lose, so you best shut the fuck up Dub.

02-13-2006, 03:07 PM
oh you want 2 rounds ,ok then

you got a shit style so please stop droppen it
hahaha pre written thanks, i'll take it as a compliment,
but stop flattering urself i dont need no pre writtens for you,
i'm an internet gangster that'll kik ur door through then strip n floor you,
pull a switch on ur bitch then slit her cords through,
u think thats it then i kill each of ur mothers other kids before you,
stik a cork skrew in ur chest and twist it,
disses hit you straight in the face so yes i guess my punch's are simplistic,
coz this kid dub rips it,and ok i'll admit it,
wak cunts like you always think ive pre written this shit,
for instence,i'm as sik as a town of lepers,
ur a clown no better ,and i'm about to leave you spell bound like letters,
took around 10 seconds to realize ur a rich white boy thats bin faken alot,
who else would diss someone about the education they got ?,
and i may of forgot to put the word lacers so what,
i'm still gonna be taken my cok
out ur moms ass then put it straight in your gob and sprayin a shot,
have you prayin to god i dont drive past,
coz i'll get out quite fast and fuk ur bitch with a broken wine glass,
turn her and her tight ass into sumthin like u surreal, a coky bitch,
that gets hurt every time they descide droppen shit,
and surreal, i dont give a fuk about the grammer i'm roken with,
i still think ur the shittest and your loosen while i'm the exact opposite,
so fuk you, become an english teacher or some shit like that,
quit writing raps and stik to dik riding cats,
coz all your shits quite wak,i dont give a fuk if ur a big guy thats blak
your shit rhymes sound like rich white crap,
D DUB mother fuker,, i always spit right bak,

its over ,peace,

02-14-2006, 04:41 AM
D-Dub knowbody believes you, you need more people's
Uneducated internet thugs like you get left in deep holes
Buried alive, fuck with me in the flesh you'll barly survive
Someone fires off shot's, this thug would duck and go hide

And you ain't killin nothing, not big so stop frontin

Bitch, when you're on the can is your definition of " Dumpin "
If I ever caught you in the person you'd physically shit
The left hook would catch you, the burner would leave you basicly lit
Cocksuker, this blockbuster is a box office smash
How's this, put up an audio, and I'll put up the cash

A couple grand on the table, that's one grand a peice
Some money from my pocket, you'd take out a lease
Seriously, if you all talk, then come out and do it

Please bitch, you a killer then prove it
Unless you know someone, you shouldn't make threats
Seriously, mention family again, and it's on for all bets
Still don't believe me?, hit me up, I'll drop you the line
You better be serious, or stop wasting our time.

02-14-2006, 06:17 AM
Remember you whent 1st so after this its over.

You dont want me to talk about fam coz i'll leave ur mom fukt quik,
coz the cum but dumb slut bitch loves to suk dubs dik,
she's just another chik i run up,
now she's love struk, i stuk my thumb up her ass and couldnt get it unstuck,
i could go forever about how i love to shove my tongue up her hole,
but man this battles starting to get fukn old,
For the guys reading this, Fuk surreal D-dubs better,
this wak mother fuker wrote his last rap in the format of a love letter,
your maken everyone think your a chik when you rap,
coz only a little bitch would ever do that,
and i bet your cru's wak if there not u just gave'm a bad name,
i hope you can withstand pain coz u got fukt up by my rap rampage,
i could beat you in a fight with my hands chained up,
i could beat you in a battle with my mouth taped up,
your a gay fuk that fuks gays and likes to rap about'm,
if you wanna here Surreal rap,
his craps found on the sound track of broke bak mountain
battle for cash,,yeah thats funny,
but i dont battle little kids for there parents money,,BITCH!!!

Its over .. Lets leave it at that.

02-14-2006, 03:54 PM
from long island originally, now i represent ct correctly
dropping emcee's poetically, hotter then my trees and i'm deadly
i'm a gunner the way i'm dropping shots like kareem abdul jabar
the creams a nice incentive but its a hobby dude, dropping flaws
no disrespect but i chop hands off so start dropping the mic
getting a big ego, just don't act like your hotter then i
i wear glaciers every day of the week like rae n ghost
better not mess around with a real player or ya toast
learn to grip the mic, better call a specialist to fight
you wacker then a fist fight during a gun fight
all you do is breeze, all i gotta say is tell your crew not to breathe
i see your nervous so do like fabolous and breathe
your sweaty like nelly so cop glaciers of ice
you act criminal minded like krs one but can't even grasp a mic
i got bigger fish to fry like long johns
don't know bout you but i don't jack off to porn you scrawn
what are you doing this day making cards out in science class?
or are you spittin a tight verse or juss crying your ass off

to both i guess

02-14-2006, 04:09 PM
Do you wanna take this guy Surreal or should i do it.

02-14-2006, 04:12 PM
i'll try, right now, hold on like 8 minutes

Surreal for real? can't even fist fight right in a boxing clash
catch him in his boxers n ass
tape his ass, then get a couple of dogs to rape his ass
if you run now, i might spare you
but i'm acting mean now, so i'll dare you
dare you to run across the highway n run six feet
the tightest you ever dropped was your tight ass jeans
the latest you ever stayed up was to noon before mommy got mad
the way you spell your name wrong i think he's scared
don't get mad at me cuz your more trash then a couple of garbage bags
i told ya dad n mom, don't let him out, like girls without their hair care bags
this is a fight club, not a night club, so bring your b-game somewhere else
like ya dad did, hit you wit paddles n belts
i know where your a-game is, it ain't in battlen
its where i left my last victim
i stomp kids like surreal right, stick em in chairs like chris reeves
then i fry em like dicks n dry pussys

i have to go

bitch, i dare you to spit at me with wack ryhmes
i'll juss pull out the mack type
then i'll pull the knife out
stab you n scare you, then fight this clown
thats what he deserves
i need a bitch for valentines day, ya heard
d-dub n surreal seem to be the perfect fit
i made a killer track, its called you a hoe, heard of it
i know that was trash
but the closest you get to a studio is in your art class man
i came here to bang out
you came here to act like a payed clown
i ain't talking out my ass too
but i heard your sucking cream out ya moms ass dude
talking about who should or can spit
you should be more concerned about bringing your mommys wifey clique

d-dub couldn't drop heat delivering dominoe pizzas
surreal couldn't nut in his girl, so he had to grease her
surreal, keep dreaming, only time you iced someone was in ya bed
d-dubs top fantasy is to be fucked by his uncle, thats ruff sex
i know both ya'll scream uncle in bed, don't deny the truth
go on, talk about your girls, its alright with me, you can hide the truth
we all know he small in the head like micropenis
if SurreaL is tight, why does he have a typo genius?
d-dub, why mess wit him, he's like a rainman rappin bout true love
you like that guy in next friday talking bout dubs.

02-14-2006, 10:40 PM
fukn hell i aint battling u again after this.

oh my god, you must like getting burnt,
Coz you posted probably the 3 worst battle raps i ever heard,
your constantly getting served ,this time you better learn ,
try me one more time and i'll put your fukn head against the curb,
and stomp it!!, sabinnchung you dont rok shit,
your wak ass couldnt come hard with a hot bitch,
whats this, your talken about a fukn pizza place,
i'll kidnap ur mom then eat some curry and drop heat on her face,
Coz bitch, i bring more heat then police in a chace,
but thanks for posting, coz i love putting mc's in there place,
from now on you better hide your face and keep your toy shit in cyber space,
coz if you find me live on stage ,i'll leave your whole rap life errased,
i dont care bout your size or age,
coz even if your a giant i will make you look five ft eight,
its time to say, everything sabin writes is gay,
so i might just slide a blade down his spine and take his life right away,
by the way, in my whole life i've never heard such weak rhymes,
u dont even speak ur mind just rhyme ass with itself like 3 times,
does your style have rewind coz its backwards,
your the wakest , and you can go get fukt like the hole in ur matris,
so next time whatch who your replying to,
dont be suprised if surreal doesnt post,shit, i dont know why I waisted my time on you. this shit is over peace