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06-23-2005, 01:43 PM
this is a story rhyme about the drug bizniz and the revenge that comes with it

The Set Up
verse 1

31st of august, 1992
tha day the world will no the truth
hatred grows in the darkest of places
the minds of psychopaths, murderers and rapists
always come prepared pakin them hollow cases
spoon, foil, lighter heroin traces
so me and my bois we all stood up
pulled are shit together, all hooded up
followed this dude to a blacked out rover
windows blowed down startin rollin over
lookin all around bullets rippin thru
last man standin of my entire cru
it was a set up, we got ambushed
but it hit reality wen i felt a push
some motherfuker just slit my throat
spillin my blood all over tha road
my bloods boilin i can hardly breathe
but i couldnt move an inch not even to leave
so i had to stay there and hear the screams
hole in every organ just shattered my dreams
we were gonna start a clique not to be messed with
gunfinga infantry armshouse specialist
used to spend all day just bunnin herbs
main purpose on this world was to change the earth

brand new gat never roll without one
not goin early like 2pac or big pun
tyrna get out but enjoy the big hunt
me and my clique pakin submachine guns
itchy trigger fingers just blastin back
hk5 and they packin macs
makin no room cos they wearin flaks
its a set up, blrap blrap blrap

verse 2

on a respirator cant breathe without one
internally bleedin cos a bullets in my lung
breathin, spittin chokin on my blood
it was a close call my time was up
officially dead at 2.45
half past dead but im still alive
had to choose between hell or heaven
if i chose heaven never get to cock bak a weapon
so i had to choose hell to get my revenge
never learn a lesson bustin 2 smith n wessuns
if i catch the motherfuker that slit my throat
rip a hole in his head with a gold dayton spoke
cos i found it out he was a snitch a mole
open up his head and piss in his skull
6 months of rehab b4 i do shit
spent most of my time learnin how to spit
got bak on the streets with a new nikname
knok-a-fella wot it is im new in the game
buildin street cred cos im a ruthless villian
cappin random dudes makin sure i kill em
wen i got a call from the gang that done it
put my foot to tha floor handbrake off, i gunned it
got to tha meetin, everyone blacked out
i saw the motherfuker that slit my mouth

invited to meet with the main bag carrier
comes to the meetin not strapped, bull terrier
metaphors drop bombs blows away barriers
lyrical f-3 tomahawk harrier
made in great britian the dogs a expert
at sniffin out pigs if they wired or invert
if the dog bites me ima take my third
rite between the eyes the dog wont get hurt
but first, gentlemen lets do bizni
ur my hired gun or u can deal wit slit wrists
so i looked at him rite dead in the eyes
he said ur probably much faster but im bigger in size
i dont give to shits u executed my clique
so just hand me the money it'll be over real quik
heard henchmen in the background reachin for they strap
next thing i know im hearin blap blap blap
they tried it again but i came prepared
the head of the boss in my crosshairs
bang bang bang three shots to sternum
threw away my clothes soaked em up and i burned em
next day on the news a warehouse of bodies
undercover agents swarmin around the rockies
knock on the door then guess hu i saw
this is special agent dawson open the front door
we got a warrant for your arrest n to search the flat
lookin for evidence that'll tie me to that
but they got nuttin they cant tie me to that
luky the safe was locked or that was that
they would have found an ounce and 45 gat
no hollows in the chamber or in the mag
just empty shell cases like the body bags
suitfcase of drug money a holster of drugs
liitle did they no im a big time thug
like tony montana im comin up in the world
enough money in my poket to buy pink pearls
the cops found nuffin im guilty as sin
i killed 13 people with the help of a pin

Tell me wot u think
hope u all like it

this is the first piece i wrote after a year barke of rappin
so excus me if its a bit rusty

all feedback (positive or negative) is appreciated

Bless, 1

06-23-2005, 02:47 PM
nice story.....u should make more like that like story telling type shit

06-25-2005, 04:11 AM
Yes you had it well thoughtout but i thought you left out a few details as you tried to keep the flow, whilst on point!!!!!!!!!!!111 but its quite dramatic, nice verses (and long also). But nice!!


06-25-2005, 08:56 AM
thanx for the criticism

and guradian its long cos the beat is 5 mins 30 secs

More feedback


06-25-2005, 09:30 AM
thanx for the criticism

and guradian its long cos the beat is 5 mins 30 secs

More feedback

Yah i understand, but its alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Generally most beats are about that amount of time.


06-26-2005, 10:45 AM
aight aight

More feedback Please

Bless, 1