View Full Version : Blender Magazines Top 50 Dead Rock Stars

Kid Chameleon
03-02-2006, 06:29 PM
Blender magazine has released their first ever list of the "Top 50 Most Awesome Dead Rock Stars." Click on
the link below to see the complete list.


After looking at it, do you agree or disagree with any of these choices? Personally, I felt Notorious B.I.G. didn't deserve to be ranked as high as he was. #1, however, makes sense to me (though I can argue against it, too).

03-03-2006, 12:16 AM
Good post. Yeah, I don't totally agree with the list either, but good find

Kid Chameleon
03-06-2006, 07:14 PM
I'm suprised they don't have Frank Zapa and some other guys on here, It seems pretty morbid to me to rank dead people

poop one
03-06-2006, 10:13 PM
its kinda shit how there isnt, like, a normal list, you have to read through the pathetic AOL pre-fab bios on each person

could somebody post an actual list? cause i dont really feel like clicking through that

Kid Chameleon
03-06-2006, 10:57 PM
Knowing VH1 they will probally have a list show on this

50.Layne Staley
49.Stephen Foster
47.Bobby Darin
46.'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott
45.Keith Moon
44.Warren Zevon
43.Sid Vicious
42.Rick James
41.Alan Lomax
40.Elliott Smith
39.Robert Johnson
38.Curtis Mayfield
37.Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
36.John Peel
35.Darby Crash
34.Jam Master Jay
33.Brian Jones
32.Jeff Buckley
30.Gram Parsons
28.Barry White
27.Luther Vandross
26.The Band
25.Joe Strummer
24.Michael Hutchence
23.George Harrison
22.Ian Curtis
21.Ol’ Dirty Bastard
20.Maurice Gibb
19.Janis Joplin
18.Ronnie Van Zant
17.Freddie Mercury
16.The Ramones
15.Frank Sinatra
14.DJ Screw
13.Marvin Gaye
11.Jim Morrison
10.Ray Charles
9.Bob Marley
8.Kurt Cobain
7.Jerry Garcia
6.Jimi Hendrix
5.John Lennon
4.Tupac Shakur
3.Elvis Presley
2.The Notorious B.I.G.
1.Johnny Cash

Jesus Shootin Heroin
03-08-2006, 08:46 AM
What are they ranking? How dead they are?
This list is a complete nonsense on every front.

03-08-2006, 12:11 PM
How could they not list Zappa? the guy was a genius.

03-20-2006, 09:28 PM
the list lacks Zappa, and george harrison should be placed higher.