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03-04-2006, 07:42 PM
yo i need some help, iva finaly decided to get xbox live but it aint wokring. i have a usb based modem so its harder than others ways but ive followed everything ive been told in the xbox web page but it wont work. i have the ethernet cable from my xbox into the tower, and the scart lead connected to my tv my modem is plugged into the phone line and the tower please help i spent some money to get da stuff i need but it wont work am i doing somin wrong???

03-04-2006, 08:23 PM
look on the pack you bought it should have a hotline in small fuckin print - im also pissed off i cant connect till my visa comes. good luck

03-06-2006, 02:29 AM
From the sounds of it you're gonna need a diffrent kind of setup...

If you have the modem connected to your PC via USB and your Xbox connected directly to your Xbox through ethernet then there's no connection to the internet going to your xbox.

You're gonna need to do two things if that is that case.

1. You need to network your PC through ethernet, if you don't have an ethernet port on your computer then you're gonna have to buy a network interface card (NIC) and put it in and connect it that way.

2. You need to buy a router, that way you can connect your PC and Xbox to the same internet connection. all in all those two things will run you between $50-$70 depending on what brind you buy. If you do get a router though make sure it's compatable, I bought a Belkan brand router for like $35 and it works jus fine on my PC, Xbox, and PS2.

OR if you don't feel like dropping the money and if your modem has a ethernet jack like I assume it does, you can just disconnect your modem from the pc and plug it into the xbox everytime you wanna play on xbox live. I was doing that for a while, believe me, it's a pain in the ass.

03-06-2006, 03:48 PM
yo ur right about when i connect my xbox to my pc that there is no internet connection going into my xbox, also my modem is shocking and it doesnt have an ethernet connection which im very disappointed so im left with the router option but they confuse me like im only 15 like can y'all explain how they work plz!

03-06-2006, 06:04 PM
First off, make sure wherever you got your modem from, that you are receiving online capability. meaning you can go on the net.

Get a "linksys" router with atleast four ethernet ports (10/100), it should run you no more than 30 bucks. DO NOT BUY A WI-FI ROUTER. Their good, but you done need one, unless you want to hook up a nintendo ds and a psp also.

hook up the modem to the router via ethernet cord. If your modem doesn't have a ethernet port but a usb port, get a router with a usb port and four ethernet ports (get the router at bestbuy, really good deals right now for routers.) Linksys may not have a usb one, so ask the store clerk.

both modem and router should be hooked up, now make sure you have at least two ethernet cords for the router. One goes from the router to your pc, then the other from your router to the xbox.

By the way, you dont need to have your pc hooked up to the router. The pc does not have to be hooked up to the internet for live to work, since your modem is what provides online capability. Its just easier having everything hooked up. In fact, someone stated this already, you can just have your modem directly connected to the xbox as long as your modem has a ethernet port, meaning you dont need a router.

You should be fine and knowledgable after this.

Do not do what I do and have a 360, ps2, xbox, psp, and a ds hooked up via wired and wireless to the same modem.