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06-25-2005, 10:07 AM
I purge witta blast in this atmosphere of fake rap.. were mainstream slack..
Chase a dream backwards- lacin beatz ..awaken teamz who forsakin me…
Change up start workin wit jazz Im sure it’ll last- tha pure urbanist iz back- (which is I)
burnin hash wit diz “perfect ass” lookin @ her thinkin weeza perfect match..
got enuff cash to purchase crack but turnin from dat- learnt tha past..
cuz I get hi off tha urges to rap.. ma purpose iz that- mergin tha facts...
free service ta catz.. searchin fa phat beatz n factz when I speak muderous....
captured tha scene- NY streetz- ball handlin- mall vandilism iznt random… (graffiti)
candlez lit reguraly- death neva sleep- extra’ ..u forever read … (deaths in newspaperz)
this continue thru centuries- ruinin tha next seed choosin ta live freshly..
magnetic grammar gamma damage fools who spew thru mandible hammerz..
flip to news channel 2 some flannel dudez damaged two lives yo- then ran into 5 0..(5 0=cops)
tha victims died slow- why tho? Gang related or hydro? These streetz iz pshyco …
bein shot iz jussa CYCLE like menstral- despite if u meant to- u still catch a dent in ya mental…
cuz I retaliate ina rental ..side by drive live style- do I kill u? dependin on charge pendin..
ull have a large endin..
a barrage of ten clips ata time u collapse no rewind..sentenced by AC- spent ya life flautin..
juss b4 he passed my presence waz tormentin hiz past- now ya can see hiz ghost hauntin ..
cloud image taunted by niggaz..daz wa happenz when u ‘on it’ I pop catz egos often…
got beef? step to tha office.. we discuss like grown bosses..own ya corpse- u groan lost..(ina lost mindstate)
afta Clippin ya like Paper ..I disapear like vapors... leavin ya peerz in Shock like Tazors.. taticz Sharp az Razors..
ah shi* my Pager starts beepin..take out tha 9 / LA-ZER.. peek at tha contact call him in Cape Verde…
said he got crates deep of 80 AK’s ‘paid’.. SAY WORD? .hope they no setbacc.. .Utrippin dippin- no jetlag
seen tha rest past..600mph stretch.. map..gut wrench.. stomach adrenaline..port authority checked..
cleared went bacc ta NY..cash transfer. Who tha man?.. ’bad answer’ FedEX inflitrate ahHA found tha crate..
str8 stole it now im holdin..waxed AK’s, MACS, Grenades..shiny shafts, untraced bags of stash..
keep it ina black safe- disclosed locach..(location) try n break.. a glow spray pose great ya nose break..
bleed..contusions..brain confusion..gray illusions..body frame movin in pain prooven to great for youth n kidz..


06-25-2005, 01:32 PM
Change up start workin wit jazz Im sure it’ll last- tha pure urbanist iz back- (which is I)
burnin hash wit diz “perfect ass” lookin @ her thinkin weeza perfect match..
^^^^ this line hot B

u puttin a dent in this shit fam


06-25-2005, 01:46 PM
some more talent....you attracted tha attention of P I R

06-27-2005, 02:34 AM
I should say this was quite tight, you placed it well whilst drifting from one area to the next in your lyrics. Quite creative also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice flow..

PS: Like to check mor of your posts!!!!!!!!!!!

07-17-2005, 01:43 PM
it allright. nice. ................

02-04-2006, 05:19 PM
This was off this Cypha on MK.......
we sposed to diss tha RAPPER above...
so sumone said 50.... I juss dissed e-mufucca upp in dat wacc ass....
WU-Swordzman AC.........

watch tha WU-VET toss improvement towardz thiz "loss of movement".. chalked n bruised quicc..
ayo we dun talk we DO IT!!. claimin HARD.. chillin wit 5'0' ya STUPID!!.sayin u bust capz? PROOVE IT!!..

50z musicc a 'nuisance' shoot em a 10th time- cuz Im lyrically abusive- da fucc iz "G"unit? on sum ZOO SHIT !!..
mean muggin he still cluless~!!- murda? bronx do this!!- rocc ya crew bitch!..fucc 'LYOD' he aint got 'BANKS'!!..
Fucc THANKZ cuz Im Welcome to bring hell son!.. fucc bein 'YOUNG' cuz I 'BUCK' shotz wit TOUNGE!!..
n Fucc OLIVIA- ask mad ?'z like trivia..Im rippin ya whole squad to oblivian- look like vivian- 'fresh prince'.
I flex this necklace yall run like peasentz.. n fucc MOBBDEEP turned soft on sum next shit...
lost alotta fans but yall "restin".. chillin witta squad who send fake message- "remember me"..
thought yall waz real but yall "made" like MTV..!! so Rest in Pieces!! I wrecc wit less then freez!!..
Imagin my WRITZ..!!.. I dun be flashin my wrist.. only fo tha GAT grab ya ATTENT!!..INTENT to BLAST ya freindz..
So fucc sum GORILLA UNITZ.. send yall bananaz from tha KILLA BOONZ of THIS.. BLOCK......
cuz JUSS watch!!.. im time ita be in paperz u get merked to vaporz from tha razors dat slice thru ya facez..

ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE............ wu-fam reeeeeeep..

02-04-2006, 07:40 PM
nice indeed my friend, i did a 50 diss wit my homie, we shooda teamed wit u,lol

02-04-2006, 08:00 PM
yea thiz might be old.............

BUT YALL can checc MK fo mo of my shit.......
Namez tha same thea.........

Also PEEP tha gunit diss... n tha cyphez.....

MK is in my PROFILE.....
juss search Aclikyano.......

N was P I R?....... cuz im a lone swordzman.......


02-05-2006, 08:34 PM
that was nice

08-05-2006, 06:36 AM
damn I can remember this shit...
I spit more in THEEZ cyphaz tho...
I shud spit in my own thread but whatz tha point!>?

09-14-2006, 06:15 PM
Get harrased by masses, rushed like traffic, brushed wit mag tipz..
slump when crashed from gun fragmentz..stump ya sqaud wit toungue magic...

U kno AC in this .. bumpin threadz like GOOSE...