View Full Version : the mark of the beast

Frank Drebin
06-25-2005, 09:54 PM
who the fuck are you to tell me what to do, I been listening to your bullshit advice for years, you think you living right but you living in fear, scared to be what the fuck you wanna be, you living in conformity, like a fucking sheep, your soul is weak, and you tryna bring me down to your level, like killah priest my thoughts are heavey mental, and I resisted you, because the devil has twisted you, into a fucking non believer, of the devine, you so deep in darkness you still falling, you cant see the light, so beg to me for mercy, and pray to god for vision, take of the fuckin pig skin, or you will be suffering in hell for eternity, you fucking animal carrying the mark of the beast, you like judas sitting at the feast, and you betray jesus with every terrible thought, with each deadly sin you come closer to the end, killing your soul which destroys you within, until suicide is your only option, death you feel is your only friend, as the knife cuts your vains you finally think clearly and see what you should have been, a brother to me instead of an enemy, as the blood flows drip by drip you close your eyes and see the beast and he welcomes you, the mark on your head is a mad reflection, of all the hell and pain and suffering that will now befall you, this is the end this is the end this is the end

06-26-2005, 09:36 AM
This was tight , i could almost see your anger. Nice verse and topic. There's a lot to be said on such matters but you placed on a certain type. Nice word flow. I seemed personalized at the start but you slowlly integrated the rhymes as you progressed. Though you didn't work much on the lyrics!