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Soul Controller
03-14-2006, 11:14 AM

i aint posted for a while. I been pretty busy..
I'm a just ramble, on various topics from bird flu to hiv to chem trails.
any feedback is most welcome..


Everything its all mind control and a cover for when the serious stuff starts.

I will have nothing to do with their toxic tamiflu or vaccinations.
Everything is backwards and the truth usulally lies in the opposite(hence my sig)
If your looking for proof you will never find it,the mere observation of
history and how the allopathic cartels operate, the millions of iatrogenic
deaths from quacks, the suppression of alternative medicne, the brainwashing to think the Gov have your best interests at heart, the fake HIV virus, the control through FEAR, the phony war on terror,


the people who take the jabs will be brainwashed lambs to the slaughter.
I offer no proof but an instinct based on years of observation of how the
powers that be operate and the mass mind control that is evident.

Now, to get a bit more... in depth..

The problem with Chemicals is far worse than most viruses etc. It is easy to fight most infections, viruses, bacterias etc with known herbs and
alternative methods. Chemicals are a different matter and become much harder to deal with. Lets put it this way, I would much prefer someone to attack me with Anthrax compared to the dreaded VX nerve gas. I could combat the Anthrax but I would struggle with VX and probably only very large dosages indeed of Ozone & IV'd compounds may help the later I dont know etc. So with everyone already clogged up with pollutions is it any wonder that we're all dying? I've heard of another 2 people with Cancer to add to the bigger list day by day. My uncle's two neighbours either side of him have died within a month of each other with different Cancers. I need to find out if theres a cell phone transponder nearby. Hes now been told hes enemic which means hes got a blood loss, infection or chronic disease and this could mean he too has Cancer.(Ciggerettes are not the main cause of cancer. that is a LIE)

Theres no such thing as disease really, it just toxicity and Malnutrition if
the truth be known. Anyone who says different is simply indoctrinated in the Rockefella academy of nonsense to enslave both mind and body of the population of Earth. Its all about control and how can they attack the mass unless their dumbed down via lame education and of course medicated to the eyeballs enslaving them to the pharmaceutical mafias.

All I can stress right now is that everyone get flushing their Colons, Liver
and general body detoxing to rid yourself of these poisons already
accumulated and coming daily. Its everyones duty to now take control of
their health and fight daily otherwise you will become a statistic. Look at
products like Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Fasting, Saunas, Exercise. Look to herbs which can remove metals and chemicals such as Slippery Elm which can pull around 200 chemicals from the body. Fruit such as Pineapples can remove lead quite easily. So basically do the cleanses and nourish your body with what it needs which are Minerals, Salts, Vitamins, Enzymes & Amino Acids. If the body hasn't got what it needs daily how can it defend or remove problems? It cannot, think of yourself as a bag of dirty water which is what you are right now. You need to be a nice clear water at the end of it. Dont be a statistic for the powers that be, resist and live!

Anyone else noticed the severe lack of birds since the Chemtrails were first implemented full scale? I don't hear birds anymore and the sparrow
population is almost zero. (here in the midlands..UK!)

Viruses are made up and tests geared around the lies. This is exactly
what happened with hiv and now its a damn religion which people fear to
expose. Any birds that are dying are dying because of the sheer pollution on and surrounding the Earth's atmosphere thanks to Chemtrails and other such evil doings. Many birds migrate and this can mean that a country even without chemtrails could have birds drop on its soil dead. Also pollution/dirt from some of the conditions which some birds are kept and poor feeding of many especially in places like Asia.
its not only down to pollution from the air. Its the
conditions many birds are kept in and the type of feed they get if any. You look at many birds in Asian and they look skinny compared to Chickens in England for instance. Malnutrition, Pollution/Dirty conditions create whatwe called Disease. The Romans knew this a long time ago!

Tests are geared up these days to suit the agenda on hand. Take
the hiv test which has over 60 flaws which will give a false positive. Now
if pregnancy can sometimes trip it your in trouble. If your a pharmaceutical giant controlled by the Rockefellas and they say jump, we want this and that you will DO IT! The idea is to create a problem from a non-existant enemy.How can anyone test for hiv when it still hasn't been isolated, simply because it does not exist. So lets sneak in many false positives (their all false) and we will MIND CONTROL the folk via our hardcore media which we've made god to the sheeple and they follow like lambs to the slaughter. They create hysteria via this medium and condition you to something which isn't there. Then they can utilise their phony science and tests and depopulate you without a virus but with their drugs. You see the drugs will give you the symptoms and death of AIDS. Of course theres other factors such as Malnutrition (Africa especially), Bad Sanitation, Street Drugs, Medical Drugs especially anti-retro Viral DNA terminators and Steroids. Women flag up hiv positive in Africa like nobody's business and why? Well yes their malnourished which gives the exact symptoms of AIDS which one is chronic diaherra but the problem is many are always pregnant and this can and does give false positives in most cases. In Africa the poor people dont even get tested in most areas, this is due to the fact that its too expensive so they claim. The real reason is that they want to claim many have AIDS because it
helps with the illusion of the disease. You see people are dying across
Africa like they always have. Some are dying much quicker due to getting
FREE (wonder why haha) A.R.V drugs and its these who are dying quicker who give the impression theres a new super quick virus called hiv wipeing Africa out. Black leaders will promote this all day as they want money to pour in and most are on the payroll with the leading illuminati corperations and Black Nobility infact some are of Bloodline also like Robert Mugabe for instance.Its all a giant Psyop for depopulation. So basically that was an example of how they can create a phony disease in our minds and still get depopulation without even a disease present. Another sneaky method is again like they do with hiv.
If you go into a clinic and have a test they normally ask you your sex life and if you say you've had gay sex your in for it. You could have a test and say you dont have sex etc. If the test comes out positive (JOKE) then the one who claims they have no sex will be classed as not having hiv whilst the Gay is immediately labelled as having HIV. This even happens with many hetrosexuals. ITS A FREAKING CON! Infact everyone comes out positive on hiv tests until the dilution takes place haha.
Bird Flu is no different to hiv as its just another psyop and your minds are
controlled into the nonsense. Does Germany have Chemtrails? Yes it does. Every human in the western world is polluted with something which has
accumulated in them and please do not believe otherwise. We're living in a massive chemical soup and since the chemtrails its even worse. Look at the states where they reckon almost all of Americans are contaminated with Rocket Fuel and thats just one. If you think poor little birds are going to be different then think again. This is why the populations of birds are
dying off. Chemtrails contain different substances in different areas most
times as their still trialing chemical soups for the task and of course its
actions on the public. Many people suffer flu-like symptoms with these damn chemtrails and especially respitory problems. Again also remember that Aluminium is DEADLY to birds and this is why Teflon is lethal to them and kills many household birds. Look at Oakridge and how the fluoride would destroy birds in the sky with just the doors being opened (for ref check Jim Phelps).
The skies are riddled with Aluminium so what chance have birds got and thats before the funguses they use to combat funguses from the sky etc etc.

Think of it like this, In the West many die of so-called flu
symptoms each year. Don't you think this would be true of the Animal kingdom also? Now if you want to create hysteria what do you do? You publically keepshowing and talking of places where birds have died. This will then back-up your fake story of a mass virus worldwide. When you understand that viruses are poison/slime (Latin meaning) which would include POLLUTION and that all these Bacteria are your friends you'll see things differently. What happens when you leave food out? It starts to oxidise and rot and then what? You get bacteria and parasites destroy the left overs, in otherwords CLEANSE. All these bacterias are doing is cleansing the pollution in our body', this is why you shouldn't stop a cold in its tracks. You should let it run its course to be quite honest. The problem is were so polluted these friendly bacteria doctors call germs and deadly will eventually damage us in some cases. Remove the pollutions and colds will be less severe if at all.

If you want to clense that body and keep it clean
try these: alkaline products like Cayenne, Ginger,
Garlic, Organic-Potassium, Dark leafy green vegetables, Spirulina, Green
Barley and so forth. Garlic is good against Viruses...

Do you live to eat? or eat to live?


Soul Controller
03-15-2006, 02:08 PM
any thoughts??

Aqua Luna
03-20-2006, 07:59 PM
thanks for posting this

What you said about the HIV virus is hard to digest.

Sometimes it's hard to see how deep this stuff is, so there is no such thing as AIDS?

I never thought about it that way...

And, why do you think they say cigarettes are the main cause of cancer?
Do you think cell phones cause more cancer then cigarettes?...I do.

03-20-2006, 08:05 PM
what do you base that on?^^

Aqua Luna
03-20-2006, 08:19 PM
If you are referring to the cell phones causing cancer...i am just basing it on my own opinion.

the radiation going straight to you brain and circulating through your body is what worries me about the cell phones.

about the cigarettes...I think that the media has hyped them up too much and I can't be sure exactly what the real deal is with that.

Not only that but, I think that second hand stuff has gotten outta hand (no pun)

anyway...with all the toxic chemicals polluting our environment from factories, cars...etc., second hand cigarette smoke is being hyped up like it's the major problem.

It just doesn't add up to me.

03-20-2006, 09:01 PM
i thought what you said about letting a cold take its course is interesting cuz i usually get colds during the spring or so and i dont take shit. i'll just be sick for like aweak and a half and then the cold will be gone.

i really dont like taking drugs for shit.

Blazing Fire
03-21-2006, 03:10 AM
now I know the real deal on HIV...

the real reason they want you to have "safe sex" is so you don't reproduce your species....

' bless the internet

spread the word

Soul Controller
03-21-2006, 08:49 AM
Peace Aqua Luna,

thanks for posting this

What you said about the HIV virus is hard to digest.

Sometimes it's hard to see how deep this stuff is, so there is no such thing as AIDS?

I never thought about it that way...

And, why do you think they say cigarettes are the main cause of cancer?
Do you think cell phones cause more cancer then cigarettes?...I do.

what ive said hhere is.. how i see things.. they might not be 100% correct.. but its the gut feeling i have.. from researching..
aids.. probably does exist, but they havent isolated it.. or devised a Test that checks for just aid/hiv, plus the people who seem to die from aids/hiv die from the drugs given to them..

i think cell phones ( lol check the name cell phones.. why are they called that? we have 'cells' in our body..) well the radiation produced.. isnt very good for u.. when ever i used to have a mobile on me.. my body used to feel crazy.. i.e if it was on mah jeans pocket.. id always have a weird feeling in my body in that area.. same as if its next to my chest.. in my coat pocket.. i havent used a mobile for over 2 years now.
now cell phones causeing more cancer than, smoking? i dont know..
as if u smoke pretty heavily. u create a mucus. .that the cancer cant bi pass.. so its just trapped in the mucus.. like aprotective bubble..
i know more people get cancers/tuma's from, cell phone transmitters.
electricity pylons.. as that fucks with your own bodies electromagnetic state.. as these foriegn magnetic waves are not the same frequencys that your body vibrates at.. so hnce they cause damage..
just do some research.. find a pylon.. or a mobile transmitter.. just do a quick little test.. go round knocking doors.. say u doing a survey for university, and u want to see how many people in this area have cancer or have died from it..
you will be shocked..

smoking is their in the media, coz lol political correctness is fucking crazy.
they say dont smoke here or here.. but dont do shit about the real causes of disease.. like factory dumping waste.. car fumes. etc..

whats more important to a person?
whats more important to the media?

i havent taken medicine in any form. or eaten meat. since b4 2000,
i hardly get ill.. no headaches.. no sniffling.. nada
the best defense to illness's are a healthy immune system.. nothing can fuck with that.. ( its good to like.. pick dirt off the floor.. and taste it.. its good... rub ur hand along somethin then lick it.. yes that might sound EWWW, but how do u get ur immune system updated?)

the worst shit is

MSG mono sodium glutomate ( check the rza line in wu wear!)
and asparatame (sorry bout spelling)
thats in all, diet drinks and in most if not all choco' drinks
and in shit like sweetners
the thing with these additives is..

they make your MIND think their is MORE taste in a product(food)
than their really is..
so it is re-wireing your mind.,. into an illusion..
thats pretty dangerous..for many reasons..

blazing fire..
dont believe what ive wrote..
go out and see if you can research it,
then you will know the truth..

peace to everyone who replied.

03-21-2006, 09:03 AM
if you dont take food and health seriously

what CAN you take seriously


i agree with much of what you say

but i might add that its just as important to become more tolerant to toxins
as it is to cleanse them


03-21-2006, 09:06 AM
I don't enjoy reading these things.

Soul Controller
03-21-2006, 12:29 PM
why not godess?

03-21-2006, 12:38 PM
It's negative.

Aqua Luna
03-21-2006, 10:10 PM
the best defense to illness's are a healthy immune system.. nothing can fuck with that.. ( its good to like.. pick dirt off the floor.. and taste it.. its good... rub ur hand along somethin then lick it.. yes that might sound EWWW, but how do u get ur immune system updated?)

Peace, Soul

LOL...yes, your grossing me out.

But, it does make a lotta sense...

I just might try that one day...:nonono:

Soul Controller
03-22-2006, 03:10 AM

so knowing things that really go on is negative?

wowyour more fucked up than i thought

Frontal Lobotomy
03-22-2006, 10:03 PM
Right on, Soul. I'm with you on the pollution stuff. Not so sure about AIDS though, I'm a believer in a far more sinister hand playing a part in that charade. As for cellular phones, I don't own one, nor have the desire to. The fact that they can track your movements with satellites in space through your SIM, or some other chip device is slightly unnerving.

03-22-2006, 10:24 PM
please dont spread that stuff about HIV, its real. people who are rich just have a better edge at surviving because they have the money to pay for the drugs that save you. but it is real. millions are dieing in africa because of it. they have nothing to do with any sort of conspiracy, there is no infrastructure there to implement such a thing. there is a lot of corrupt behind the sences type of shit, but this is not one of them.

Blazing Fire
03-24-2006, 06:00 AM
anything they shove in your face constantly is suspect...

what is the function of all the AIDS in Africa awareness/hype?

is it because "we care"? i really doubt it...

is it to associate black people with a deadly std?

i could see that

divide and conquer

03-24-2006, 11:42 AM
yea, asia also has a high rate of HIV. i dont hear you complaining about were trying to divide and conquer asia. you could look at it as africa is the poorest continent in the world, with literally no infrastructure, no contraceptives for its people, no knowledge of the disease, of how it spreads of how to stop yourself from getting it. yea that could play a role in it. especially when a lot of people their actually thinking fucking young virgins and babies will cure you or make you immue from getting it.

get off this horse that the world is out to get black people.

03-24-2006, 12:01 PM
^^^^ yea i was watching a thing on the desovory chan...about that them tenage girls were saying they beleved that haven sex with a virg will cure u
when they were intervieng them
as u can see they dont have meds..and u see that the life span of a born hiv person lives to see around 20 ....
over here in the use where we have treatment its alot longer
but in some cases some peeps cant handle the meds
its not gonna cura but it will increase the life span