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03-20-2006, 10:03 AM
1st Post

Black faction i slap u like the reaction of quick trigger puller
yo is an amature i'm a 1st rate shoota
u only sniff cuta u never fucked u stay lickin
on this mike i'm the only mc thats rippin
what u sippin is that dumb shit thinkin u can defeat me
the kid Phenom the Upcomin legend RockD
what i see is that i must smash and harras this bum
but dont get bent outa shape u the one that said fo fun
now green gimme the gun so i can get to blastin this chump
and like DMX said this battle turns into a hunt
smokin this nigga like a blunt, fuck protectin ya neck
now protect ya whole crew cause i'm also aimin for ya set
I bet they can never see me on a mic
so i'll end this with a farewell and sleep tight

03-20-2006, 10:10 AM
Black Faction Weaklines define u slacker

With black in yo name but the boy is str8 ckracker

I’m a Hacker infectin ya whle style

Destryin ya whole Plans with swiftness and guile

Resistance is futile boy face defeat

Ya recycled lines just got ya ass beat

U pussy cum face bitch nigga

Recognize u battling an icon RockD not Rock digga

Your stutus is mini-mal to my eminence you fall short

So white boy put the key board down and start pushin abort

I can defeat you in any style or fashion

Eatin mc’s up like Chinese do rice rations

I got this faction Rounded up in my rodeo tied wit my lasso

U is a never been contender now a clown in Spanish: pallaso

03-20-2006, 10:13 AM
1st free s. post

protect ya neck and torso
shootin to kill half of these bozos
mater fact watch your earlobes and quick react
cause i got a milli mac that give niggas heart attacks
as i smash mcs daily lately peps seem to hate me
but they cant face D
i got more hits than 106 n park wit Aj & Free
the skill so bright that ya'll cant see
i be the illest latin killa bee
the new Hit Wonder RockD

03-20-2006, 10:17 AM
mean while as i emerge from the muck of the past
mc's i outlast like gloves, everlast
punchin out light ripin sound bites
hittin up dykes
its only right that i get trophy fo most lyricaly insane
an mc that cant be tamed
i'm tragic like hamlet the dane
sipin of the nectar of a wolfsbanes poisonous flower
devouring mc's ringin chins like clock towers
by the hour harrasin all that come through my path
i'm the wrath of the almight sometimes an outcast
shootin at them cowards that think they rap but they singin'
not with hallow points but wit five star sharingans
from my wu-tang pack, i blast off with a nin-jutsu
i bite niggas i'm a bigger dawg, they shitzus'
this is the ninpu karate kid master mind
wu-tang menace who knows all the styles and signs
the sanke, tyger, dog,
give niggas headaches plus a side of tylenol
for evermore i would stand out
till i make it to wu-tang latino u "Maricon" just bail out

03-20-2006, 10:20 AM
i'm a deep spy somethin like i navy seal
i give chills, F.D.R's New deal
a heavy hitta a killa bee yet un named
destroyin house hold sinkin terrain
u ma-dames aint got shit on this nigga
i got an itch on my finger so quickly pullin triggers
i'm to raw from here to venice-zuela
shootin grandmas for fun in spanish abuela
i'm hell-a raw got game so i'm hoopin
cum up in yo eye so u can see me shootin
i'm a menace worse than denis lyricaly insane
i'm the Real big Tyger the one ya'll cant tame
souls i devour wit lines that drop like meteor showers
as i tell white boys fuck white unity is all bout black power