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03-20-2006, 11:10 AM
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Some 9 million children in Africa have lost a mother to ,AIDS British charity Save the Children said Monday, calling on donors to sharply increase aid to meet their needs. "Incredibly, the impact of HIV and AIDS on children is still being ignored," Save the Children Chief Executive Jasmine Whitbread said in a statement.
The charity said in a report that a lack of testing facilities meant that many mothers, especially in the poorest countries, did not know their HIV status until they were ill and were unable to fight off even the simplest infections.
"The AIDS pandemic robs millions of children of their childhoods as well as their mothers," Whitbread said. "Children are caring for their mothers, missing school, and having to work because their mothers are too sick to look after them."
The charity called for a focus on children orphaned by AIDS as well as sick parents, adding red tape was slowing aid flows.
"Donors must spend 12 percent of their AIDS funding on proper support for children," it said, adding this would amount to $6.4 billion. It did not give any comparisons for the current amount of aid for children affected by AIDS.
The charity addressed its appeal to the G8 wealthy nations, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the World bank and the European commission.Sub-Saharan Africa has about 10 percent of the world's population but 60 percent of the people living with HIV/AIDS.More than 3 million Africans were infected with HIV in 2005, representing 64 percent of all new infections globally and more than in any previous year for the impoverished continent, according to Unaids, the lead U.N. agency against AIDS.
Across sub-Saharan Africa, an estimated 4.6 percent of young women aged 15 to 24 are infected with HIV, compared to 1.7 percent of young men, according to U.N. data.
Save the Children said most of the 19.2 million women living with HIV around the globe were already mothers.
"To truly make a difference we must also support children whose mothers are HIV positive," it said.
"In sub-Saharan Africa alone, more than 12 million children under the age of 15 have lost one or both parents to AIDS. By 2010, at current rates of HIV infection, this number is likely to increase to 18 million," Save the Children said.

Aqua Luna
03-20-2006, 01:23 PM
This makes me soo angry...

I have no doubt that AIDS was intentionally administered to Africans to try and wipe them out.

It's just soo sad

Aqua Luna
03-20-2006, 01:40 PM
I agree Legato

It's really messed up that people run away from the very knowledge that can free them.

Ignorance looks like knowledge and knowledge looks like ignorance to some.

People like the Africans just don't know what to do

03-20-2006, 01:45 PM
the funny thing is

i bet the africans are spiritually strong enough to not really even care about what is going on over there right now

it is a sickness of this society only that everybody has become terrified of death

i have a hunch that over there they have a better idea about what change really is
and about how all forms are not permanent

from our standpoint - it seems tragic
but over there
i think they have a better idea of what time it really is

Aqua Luna
03-20-2006, 01:47 PM
on the real most of them probably don't give a fuck anymore. africa has been in such a downward spiral most folk just probably go along for the ride and don't even try to fight the waves. but it's all good they just need a lil assistance and i got that for them.

How would you assist the Africans?

I would join you...what's the plan?

Soul Controller
03-20-2006, 02:11 PM
the country has been mined and raped for over 6000 years if not way longer..
most of the ground cant support crops, due to the amoiunt of minerals and shit taken away from the soil
u need to get new soil their

AIDS :( man made shit.

but the tests that indicate u have aids or not.. are fucking fallable..
checK mah topic!



03-20-2006, 02:45 PM
Afrika is a mess I have family in Camaroun.

Aqua Luna
03-20-2006, 02:58 PM
first plan is to feed the people, its hard to be head strong with a empty belly. but im no talking like hand out some canned foods and shit, im talking rework the land, community garden type situations.

Word!...this could solve most of the problems in Africa right now. They need to eat and be able to live off the land.

galt john galt
03-20-2006, 03:23 PM
the governments don't all agree to its cause. the wars and massacres with it being paased through rapes. the belief that a young virgin can cure aids. the pharmacuetical companies and the availability of health care. they need people there who will put their interests first and not the interest of the western financial institutions. corrupt and misguided politians have done as much wrong as the west. they rape the land the people and pillage the bank likely to be agressive with neighbors or with opponents. most of the societies are ruled patriarchally where the women are held accountable for having aids due to age old customs and new found practices. they need education systems since the europeans left they have been going downward at an alarming rate. the mismanagement the droughts the depleted funds the amassing of weapons and looting of funds with the military rule at the expense of the people.

i say they should get people in office that will privatize the main industries if not use the funds to build up infrastructure and livelihood of the people. they should tap into markets within the continent before looking to the west for deals. the west has to understand that the political boundaries are not natural to the africans they knew the line not what french british italians and portugesse drew up which put/forced warring factions together creating the genocides that occurr as in central african republic. the aids epidemic is related to education and poverty.

famines wars religious slavery epidemics political strife you would think the west is holding back until it becomes profitable to step in and import jobs for the cost of labor.

sweet sista
03-21-2006, 01:17 AM
GOD!! this make me sick but it ain't new to me. i mean there are plenty of ugly things goin' on in Africa. i wonder where does the money go. no i don't want an answer for that coz i know. some people like "who will pay for startin' a new war, if we paid our money to that. who will pay to have new rocket launchers and new shotgunz if we're going to pay it to educate Africa. who will pay to give the gays their rights to get sick and die later if we're goin' to pay to stop diseases killim' our poor bruthaz and sistiz in Africa. who'll pay for the sex trade if we're goin' to help africa with that money. who'll pay for the food attacks games festivals "if u know what i mean" if we're goin' to pay it for the food to feed our poor innocent kids in Africa. who'll pay for the playboy magazines if we're goin' to pay it for the aids to Africa.

Did i just say they're payin' aids.. no i meant debts yeah they exploited Africa and now those aids Oops I mean they aren’t aids they're debts that they owe for all the things that were taken long ago.

Now i ain't sayin' that only those who exploited Africa are the ones to help it but anyone as humans as a matter of fact Muslims more than others should coz Islam compels them to do so but Muslims are kinda sleep recently so xcuse me...

by the way, unfortunately it's not only the rich countries exploited Africa - ain't that why they're rich now?!- but these days there is new kind of exploitation that practiced by the governors of Africa. I mean really I remember seein’ a party in a very poor country that suffers poverty badly. At the beginin’ I though I was watchin’ America’s funniest home videos or somethin’ but then I knew it was in Africa it was luxurious and then
It's really scary to think that all the efforts that are paid is goin’ to end up in those fat greedy governors' pockets.

Aqua Luna
03-21-2006, 01:27 AM
Word!...the African leaders are soo corrupted.

It's pathetic.

03-21-2006, 05:59 AM
Yall should read some more books and you will come to understand that your beatifull little plans about a new soil on african grounds and communal farms and what not are unrealistic. The only way african people could climb up the ladder of welfare is in order to build up an effictive infrastructure and fucking industrial plants or something, but that is UNREALISTIC and IMPOSSIBLE since there arent enough natural and energy sources in this world to achieve this. Im talking about oil, wood, food, sweet water, whatever. And yes yes the Western world are taking a lot of these sources FROM africa but if we wouldnt this whole shits would turn around, africa would build up a supereconomy and the west would be fucked up, meaning there arent enough natural sources to feed the whole world, I think the Western world planned it this way, its only logical. Fucked up, but logical....

The only way is to generate new energy sources like from the sun and wind, in order to decrease our own enviromental needs, so there will be more left for africa and other 3rd world countries, to "even it out" a bit more

Aqua Luna
03-21-2006, 10:19 PM
well damn^...ok point taken

I think if you put the new soil plan together with the new energy plan then we might actually have a viable plan.

dif de la rev
03-21-2006, 10:40 PM
no matter what is done first the infra structure with basic services to those in the city to the out laying areas or the irragation and more cost cutting new viable energy sources they will need financing from countries and or corporations that have an interest in the countries getting back on feet. unless the people of their respective countries are able/can get officals who are not rotten over power and control they will be at the mercy of the western financial contracts.

the situation is just like over here in amerikkka. not as perversive but has enough similarities to be paralelled. the health education basic services less than adequate from politicians that are out for themselves. most or a majority are not up on the finer workings of how the western capitalistism works with the banks the corporation the politicians the global cartels and cabals as to the imf and world bank. they sign for loans that further hinder domestic growth with hyper inflation at times. their economies get undermined leaving the people sold down the river with out arms with paddles.

remember when the fighting was going on in afrika in the congo and surrounding counteries no western country went in to place peace they'll let them massacre each other - less they value life the less respect they'll get treated.

sweet sista
03-22-2006, 12:56 AM
it’s really so damn complicated. And it’s even gets so f***in’ ridiculous when some countries come and say that Africa owes’em some money and that’s why it stays poor coz it always have to pay’em. xcuse me but first, weren’t THEY who took some africans and enslave’em and make africans work for’em for free?! why don’t they take those debts they claim that africa owes them as the salary of those slaves and then they have to keep payin’ to solve poverty that africa suffers.

i ain’t sayin’ to build it up and turn it as developed as i dunno Japan or the states but at least at least don’t leave it die of hunger. it's shameful to see anyone die coz of hunger and others of Fullness. i remember i read in the newspaper about a story that took place in i'm not sure where but i think in sudan. anyway, there was a mother who couldn't feed her baby and she wasn't in a right shape to breastfeed him so she gave him her tongue to suck it instead so he won't die and later she died and the baby was found i donno if he still alive but i know that he was in bad shape himself.

that makes me sick coz that happens while some people die because they eat too much. and others havin' some food games.