View Full Version : Feels Like My Suicide. (Appreciation Poem To AK Spray and G) thank you guys

06-27-2005, 06:48 AM
im clawin' at the doormat of satan, but he wont let me in/ im dawnin' at the gates of heaven but ive commited to much sin/ im stuck in the middle of the two, lost in this earthly world with nothing to do/ i wanna slit a couple, break a neckbone, jump a skyscraper/ but its something my body wont go through/ give me advice/ i got nothing left, i listen to AK all day/ he gives me the strength/ but when the playlist ends its back to the suicidal length of mind/ im running out of time/ you may give me a few years bro/ i really do love you so/ you've taught a young one much/ but i do have a hunch/ should i drink some nyquil? itll be the last drink/ but what if i cant go through with that and just up it in the sink/ i wanna be with my gramps and chill with him in his chair/ but then when i hear your shit i wanna be with you chillin in this chair/ my phones on my head/ the music that makes my heart re-collide in dread/ pure bliss is what its called/ you got kids at my school wantin' to know what a ShadowCat is, you made children ask "Mommy what's a ShadowCat?" when i met you we talked all night and day on some crazy stuff/ you probably didnt take me seriously, but if you are ever wondering curiously, im all real with this/ you saved me/ i remember when my mother used to bathe me, it seems like yesterday, now i wanna know what its like to bleed red in a cave maybe/ but i cant as long as you are here, you keep putting that good shit to my ear/ so take a chance and look at this, dont read it, listen to it/ i know you'll hear/ because AK you gave me something nobody else could give me, one good year. you looked pass everything else and took me in when others "Kerosened me out" you truly saved me, whenver it was you, with G, bobbycue, or mashqauck too. it didnt matter/ your voice was heaven, so when i go down, down to hell/ i'll always remember that inch of heaven you gave me, for that one good year. im givin' it "All I Got" from your youngest student, ive been taught. so will my soul remain in a body? or will it have to be blown away by a shotty? man, "im bout' to kill myself, i got a barell to my head!" but will my life fall short? "Only God Knows" but until then only time shows. - yours truly, Mash

im feelin suicidal man, what can i do? ive only known my life for so little, but when you came on you taught me more than a fiddle/ when i first heard you, you were an "Intoxicated Animal" but when i talked to you, you were really a tough battle/ nobody could touch you, you were always top notch/ bustin your chaps on ill rhymes/ you were always loyal to me and AK, always representin the Icey Crimes/ but my time is almost done, should i use a gun G? whadda ya know i cant do it, maybe i should just run G/ your rhymes got me on trackstyle speeds/ you give me what my body really needs/ before i sleep i get a dose of those "Tea Leaves"/ so dont take this as a pleed, its a thank you, G you taught me well, will i die? dont worry we'll soon see/ i dont think i got the capability/ cause your music is keepin me on lock/ but what'll happen when it hits zero and the clock stops?/ will my body drop?/ nah, im gonna live to the fullest first, at least till you two are "as high as wu tang.." got/ remember me my dearest friends/ i only had you two/ now my lifes almost done and ooooh/ its quite sad that i couldnt live to your ability/ i always wanted to be like you G, and you AK/ but in heaven we'll tear it up someday/ i know what you're thinkin' G im just "Hallucinatin' like a problem child"/ that is possible, but if i didnt have you i wouldnt be haullucinatin, cause i'd be dead/ if i didnt meet you and AK, then i would be wishin' i was "Born Dead"/ so dont just scorn this thread, take it to the extent/ i love you two, and thats my last expense/ when i had nothing G, you showed me new things, but now, i gotta go/ my heart stings/ and the light is dim, see you at the end of the tunnel/ when you get em'/split my ashes/ G take a cup and dump em in the UK/ AK take a funnel and pour your half in Tennesse, then remember me while you down some hennessee. so heres my lifes penalty, here goes the end of me/ i love you guys, and i hope you live on to be what you're meant to be. - all love is sent from me, Mash

This is to AK and G, so if you are reading this and you wanna clown on it go ahead 'cause its meant for them, the greatest people i know. i just want them to know they saved me and its appreciated. [edit, they are the best emcees alive too, nobody is iller!!!!!]

06-27-2005, 10:16 AM
if you commit suicide, ill kill you. no wait that doesnt sound right... errrr... brain malfunction

06-27-2005, 02:44 PM
i'd rather have you kill me then me kill myself

AK Spray
06-28-2005, 01:55 AM
Thanks Alot MAn!! Props!! My Young Student, Keep That Shit Up!