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03-27-2006, 03:38 AM
i couldnt find any clarity my conciousness is rapidly decreasing
my burden is underrated even ejaculations couldnt please me now
the devil is teasing me now,thoughts of younger bitches playin
like them porn flicks i used to watch,the random dick slayings
i heeded back then but now i'm clean though i'm still weak
sinnin was habitual devilish rituals the pouring of female estrogens
life is shining like the most expensive of gems the best of them
most people around me are forgetting hiphop,i roll with the rest of them
but my own world is slowly self-forgotten seems i dont have a past
i deleted all the bullshit from way back i found peace at last
dont worry about the contents in this peace,this is some random crap
i'm juz bored today this be the bored out thoughts of a handsome cat

03-30-2006, 08:15 AM
i suppose you were busting?

Keep up the good work....


04-01-2006, 10:03 AM
ayyo my poetry's deep check out this style that i mastered
bout to lift your feet off the ground ready for the blast off
plus be prepared for defeat coz i spit word like acid
grillin you to beef coz that's wut you kept on askin for
your mentality is weak it's about time you get wasted
frontin sparkin the heat endin to be the one gettin blasted
no point of seekin the best this is most perfectly crafted
them frozty steelos i lay low yo this aint actin
rappin my believes describing events that really happened
my own weaknesses in real life i aint gona mask it
all y'all former geeks frontin like some ghetto bastards
check it out i got the stage lit lets see if you can wreck shit
when the ends meet we'll see who will outlast it
victory is needed in a battle i'll let you try to grasp it
without the effort indeed you can never stand,kid
stop to smokin weed you might make it in Stanford

04-01-2006, 10:05 AM
thanks for reading

04-03-2006, 10:51 AM
i havent written for two days havent rap for two weeks
havent laid a new beat or blew any new heat
my last feat was a fail because of crude mix
i lost and had much since start of two six
i wish to flow better and gettin more sick
i live in a reality cant ride on two chics
my economy's low,cant buy a new whip
my childhood suck like bitch never had a cool clique
livin life to the fullest restricted by the foolish
including my parents,saw TooPhat and went "who's this???"
rapidly elevatin for two years,cool eh?
forget the naked truth i spit truth from the booth here
"two snares enough to know you're too scared
fools scattered" like blood splatterin red
all over the ground like ten or twelve dead nutheads
a dozen frozen they're frowns to the cruel feds
all over the scene stink like smashed rotten papaya
but you know i got it wrapped like nasi pattaya

04-09-2006, 05:06 AM
been away for a while i sense the feeling of amiss
journeys for inspirations felt like a subliminal kiss
coz,out of the mists that's where truth is litted
life gettin littered on the streets,on TV it's filtered
i felt the ghetto in my eyes through their eyes
wether they're stuck or left by the system,time flies
they might make it out of this nightmare,time tells
and it will someday,little cupids trapped in hell
memories of a family scrubbed out by reality
poverty keeps them below par,we progress modernly
these are our future doctors turned beggars
engineers turned hoes,pilots turned strippers,
families turned foes,architect turned swingers
i've seen it first hand in my life as a sinner in the past
times change i wana help them,money is power
with money you can get countless credit hours
with learnin you can profit from it and buy anything
including a pair of wings,knowledge is never ending,kid
you can be a king of your own,like i am but still
to rule over you gotta enherit or practice some skills
stay strong when the thunderstorm comes,seek shelter
protect you little ones,teach them Alpha to Delta
A B C D,i'm eager to see that someday
you achieved to pave your own destiny-one way
that is to success out from this hardships
mark my words,you wont even realise that time shifts
just keep on fighting.....

04-19-2006, 09:46 AM
living is hell death might be the easiest solution
to get over the torcher than having my soul used up
sex is always an extacy that's why i choose her
and life is ever tormenting but that's how fools learn
love is the next most complicated thing to life
you think you got it right,but it's really just a lie
and you cant carry lies when it's your time to die
dont ask why but your youth time is wasted it flies
death must be a medicine coz it's never a disease
the pain is for a second then it's all the ease
and please dont shed those tears wipe them off for me
it's better for me to die than be a real life zombie
i have my eyes wide like i'm addicted to coffee
tryna figure how to dust these bullshits off me
it's killing me softly no shine of hope for glory
it's not shreadding me it's like a terrorist bombing
and kids,look at the gap in the eye before leaping
coz trust me the devil bridge is always decieving

04-19-2006, 11:01 AM
its aight, nothing special, but yeah its aight, nice wordplay, maybe try to make things rhyme a bit more

04-20-2006, 01:06 AM
droppin shits like in toilet seat,smell of defeat
is stinkier than a sored out feet,breathin the heat
smells like bullshit is around me,it found me
the king of stupidity the bitches they crown me
lost one of my wombs i only wanna kill the other
i gotta stay strong even to pretend she's my lover
i almost lost three loves last night in a big fight
still think i did,so to friendships i'ma hold it tight
bursted my anger to my queen what was i thinkin?
now she's moving to UK my heart feels sinkin
my inner eye aint blinkin,tryna solve all this makings
tryna stop all this hating,tryna kill the satan

04-22-2006, 12:37 AM
the devilish grin fills the sinnin tank to my chin
i'm barely breathin with all this bullshits i'm into
i been through more than you kids would will to
prayers in debts plus this life is unpaid rental
it's gettin up to my mental how i destroyed
the hearts of many closest when anger deploys
and takes effect,i regret we cant connect anymore
it's holding me back when i'm pinned to the floor
quietly distorted,many problems without an option
it's like a field of marksmen targeting me
i jet like debris in an explosion nowhere to land
concepts gone like the sands in my fisting hand
i'm missing friends,got caught up in foolish races
i'm moving places and each is bringin the cases
i face them with numbness like a mannequin
been a kid for too long i wanna be a man again
i'm panickin,ignored advices didnt see it then
wanna breathe again,this body is a hell of a pen
using a hell of a pen to write the feelings i'm in
to the very end,i'm a mobile like Zen in your phone's profile

04-22-2006, 12:39 AM
thanks for reading man.will practice shits more

04-26-2006, 09:41 AM
couldnt say that i regret it what more that i'm sorry
weakened by hatred i feeling more than a worry
oh please release me from this guilt that holds me
forgive me wholly and yes i know i'm never holy
i couldnt picture if i could live on as the old me
when this feeling never seem to ever ignore me
i slice problems like shinobi but now i'm stuck
but cant help it if i'm bony i would go and ****
still workin on it,if this is rehab i'm the worst inmate
sufferin from all the past bullshit that i created
now all my shots backfire they retaliated
i feel the heartbreak,pain is too high to be rated
my love has never faded,cant believe it is fated-
like this,adrenaline rush like dukes of hazard
forgiveness from friends i never had it,why not?
convictions multiply like zigots i better face it alone again....

04-29-2006, 12:01 PM
i loved her so much it felt like it was only yesterday
we met and fell,then we had to give our love away
i've been aching to get my arms wrapped around her
dreams of sushi dinner by the beach,she's founder
i'm lost in the oceans like a flounder feeling grounded
my heart feels like a bag of grain that's being grounded
she deleted her myspace,and quit the yahoo messenger
changed her email,i dont wana guess about her number
it hurts me alot of how a simple thing let to disasters
now disaster strikes,apologies is not there to after
she left my world now i'm all alone foolishly regretful
i'm feelin numb in my flirts,i hope i could be really forgetful
and erase the thought that i saw true love opened up-
the gates for my heart and the fact that i broke it up
i'm broken up into pieces the pain is kept deeply inside
crying all alone all along with no shoulder by my side
she was my Down To Ride track chic,the one the only
the others were spoilt even worse,some were even oily
but no--i dont wana describe her anymore
it'll cut me deeper i had a few heartbreaks in a row
friendships come and go but love is everlasting
and if your love to her is pure,killin it is the last thing-
you wana do,but sometimes you never wanted to
anger can distort the mind from what you'd rather do
what to do now?i guess i should just stroll and move on
groove on to the beats i got my funky tunes from
not like i can forget it for now,battle scars never heal
i battled hard for it,but the outcome turned like a wheel
went down,shit i'd just have to live with the facts
fact that i let her slip off my arms although it was intact
and lay back steady peeping on some other fly skirts
come here sweety i need you to check if my fly works...ZZZIIIPP!!!

05-04-2006, 12:39 PM
i bleed the tears of a lone ranger,a lost souldier
love was so elegant even her death was so dear
i could never reach her even if she's so near
i cant do anythin and it's startin to feel so cold here

it's so cold down here,nobody can imagine this
like a steel cage in the bottom of sumatera abyss
a realm of tagged toes,beauty as a black rose
silent as a white storm,crowded like a crack store

i fought with dragons and demons and glorified
but to this battle i'm down and there's more inside
if you look at my war scars you'd be horrified
but if you look in my heart you'd say i should've died

i shouldnt cry now but i've kept it for so long
pain is held alone eversince my soul was gone
feeling dead to the bone,unwilling as a stone
wasting meaningless days to death on my throne...

05-08-2006, 07:29 AM
five in the morning i should've slept five hours ago
but i got stuck to some porn sites jackin the show
i dont wana think about problems f*ck em for now
everybody is asleep,i'll doze myself somehow
i bow down to the urge in my daily circulations
i'm weak to influentials,pleasures are no exceptions
the captions of famous titles shape my mentality
i wouldn't live if media publicity didn't shoot in me
i admit it i wouldnt've found anything in this world
if it wasnt for television that shone me the pearl
if it wasnt for the radio that gave me the early push
if it wasnt for them books tellin me which girl to choose
i came to what i be mostly from what i hear and see
it fed my mind so i can travel the both air and sea
ignore the truth about the people in those little boxes
it's a carnivorous virus leavin us like riddled foxes
it's like a feild of marksmen slowly losing their aim
our minds are too polluted slowly losing the game
rapidly chasing for fame,easy when you have money
so you can use the media to fool everybody BUT ME

05-08-2006, 07:30 AM
begin the countdown i'm counting down ten to the one
days aint the same like back then the way you want it
i'm being hunted by the stupid of mistakes took stakes
thinkin i need a break but i bounce back for God's sake
i had to face my shits alone even when i'm in the bone
hard as a stone i'm killin competition before i'm thrown
damasta's in the zone,i'm chemical kinetical sciences
i bring the pain to the propane i burn up your sinusses
feeling sleepy as i'm writing this just like i usually do
but pleasure is a brother i seem to be mutually glued
immaturely nude to the world i'm still a life's student
a racer in the right path heart pounds unlike buddhists
ignore the prejudice as i do this,i'm open like a nudist
make you change to scouting mode like a young jewish
i got the skills that you wish to even touch or dream
and while you bite the biscuit homie i munch the cream
i'd love to see more of us be gettin that money mayne
aint through a stick up coz crime aint the only game
teach yourself to be an intelligent among vicegerents
you would get paid in mad amounts it'd be magnificent
again i point this,knowledge will make you paid in full
the journey is filled with pains like menstrual,if you will
dont worry the outcome is inheritable to the maximum

05-10-2006, 10:39 AM
good morning malaysia though it's early afternoon
it's time to consume bullshits from the devil platoon
i'm slowly losing to the heat inside this freezing room
it's burning my soul feelin trapped in this field of doom
what up white collars ever wanted to pop yours?
i know you did worse guess that's why you got locked doors
money is foot of evil so that's why you step on poors
and you pay they skinny ass juz to scream "encore"
what up to thick tighs sick fly livin high profile?
dating them rich guys giving big rides juz to go miles
but when them bellies grow then it's no more smiles
and then he tries to go spittin all sorts of lies
what up the average mentality livin with no clarity
no clear purpose not even a reason for profanity
being all airheaded and never even go panicking
aint doin shit but dreaming to fly higher than Anikin

the smell of colgate is still fresh in my mouth
i spit the tirbulance like the wind is blowing south
knowledge stops violance but with it you'd win a war
education is important but i'm really failing it though
properties of prophets is an essense that's long lost
intelligent of vicegerents is what we no longer afford
most are stupidized by the civilised withdrawn to stores
slaves of giants,waist and brain size are both small
or maybe roam malls always update their closets
loving clean toilets.good,coz their face makes me vomit
stupid girls worse than in Pink's latest video
mostly got titties that make you sing eeny meeny mo
gimme money more,get,get more money more money
pop them thangs more lustly you'd get her more busty
and fuckin leave that bitch for another pussy mayne
birth of a bastard that's gona do like you you do it mayne

05-10-2006, 11:12 PM
after listening to KRS One's cd this morning,this is what i came up with.

she needs a man to leave her messages and stuff
sayin i love you i love you until her inbox is buff
giving cute comments on myspace with glitter
i love you more i love you more she wont litter it
but i guess she couldnt figure it out
or maybe i'm just too jealous i'm full of doubts
whether they would never ever scream or shout
regretting and fighting goin each other's route
we too young to marry i learned from a friend
many shits and situations we gotta apprehend
we'll see if relationship could really last till then
i thought i found it but now it's lost in a bin
i'm looking and moaning for it again and again
to my last end i will defend and never mend
because i tend to believe in love and powers within
i held it tight in my hand when it first began
now i'm a man i gotta let it go like a sin
she wants to forget it too now i'd never win...

05-11-2006, 12:08 AM
Keep it going kid, You be doin good, A like your spirrit..

05-11-2006, 09:57 AM
it's a relief to know somebody actually reads all this wack shitzos i'm posting:) .lol.i'ma work hard for this thread to be iller dont worry:learning: .thanks for reading.anyone has friendster or myspace?add me up saidaisuu@yahoo.com

Killer Falcon
05-11-2006, 05:24 PM
i didnt have time to read them all, but i particularly liked this one
living is hell death might be the easiest solution
to get over the torcher than having my soul used up
sex is always an extacy that's why i choose her
and life is ever tormenting but that's how fools learn
love is the next most complicated thing to life
you think you got it right,but it's really just a lie
and you cant carry lies when it's your time to die
dont ask why but your youth time is wasted it flies
death must be a medicine coz it's never a disease
the pain is for a second then it's all the ease
and please dont shed those tears wipe them off for me
it's better for me to die than be a real life zombie
i have my eyes wide like i'm addicted to coffee
tryna figure how to dust these bullshits off me
it's killing me softly no shine of hope for glory
it's not shreadding me it's like a terrorist bombing
and kids,look at the gap in the eye before leaping
coz trust me the devil bridge is always decieving
i like a lot of your lyrics. i can empathise with a lot of what your saying. i can tell you have a sense of rhythm from reading your verses.... not something many people on this forum have. i checked out your myspace and some of the tracks. i find it hard to understand your lyrics cuz of your accent, would be clearer if you spit with more energy. not feeling too many of the beats your on either. keep writing tho, you could get this nice. give me some feedback when you can.


05-17-2006, 03:21 AM
i admit i aint really good in audio yet,and it has been a while so i'm hoping my next audios will please you.thanks a lot for dropping by

05-18-2006, 10:24 AM
my pen itches to write,i'm missing the right form
of intelligent fights,wars,defeating the white norm
silent like a white storm this rage is slowly building
my tool is the keyboard now,though looks can be deceiving
i'm weakening with thoughts that rot
need a new meaning i'm feeling numb like a rock
i'm needing a stop sign or a red light to pause
so i could catch my breath,i'm doodled by appaulse
the cause of the fall of the artform-the mainstream
gave me baby steps but it lead me crazy for the cream
which means,i'm a victim of the publicity
and toxicity is deep in me it's feeding me,seemingly-
similar to those who aint reading this,meaningless-
ideas cost low but getting paid by the millions
top dollars are the top scholar but killed by the minions
senses are in cents,no longer the pound for pound
all is hot air floting nothing attached to the ground
none of them found after the second or third round
i got roots to fly and wings to land,who's the top bird now?

05-18-2006, 11:33 PM
nice verses...like the way u structure ur rhymes....has a smooth flo
keep it up

manic lotus
05-19-2006, 04:19 PM
them frozty steelos i lay low yo this aint actin
rappin my believes describing events that really happened
my own weaknesses in real life i aint gona mask it
all y'all former geeks frontin like some ghetto bastards

what happend? where'd that go?! that shit was hot. peace.

05-23-2006, 10:29 AM
some bullshit i did after my chemistry paper

my incredible mentality can imagine nearly everything
lemme project imaginations to make you feel like having wings
imagine when people and time sit still like mannequins
dont panick coz it's just a journey no armegeddon is menacing
the clock stops ticking and the flesh stops ripping
and the drunk stops sipping and the bodies stop flipping
projected leads stops seeking it's victim,evil is un-unleashed
while the devil stops seeping into virgins,his pleasing pauses
the preachings stand still seems it's ever giving like Santo Claus does
and we could roam freely learning secrets behind closets
the scent of roses are forever lasting it never wears
and couples are ever loving like arguements were never there
imagine if you were the only one moving
freely floating in the sandwich of dimensions like cruising
travel the world for days but not a second is extended
never feeling thirst never feel the chill from ice blendeds
and imagine at that time,you could edit all events
the power's in your hands,recreate the acts of mandkind
redirect the bullets back into the chamber,saving death for later
travel between dimensions across stars you can measure-
the distance,and bring the data back to earth
recorrect what's going wrong,even restart it like rebirth
machines burst the harmful gasses you can collect it in a jar
neutralize the acid so the ozone is healed from it's scars
rearrange the cars and lessen the traffic build up
so when all this is over only sound to hear are chirrups
imagine if you could plant the seed of love and raise it-
inside the heart of immobilize beings make it their instinct
imagine if you could rebuild whatever that falls apart
time is sitting still nothing you could expect in a mart
and when you're all done with it you can press the button 'start'
hopefully the outcome wont produce anymore quantum retards

05-27-2006, 02:41 PM
writing skills are fading it feels like a mating
had the hype for a second now like ships i'm wrecking
need to start myself in a new direction,position-
myself on the road so all these fakers i'm crashing
i'm blasting skills and all your dreams i'm smashing
you drop on defeat and shatter like water splashing
i toast more asses than buns in a picnic basket
you think you rule the world but you're just an asset
change of steelo,i'm cold and choco like iced Milo
i been through high low and piles of bullshitzos
i practice my shitzo so i can hit and flip more
burning emcees my rhymes flow like liquid zippo
i see cats dancing in videos like two legged hippos
prepare for the intro to the world of bleeding ronin
bridging frequencies like i'm ultrasound on roaming
spread your gutter on the platter like expired butter...

fuck this bullshit.i made a new beat.open for comments.it's on myspace

06-02-2006, 11:35 AM
here's a comment,here's another thought
here's another real shit,here's another bought
here's another lost rhyme for y'all to deploy-
right into you philips,check it this be the illest
the sickest it sounds like a perfectionist rhyming
great precision,he spit it out with great timing
when he's done,he'll bury it so deep you couldnt mine it
and he script it so beautiful you would rewind it
whatever he does,everything's a masterpiece
try for lifetimes but you can never master this

06-05-2006, 04:24 AM
i lay low and stay strong while pay more-
attention to blow the flow like claymore bombs
call the marine troops and delta squadrons
Frost Man's on the loose,"ehem,I beg your pardon"
i reach for stardom,grab them and scar them
toss em from Seremban all the way to Harlem
like tarzan in the jungles,i'm swinging through
jump into spiritual ponds after that i'm sinningful
swimming pools full of singing fools annoying
sexual assault on a rhyme GT girls i'm toying
this be the voyage of Mista Frost regardless
battle tracks on nipple cats,danger stats i harness


06-09-2006, 05:20 AM
fuck your battles and your skirmishes i'm ready for war
guns more than two tonnes are breakin my draws
heavy rhymes when i come by and kickin the door
making even hardheads wet as i spit it raw
i spin it more than shumacher wheels travelled
unravel the truth when Frost uprise from the gravel
harder than metal,sharper than sterile injections
seep into your system underestimated like ejaculations
infact my rations of lyrics is hard to handle
gifted the flow,lifted from low,coming up to strangle
your thoughts,my mind is it's own fort
bringing terror to this era raise hell of all sorts
draw your swords back coz a hundred has fought
and fell,lost in the history one that nobody tells

06-13-2006, 02:14 AM
my scars are bleeding gore i'm needing to proceed-
to reading more from the book of life so i'd survive
the cold harsh defeats featured in the chilly streets
hopin i'd strive to drive my own dreams of cream
i'm jetting speed of light like a spotlight beam
so many claim to have pain but it's not like me
seventeen turning one eight carry more than one weight
on my shoulders my weapons i holster with patience
practice my anger to my control and scroll it out
and stroll like i'm all free of stresses and down to roll
i'm almost perfectly moulded minus my devil deeds
i'm pleeding for forgiveness every night and i seek-
the plight from the high above it would always seem
like a self dialog when i'm talk to God while my sinning rots
nobody's similar to this injured hearted ronin
i keep on moaning meaninglessly to what i owned then
the fairy grows ever fairer each day each time i see
wish i could shove my eyes out so i finally breath
without the sense that she didnt see the same as i did
a beautiful queen from the heavens outside to within

06-14-2006, 05:09 AM
little kids on ridiculous deeds while i'm in the middle of things
seems that i'm having fans now,hands down as i'm writing this-
i'm thinking,was this the foolish past i had to live with?
or has time changed alot since i was that little nitwit?
a misfit,so this was what the girls been doing all along
when i was trying on them,they're kissing jocks on the phone
while pops are back at home tryna give her education-
and money,too bad you didnt know what you raising
a generation swallowed by what you're madly chasing
a fall of the people while the nation's on the rise,suprised?-
when your daughter broke it to you with the look in her eye
that she's having a child at only fifteen,you ask how and why-
but you forget that you neglected the comments in the Scriptures
education is what you are but your religion is what shapes you
sooner or later every school kids would know about menstrual-
long before they even see what mama have for daddy on the menu

06-20-2006, 02:47 AM
i feel the pain when i restrain from my games and my name-
is written in scriptures and open omens ignoring the fame
restoring the faith on non believers coz conciousness i inject-
like the syringes deep when i jet my lyrics right after i eject-
into another level,taking the amplest of my time thinking
something modern people are busy to do besause they're sinking
the bulb is blinking on and off like my thoughts,now it rots
i wish i can change with just a press of a button like Autobots

07-22-2006, 01:51 PM
Beat:Thugz Mansion-Nas-God's Son

my winter gave me the shivers start of a big year for me
changed into a man,a mister,brother of a growing sister
plus a blister was seeding and blooming
sun was always down my days were all gloomy
tried to enjoy life but problems deployed ever so soon
but still i cheated and jetted with lust to the moon
learned my hardest lessons on trust and devotion
emotions fucked up lead to a mental distortion
my portions of pleasure didnt end just right there
spring brought me an angel and a bigger disaster
it's hypening i sprang into a beautiful world
lost in a realm where supposedly i was the master
she was shining and i was hard we were like pearls
i was the rotten oyster seeking love but my light burned
flowers of spring left me for my stupidity
humidity was growing,i sensed incoming luminary
summer shone and it seems that the sun has blessed me
nothing tested the peace,was fixing what was messy
spent a little more time to the one i wronged then
admitted my crimes only now that i'm a strong man
summertime also gave me more reasons to smile
beyonce in my ears when i met this one of a kind
but i studied well so i am being a little more careful
guarding her from my past so she wont be tearful
a handful of stresses came but she kept me cheerful
leaves are falling down and we're diving into them
with strength and wisdom enough to scare fools
strangeful how seasons change us so unintended
i know this is destined coz cold is my favourite weather
temperature drops you can use my body as a sweater
i'd gladly give it to you,coz right now nothing else matters
start of something better,together we'll face autumn

07-22-2006, 01:53 PM
her eyes cry and my mind flies thinkin of the cause
you may now applause,another stupidity of Mista Frost
another loss as a result of a battle that's lost
fight against desire failed,not suited as a firemen
she gave me her years of trust i've easily broken them
instead of shining jewels i gave her rotten gems
in a single second i blew up my only second chance
i still make mistakes even though i understand
i dont know how to fix this shit up,i'm dumbfounded
confused and full of guilt generated and fused
i'm tired and stressed my juices are used up
i thought it was a beautiful day when i woke up
turns out the strom came busting and make a fuck of-
my afternoon,i waited twenty four for the evening moon...

07-22-2006, 01:55 PM
i miss your shining smile i miss your wildin style
i miss your crying eyes when you knew you couldnt fly
i miss that tear drop when i held your hand up
us against the world i thought your to stand up
i'm cramped up in my own world nowadays
doin my thing hard ignoring girls who do both ways
i go places but my heart is still beside you
distance by the hundred miles but in my heart i'd find you
i miss your gentle touch even though it aint much
i miss to kiss you lustly even though there werent such
it was so damn short though i wish it was more
my mind was distorted you already know it was though....

07-22-2006, 01:56 PM
autumn seeds are on decay you are the only one blooming
your stun of freshness flash me back to when the sun blew me
the hot summer days glued me to myself i'm,like,"yeah sue me"
still with that arrogance i learned,the consequences?you've seen
it fused me to a seemingly carefree you found it amusing
first time our eyes set it was on a summertime music
almost the end of june back then,feels like a year or so
but it's only been a few weeks since that gush rush in my torso
you are a perfect mixture i couldnt find a perfect capsule
you are a perfect picture i couldnt find a perfect caption
you are a perfect fixture i couldnt find a matching action
you are a perfect scripture i couldnt find a matching handbook
my hands shook and trembled while my words are ensembled
you're staring with a likeness it cripples what i could handle
i know i'm still the foolish brat you've witnessed my stupidity
but you gave me a chance and i wonder what you see in me
we broke up on a sunday but i love to think of thursdays
first day we were attached you cant measure my heart's bursting
days go by you're still the first thing on my mind everytime
i ducked from the flashing eyes tryna shoot and make me blind
we still embraced,every one of your touch puts me in place
you claim imperfect,heck,we both got pimples on our faces
but still your loveliness masked it,same reason i'm with you
we're still friends for now and for later this will continue...

07-22-2006, 01:58 PM
common words are useless so lets forget the nuisance
ruthless to proceed cmon let's do this another exclusive
straight out the ruins of the art we call it the music
i'm rising through it making fakers behave in prudence
dont mean to be intruding your cruding lives
just wana let the audio tuners feeling who's the truest
my door is open like a nudist for curious prejudices
i'll ease up on my rudeness and free you from your cluelessness
these are the written accounts from a bleeding ronin
who's moaning never seems to stop until his brain is choken
he chose the right from wrong when he met a forkroad
found that both roads lead to similar results,gush of hormones
and so told like the fables of the ancients handed down-
like cables enabling him to stay the main course on the table
he proves himself the chosen one like Abel over Kane
and works to remain stable someday,on some labled TV screen
dreams of a golden child who grew up with highest hopes
succeeding in life,and you must see him entangle the tightest ropes
whatever problems his case,he face it all and put it in place
he embraced with love turn the game into a slow paced race
melting cutie chics with amazing grace sets of sentences
even blasted to some,DNA departure like the Exodus....

07-22-2006, 02:00 PM
Dafrosty's back up in your mind yo.huhu

08-18-2006, 05:48 PM
life's a bitch so i think i best ditch her
coz all these problems fog me from the big picture
i think i would depart from the heart of the mess
fly into space where times are stressless
test all the gravity laws and theories
relativity makes galaxies and meteorites seem like relatives
i got so many room to fill them with my dreams
my food of thought as a meal,dining on a space wheel
have a race with the comets,exercise the mind-
on the game of chess with the planets,Mercury's a fine-
damsel winning dime scores in a beauty peagent
the sun has blessed it fully it shines like an angel
Jupiter the giant is her distant cousin
raging with whirlwinds and storms and gasses of poison
Pluto the wise watcher,also the furthest
got the best view in the solar,observe the good and the serphants
servants of the cold,Uranus and Neptune
cools our soul and calm the beast,placing them in tune
Saturn,the yellow skinned knight,the protector
circular projectile ready to spill the red nectar
Venus the envious,the evil and ugly sister
she's misunderstood though,her heart is pure like crystals
Mars is a dying brother,dusty and rusty
and to the people of Earth,how greatful you must be

09-08-2006, 07:24 AM
little jhonny was a restless young sex freak
had his first in april,in december he's feeling the heat
it was rainy season,he was wet and slutty even
fully enjoyed the pleasures that God has given him
little cousin was fourteen made her call him big bro
only thing in jhonny's mind was to get more from her
something was going wrong with his sanity of mind
the devils were released after serving their time
it was festive season grown ups were busy socializing
while jhonny and lil cuz had their thoughts mobilizing
jhonny's globalized mentality was nearly wasted
lil cuz's body was melting hot he wanted to taste it
stupid country girls were easier to get laid down
his desire was wilder than a street-strayed hound
plus she had a cruch on him too but a little confused
on how this affection should be rightfully used
conversation builds up she invited him upstairs
french kissed in an empty room,little cousin was scared
didnt wana stop it was her first,jhonny's hundredth
left a mark on her neck,moans covered by thunders
it was heavy rain,adults didnt notice what was happening
jhonny paused it,waited the right time to start strangeling
a little after midnight or maybe one or two
cousin gave him a greenlight,jhonny couldnt refuse
creeped out,went up and starts undressing her
said she dont wana f*** so he teased and tested her
"prolly those kids who wants to enjoy but still afraid"
jhonny thought,but didnt thought long,they were both laid
had fun the first night,was almost caught on the second
mother found him missing,being lied about what happened
on his way back home backseat in his family car
his mother talked about the cuz's father was a family scar
turns out the little cutie's mother died a while ago
daddy left long before,and granny was the one to hold
born in singapore but was left behind with our relatives
daddy's round the world,epitome of a father's all negative
didnt even have birth certificates,how worse could it get-
for this little child that jhonny spoiled for a single lust f***
his heart struck regrets,sparked a child's world of sex
what kind of creature does that?let's agree he sould get hexed
"so what's next for her future?"jhonny gave a deep thought
this goes for all of y'all whom only pleasures you sought

03-31-2007, 03:49 AM
i got the highest quality bricks but couldnt make a building
these are just a writer's blocks,thankfully my name still rings-
bells to the Lego fanatic heads,my brain is their shindig
we build beauty from scratch,trust me we're really in deep
deeper than the holy verses could get into your brain cells
deeper than the victim of parental sexual abuse's pain tells
our masterpieces shall rain more than any other may sell
and bless the earth with truth while your well drains,farewell-
my fellow oppositions in this war of poetic compositions
there is no competition when each is aware of their positions
depositions are made into accounts of fallen soldiers
stepping on borders and tripping on multiple lines of orders
visionaries sought this to finally cure their blindness
i poke their eyes with my pencil tip so they couldnt find us
my soul is a golden library's worth of meaningful words
but i jumble them up to the point thats not pleasing for nerds
i'm pleading for worst case scenarios so i could report them
or write myself an article on 'to prevent or abortion'
you've seen my paths of distortion,been tryna restore them
took a lot of force to listen to God after the years i ignored him
could someone please call the operator on the line
complain about my clotting blood wasting lots of time
the traffic in my body failed to deliver me oxygen
and now we gotta fear after seeing what toxics can do
the faker the diagnose is the better your business be
profit from medication dont care what the sickness,see?
but make sure the witness flees into pits of forever doom
coz they know the tricks then be sure to make it past tense 'knew'
i'm a veteran of sorts i only talk to the animals
i interact to humans only when i play Hannibal
you can put away your fears baby i'm a certified doctor
crippled in my own house but i got skills like an octopus
i'll fit in any pu$$y but careful when i'm boutta bust
coz i drained all my trust funds so this load is dangerous
i need a real woman not just a talking mannequin
coz walking barbie dolls are why i'm the man i've been