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04-02-2006, 10:25 PM
how miserable would your experience on this planet have to be
how much suffering would you have to face
in order to make drastic changes to your lifestyle?

how much worse could your situation get?

is anybody really afraid of discussing things and being spied on at this point?

do you have the strength of job?

galt john galt
04-02-2006, 11:32 PM
the experiences would have to be drastic at most to be the cause of suffering where one changes their life. one would have to at end of rope with no brighter days coming with what they have going. one would have to have experience doubt of self combined with distrust of society. the situation can only get as worse as an attempt at suicide )unless you count killing spree and mass murder/homicide) - that's not the bottom but any lower and you succeeded in killing yourself.

misery, i feel/sense that usually when i'm not sure not fully understood and motions have been made alread based on the information already given. this applies with relationships not just general discussion.

could i lose everything from my consequences and take the situation as one in which to reflect on why that consequence had to take place? yes, i have in a sense. ten years ago i turned my back on the life i was living. the friends the socializing down to lifestyle even family was affected - i withdrew from society. during that time i just read studied and explored the mind. being unprepared individually to be that independent i became semi-homeless. my parents and family still supported me in my endeavors and still do - for they know that with me life is about becoming and some paths are best when less troddened. am i happy from such circumstances - yes. i owe no one credit per se for how my life is going.