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Edgar Erebus
04-05-2006, 12:15 PM
Comment my work, I seriously want to become at least someone in th shadow of the greatest rappers. Truly appreciate all your comments. Peace.

Edgar Erebus
04-05-2006, 12:18 PM
I don’ shoot rhymes till scoring kill, to prove myself y'all I'm real
Cos still echo claims I ain't ill, shit worth less than a dollar bill,
They don't see my rhymes be fucking everywhere around me
So just proceed not to see, I'm revolution like Chuck D
I'm really interested what y'all can do to me, fucking sue me
'Cos maybe I'm not yet skilled as Genius, Nas and famous crews be
I don't battle to get killed, I'm not shooting to be G
I ain't got rifle, I'm hip-hop disciple, and still no one knows me
I know I'll not become rap superstar just overnight,
So I admit Denaturat was right when he said I ain't enuff tight,
But be patient, gentlemen, watch a newcomer exercise,
From a fucking old school copier to future hip-hop enterprise
And I’m not quiet, listening lies from fucking liars I despise,
Who ignore my message I scream in the sky making tries
Not reading my posts on the forums, treating me as fucking moron,
So I scream on them and cuss and spit my very first rhyme columns
Meanwhile I brushing up my skills, wanting to see behind hills
That are closing my views, waiting opportunity for first kill,
I’m just being too fucking true, so forgive when my rhymes
Make their repeat in same shit some two or more times,
Peeps I assure you, when y’all gon’ see my first CD, it ain’t fucking crime,
I already warned you on me, my breakthrough’s just a matter of time.

na diel
04-05-2006, 05:00 PM
...just a matter of time...peace

Edgar Erebus
07-13-2006, 04:03 PM
I was born in a village god-knows-where
In a motherfucking killa season happening right there
I was told that my father went to heaven next day,
When he was fighting against cold steel to clear out our way
And we all fleed to city, to live even more shitty,
To run from basement to another, in the dark I was sitting
When I got my first memory, a man looking black,
With a gun in his hand, with some blood on his neck,
Yeah it was a land attack, I don't know if he did fire,
I seen mother's head next day hanging on barbed wire.
When I was four years old, I learned what revenge means,
From my first fired bullet, slugs flying my heart feels,
At the age of eight, it was the first life I took,
At the age of ten, I was the real street crook,
My gang was all my age, we were savager than soldiers,
We were loyal to our game, disorder we were holdin
Robbin on every small store, motherfuck we were mobbin,
If someone stepped on our way, next day his mother was sobbin,
But it wasn't my mission, revenge was still beatin,
And I had only her on my mind when my army was hittin,
I knew it wasn't time yet, it wasn't time for me to get
But you could bet, I watched the man I want so badly to wet,
He became lord of war, riding around in his hummer,
The most popular killer, his gun was sounding like drummer
When spraying on people who were saving life 'fore him,
His barrel never let him think bout his job as a sin…

There's hell on earth, it's the only thing that is true,
there's no need to die to make yourself motherfucking sure
My spirit was chaotic, there ain't order, I ain't tried,
I wanted just revenge, only the murder was on my mind
While I was making my green, I never asked what's the kind
Of the crime I was to make, who got the life I was to take
I ain't got time for question, too much was on stake
Cause my crew was hungry, I didn't want now to be cracked
The time for action been wasted, I got reports what is being,
The motherfucker I sentenced was heard to be fleeing
On the way to sky haven I put my people on roadblock
Probably similar to place where my old man got knocked off
And I seen the fuckers coming, bullets flying I felt again,
Three jeeps with MG's, I knew the middle was the main,
But they was shooting on our place, firefight was now made,
I was betrayed, my ambush gone off in a raid,
My people dying, a boy was crying for his mother,
And I was running 'fore bullets, I didn't think on other,
Till I got trapped in a fucking blind street, one of million,
And when my chasers arrived I wasn't thrilling, not anymore
I just remembered many things that I missed to have
And I thought bout my rotten body in unmarked grave
When the bullets were ripping my dying flesh
I was having blinking visions and a feeling of a flash
I was thinking bout my woman that I never had
I was thinking bout my friends who died for my bad
I was thinking bout the people who died cause of me
I was dying, motherfuck, did it really had to be?
Was our fault this ring of death where's everybody caught,
Are we fighting this bloodshed, is this what we sought,
Is this death without reason really what WE will?
Are we still living here, or our hearts became steel?

(This is dedicated to my brothers in spirit from Lebanon, Iraq, Congo, Chechnya… and anywhere. I get'cha, people...)

07-14-2006, 03:47 PM
your honesty will serve you well and it's clear you have quite a lot on your mind in addition to some real stories to tell. I don't know how much advice I can give you having just started this myself but just keep at it. I don't know if you've heard it but check how the GZA comes on the Grandmasters CD with "Exploitation of Mistakes" might give you some ideas on how to take your words in a different direction to make it flow smoother while weaving your story at the same time.

Killah Priest's "Science Projects"
Killarmy "Full Moon"
Anything by La tha Darkman....notables: "devil in a blue dress", "polluted wisdom".

also....keep your head in the dictionary. load up like Malcolm X know what I mean?

hope that helps.

peace and good luck.

Edgar Erebus
07-15-2006, 02:32 PM

07-15-2006, 06:54 PM
the 1st 1 was like an intro........it was a good way to present your rhymes (thats probly y the name is there) the flow was nice 2

the 2nd was real deep......liked the thought put into it....the story type scene was dope.....real good imagery....i can imagine everything ur spittin

keep it up

Edgar Erebus
07-16-2006, 02:21 PM
Thanx for acclaims. :clap: I just wrote some new shit, a perfect way to spit out all my anger for being trapped in my old hood...

Edgar Erebus
07-16-2006, 02:24 PM
I'm getting back at my old hood, happy that I could
See that old concrete from childhood and decided that I should
Get back, my rep, they gon know me like that
Wit my unstoppable bomb-first, wit my knowledge be phat,
To make my lost days avenge, leave 'em killed or damned,
Shit, now it seems I hearing echo --"damn, things done changed"
Where the people which I knew, where has done gone my own crew,
Shit, is it fucking bunch of wiggers yellin "who is you? who is you?!"
I lost the battle, they lost war, they lost all things worth fighting for,
Now I'm T'Cha frontin loads of Nellies, 50's, maybe more
Where's the man done given me my first CD from mighty Wu?
I still imagine 'em screaming - check out - the W!!!!
Now he's chillin wit some wankstas, self-proclaimed leader crew
And a forgotten skinny Slim the only one screamin FUCK YOU!
Shit, where gone places we used to go and thug and mack,
Motherfucking sell-out, watch your ass when I get back

Now what y'all bout to witness ain't an own hood diss,
It's dedicated to the peeps I used to roll with, now I piss
On every shot I got from knot that made my hell sprout out and fizz,
Shizz, how I can't diss the hardest peep done gone sa-ta-nist?
Well in my hood there ain't all good but always been some different breeds
All for my needs, and all that's left from that big theft
Is pile of shits, an ass to kiss and perfect diss that I'm right now rhymin'
Well, my bomb is now set off, shit it's all bout that timin'
But nevetherless, now I got back, but heart ain't beatin' in my chest
When I'm supposed to hear the smartes one explainin' his new plans
To tatoo "pimp" on his breast, shit, and he never smelled pussy
Except prolly himself, now I regret I did'n get some Uzi
To show them real word of crook, but they lost time to get to use it
Or maybe I shall let them go and follow anthem - uh, just lose it
Or prolly spill some fire and let them ask - man, shit, yo, what the heck??
Shit they forgot me, but they gon know the word of when Slim gets back

I got a story to tell, it's coming straightly from hell
My mind is deep as a well, I wasting any that fell
And I ain't show no regret to pussies made my hood blow
Now it's just a place people sleep, they just come, eat and go,
The land I used to rock now I met empty, shit that's a shock
Because of pussies lost their mind and now is beating their last clock
Nobody brings the pain, hell it's painful just to watch them lose
Their last traces of mind sharpness on the bottom of a booze
So I choose to fuck 'em up, but they didn't get my words
From famous warred up crews they fell off to crunky ass herds
So fuck all y'all! Slim got back to ruin your minds
And you lost your last chance for defense gainst my rhymes
You can cry "shit, it hurts", it's my aim, it ain't over
And nothing can stop this killing, there ain't no deep cover,
There ain't no safe area, your mommas what you lack,
That's why y'all gon be killed as soon as I get back

Edgar Erebus
07-19-2006, 09:09 AM
You turn TV on, see them people fightin' for some freedom,
You open can of beer and let your mind be filled wit wisdom,
In your workplace, maybe factory the day was fucking killing,
So you get to your home seeking for place for quiet chilling
You live in projects, a ghetto, maybe in apartment,
You may be Latino, black, in any case you are street hardened
Your block can't be shell shocked, already it's enuff glocked
And you are ducking at your quiet island to make your gun be cocked
Again, well, sometimes you may be watchin struggling,
Cuz around the world the people in worse shape than you who ruggin'
You're eatin' your hot pizza while they be in their dark starvin'
And you ain't nuthing guilty cause your first school was: "No fighting"

Then you go out on street, watch them youngsters rollin' on their blunts
Peer pressure high, so raise them substance level in their bloods
You maybe ain't some junkie, your gun is really aimed for self-protection
You may got dreams for life without dying of last injection
You see your crew is waiting for you and you go on daily ride
Your car is old, but you see nothing 'round you newer, right?
You chillin' into spicy clouds of smoke comin' from your weed
And you are thinking: "The life's fine, what more can I need?
Who gives a fuck bout them rich crackers livin' some 10 miles away
I don't, the life outside my old country motherfucking gay"
You tell yourself your life is fine and you never keep on tying,
Cause very first thing momma told you was the word "No fighting"

You may be drawn into the army like half of your friends,
Cause you are tough, young, poor, you don't look like a fiend
You get your military training under a graduate from West Point
Everyone heard of him like damn retarded rich daddy's son
You may be sad, you write long sobby letters back to home,
And your CO laughing at it in his office and you so lone
You ask yourself once - damn, they really need ME down in Iraq
But discipline in your unit quickly fills that little mind crack
You fly in Hercules and get unloaded, Baghdad international,
The state in your surrounding gets a bit too fractional,
Your first mission - unmounted patrol into east suburb,
The fire on you is starting right as you all get uncovered,
Your man from squad got bullet in the middle of his head,
Another slug got in your arm, time to think "Yo, that shit's bad"
But then them terrorists surround you and get'cha captured
They put you in front of dirty wall and they get ready all to shoot 'cha,
And when you realize your West Point CO fleed the place, no timing,
Before you die you'll realize how dumb was your "No fighting"

Edgar Erebus
07-20-2006, 04:11 PM
Welcome to my world, where ain't everybody allowed
To step into him, man, nothing here happens aloud,
It's hard to get in, here ain't nothing changin',
So be grateful that I let you single chance you'll have to get in,
See you live on the surface of this planet of green,
In the, maybe, unlucky place, but it has always been so
Appreciate your time that is given by me,
In the middle of pure-hearted people, workers and G's,
Between patriots and judges, fathers and their families,
Every element of only world that you know that there is,
But see, it's fake world, just a theater for me,
While I live in the REAL world, the only that means
My world exclusive club, only for power fiends,
You must be born ta participate our quiet meetings,
To be a part of the court of underworld empire,
Secure from any cruelty, protected from any fire
And only people who know formula are able to get in
To the silent world of people who renounced own dreams
The soundless elevators, taking you ever lower
To the door of easy life, wealth, money and power

Two words whispered in a phone and world moves,
And every action you gon take is for me one more prove
That my word gets more money in devilish short time
Than you'll ever get as working shit during your life
In my discretely shady club that I call working room
My hand writes few words which you'll feel damn soon,
And you'll never know who made your life fall into ruins,
Cuz your struggle to open my door is completely damn useless
You a mortal, you don't know even my word exist,
And when you see my face in public you don't raise your fist,
My words are bout justice, moral, law when you see on TV
And you will never know what is the deeper meaning of shit…
My money's made on death, life, power, respect
On the cancer you have, on the image you reflect
I make my green on crack fiends, killings and wars,
The food you eat, on your wish to get girls and cars,
And I quetly laugh watching your everyday struggle,
Watching your tired faces, hearing the words that you mumble

Sometimes you have strange feeling that there is somethting deeper
But then you'll stop thinking, maybe you'll become oversleeper,
And that's my will, my way to protect my own back,
Capitalizing on your struggle, on the power you lack
Well, no more words, you don't understand what you heard.
Son, door is closed. Get back. To your fake world.

Edgar Erebus
07-21-2006, 08:58 AM
Any feedback?

07-21-2006, 07:00 PM
good shit, deep sense lots of emotions.....try n develope rhyme schemes
like example

color in

^^notice how the syllables match, your shit would sound dope like that

peace, and pop in on my thread

07-22-2006, 09:55 AM
Fo sho Slim !
Straight from the motherfuckin heart, i can dig this shit !! for real !!
Keep it real homie,


Edgar Erebus
07-22-2006, 03:32 PM
A great general before invasion said to his soldiers:
»We gon land, we gon fight, y'all need to go bolder
Ya need to send to hell any unknown gun holder,
No surrender, show no mercy, make’em go ever colder,
Cuz he killed your comrades, your brother in arms,
And if he wants to surrender I order to fill’em with slugs,
He must die! – In the liver you gotta stick him,
Between his third and fourth rib you take your knife and then rip him,
You gotta do as I said, you gotta boast your killer instinct
We gotta make our name as killers, then he gonna flee this,
We gon find the killer’s name and this killer be immortal,
When our enemy finds out who we are he’ll run always,
So when you land you gotta shoot, - you gotta hit him
You gotta walk in blood to knees, I’ll shoot any that’s sittin...”

And now we open our newspapers and we can’t understand,
Another town to basement torn of that fuckin’ murder band
Every day the same story, the damage is collateral,
And hatred towards battledress is now more multilateral
How come? Them killers! (What?) Them murderers goddamn,
They got their war objectives and they ain’t them fuckin Nazi brand,
But they be actin’ like – let’s say – kinda massacre machine,
And then we raisin’ our fists cause they warriors look bad, grim
Then we go on demonstrations, burn US flags,
But we ain’t seen a five-star uniform in fire of our rage,
But what to do to him? He prolly in the staff now sittin,
Showin objectives on TV, uncomprehensible he shittin’
He tells us bout democracy and the soldier heroism,
He speaks about them darksides as a nigga bout Peronism,
And we won’t remember of him on the Nimitz as a fucking shouter:
“Don’t be fucking pussies, you up here for some party slaughter...”

Edgar Erebus
10-15-2006, 01:21 PM
Nowww… What the hell, what the hell was goin’ on
What the hell was I thinking, why the hell was I gone
Why the fuck my mouth shut, why the fuck did I lock
why I let my lyric rust cuz, why my gun left uncocked
And why the fuck I let the world turn around without me
Why the hell did I stay cold on the fire from my enemy
Why I locked my mind’s door, closed me in the dark
Lying in my own night without any sign of spark
I let the devil eat my heart, my blood turned into petrol,
So why the hell I let the darts kill my chance to be bold?
I traveled paths without stars, seen the lands I didn’t wish
I gave death a goodbye kiss so I drowned in world blood
Razor was taken and put on the neck I knew that deserved it,
But why would I despare the world, why would I preserve shit
Yo, looked back, maybe last time, put the blade away
Still ready to die in fight, else the shit’s shame
The hell under my legs was the place I chose to spit on
And I went above dark, decided not to keep low
But I know that the parts of black ain’t gonna leave me never
And now I spit back at world, back darker than ever

Edgar Erebus
01-21-2007, 06:02 PM
Who threw them? Flyin to my head,
I dunno if I'm dead. If I am, great.
Senses bye-bye. I ain't gonna try,
if I do it, I might succeed i don't wanna fly
i don't wanna nothing maybe to pass away
yo that's something, i'm fucking amazed
how the fucking walls got graffiti on em
i didn't spray em who did? Unresolved problems
and question without answer: Am I standing
or lying or seating, do I hear banging
or I don't hear nothins, is it just craziness
or I'm high or I'm fucked up in its simpliness
Y'all haters I know, y'all gon' denounce my flow
What you made? My attitude just grows
So I don't give a fuck, my bran just gon' duck
And take another sip, smoke another grren fuck
And go to sleep and go to hell, my only wish
Is that you leave me before that trip for world to get pissed