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tha god concept
04-06-2006, 10:18 AM
follow the werds

tha god concept
04-06-2006, 10:19 AM
yo you best to back up off my drink
hybernate like bees in weak
raw like wu leather
flushin ya dreams down the toilet r whateva

yellow and black full metal jackets
crack kids on a rough road to be travlin
tossin mc's like javlins
heres a list of sum shit i aint havin

numba 1...tell me when u packin guns
numba 2...when u pakin make sure u makin funds
numba 3...no weapon intercepes you and me
numba 4... dont get that ego hyped all raw
cause u can fall....back quiker than you advanced
numba5...stay true to the hive....even if the pigs eat you alive
your soul will strive threw younger cats lives
numba6...dont take no shit...especially from ya bitch...thats why we callem byrds so you can switch
numba7...yo u best pay attention...cause if ya aint clockin figures you look weak to other niggaz
numba8...even if you icey still skate....theres no such thing as a full dinner plate
numba 9...this one might tickle ya spine...remember we all fam so what you make is mine
numba 10...never end up in the pen....thats were we started so if we go back itll juss look retarded

and these are the rules to follow on wucorp
never take a loss or a fuckin short..............~~~~1~~~~