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06-28-2005, 07:39 PM
1st verse.

high temperment,/i'm not your average resident/ dont disrespect me or i'LL leave your life/i'm high powered like the government/writer of my testiments/i'll put you at the bottom like you were a sediment/yes i'm independant/dont be a fuckin impediment/and stand in my way/cause your life i can indent/imperial like a god/writting is not a job/but the answer to my shine/that sends chills through spines/i incline souls and make minds fold/there is no answer to the skill i behold/my rhymes manipulate/to that of your fate/it's time to put a hex/so understand what comes next.

2nd verse..

look into the deepness of my eyes/ and try to read my mind/ see if you find any reason that i have to lie/ dont try to temp me cause i really aint that friendly/fuck them bitches with riches/ talkin about they goddamn bentleys/this aint a game about money/ but you fucks keep actin funny/ go ahead and flash that dough/ it'll be taken and you left smoked/call me freddy krueger wit a nickle plated ruger/cheetah speed, Idiom , Kri and blunts high of that weed/ you can't stop this Odd Men Out Trio/ so dont make a deal with the devil/my thoughts are heavy mental/ now all i need to do is tell you...
OmO < Idiom

06-29-2005, 05:01 AM
"For everything to flow, each must part and give all they've got, yes it will be your ordinary ways, but all proceed to give a good outcome, on time as move to satisfy the employment system, and have their own cycles, languages for each centre, we must respect ourselves most of all, so others can be respected, and not try fall short, though combine so all remains fine, with responsibilities letting be finished, then persue our proceedings after that, and bear time in mind"..........

PS: I suppose you were busting?Nice verse don't restrict yourself to one type of rhyme method (or words-mainly).