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04-10-2006, 03:01 AM
I was just wanting to hear from anyone who has actually attempted any of the exercises in the book, and any success, or lack there of, they had.

I attempted the first exercise of going into trance with the mantra "Aung Ausar Hung." (Can anyone give me a translation of this phrase? I couldn't find one.)

I don't know how much effect I got. But I didn't really stick to it long...and I didn't get into trance to picture myself with Ausar's white crown. How long practicing should it take to go into trance? I have meditated simply counting the breaths before and felt more results....I think, however, this may be due to the learning curve (it took a while to syncronized the breathing and mental chanting) of the Metu Neter meditation.

Can anyone who has tried both methods give a comparison of the two?