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06-29-2005, 04:51 AM
I Swear Yall Must Be Scared Of Math In Yall Heart
Fuck A One Liner My Whole Paragraph Be The Dart
Earth-shatterin Smarts God Versus You Farts
The First Rapper Badder Than Tha Madd Hatter
Get Splattered By The Original Jab Zapper
Go A Round In The Ring With A Bad Actor
Get Back Get That Jaw Cracked On Contact
Ya Wig Wack Bet Against All That Objects
Nonsense Anyway It Goes Bombthreats
Concepts Cant Be Matched Or Gas Lit
Mobs Get To Smashin Broken Bottles Ya Hit
You Smokin On Your Cigarette Quotin What I Writ
An Wrote Down Told You Hos To Go Down
Slow Now Check It Out How Im Profound
Oh Now We On That Sooty Chimny Sweep Booty
Looky Low Down And Dirty Like A Teacher Playin Hooky
Cookie Crumbs All Up On Your Shirt Lookin Dumb
Ya Mouth Hangin Open An Ya Toung Goin Numb
Just From The Realization Of A Realer Satan
Amongst Yourself In This Nation Gettin Impatient
Quit Wastin Precious Time Messin Around Hatin
Get To Creatin And Makin A Statement
That Can Basically Raise The Awareness Of The Careless
Patience Is What It Takes To Be Me In All Fairness

06-29-2005, 06:59 AM
I got a bit lost with your flow and use of words within the middle of the verse, but towards the end it gathers momentum. Nice though!!!!!!!!!!


06-30-2005, 01:53 AM

Thats How The Whole Verse Is The Dart, It Has To Hurt Just A Lil Bit In The Middle!

High Priest In The Temple Prepare For The Offerin
Reach Out The Collection Plate To Your Thoughts You Drop Um In
Cop A Benz Cop Some Friends Watch Your Ends
Wash Your Hands Before You Try To Touch What I Give
At The Altar Rock Of Gibralter Hand In Your Girls Halter
Walter Release These People Proper
Copper Penny For Your Thoughts I Got Plenty
Morph Lincoln To Benji When I Cash In For Paper
Many Men Have Acted Like Haters And Turned To Mini Men
Cities Spin On Top Of Themselves Like Sit And Spin
When Them Children Be Buildin Buildins Out Of Blocks Of Wind
Talk Is Sin But Off The Top Is It Not As Bad As Walking Up To
The Balcony Of The Hotel And Droppin In On Hell
Hello Open Your Firey Gates And Sell Us Some Of That
Heat Its A Cold World Indeed You Need To Evaulate Your Speed
If Im Slow Is What You Beliveve
So Achieve Your Goals In Life Not Just At This Screen
But When You Come Back To The Temple
You Will See What I Mean

07-02-2005, 04:41 AM
And I Told You Before About This Warzone
Hit You In Your Jawbone So Hard Youre Cracking Up When Youre On The Phone
A Haunted House Rap Verse Is Fulla Mousetrap Words
And Cheese On A String Pullin On A Dial That Counts Backwards
That Cracks Open The Safe Behind The Painting And Then You Got The Hidden Meaning You Aint Safe Behind This Painting
From A Lyrical Brush Touchin You Up Yes Your Creator
Drawing Every Breath You Take So You Can Meet Your Maker
Defeat The Fakirs And Shakers Nothin To Get Nervous About
Repeat Your Ways And See Your Days Get Numbered Aloud
Counting Them Down Out And About Around The Hood Seein Plenty
Bein Friendly But Imitate Me And Youll Reach Your Ending

07-02-2005, 05:57 AM
Your style is Tight, you keep improving on the content. And quite talented at the facts. Good context also. Some knowledge in your second post (verse).Peace
PS: Like your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-04-2005, 05:08 AM
In This Rap Game I Got Free Rule
Even If Im Hard To Spot Like Rza At The End Of Be Cool
I Blend In The Crowd Chamillion My Image Is Sound
And My Voice Is Colors Taking The Shape And Form Of Others
Surrounding The Game Sealed Up Like Ziplock
Write A Verse Like A Pissed Off Hitchcock
Check Your Wristwatch It Aint The Time For You Suckas
Who Be Rappin Like Yall Fighters But Yall Really Just Lovers
Who Up Above Us Lookin Down Nobody But Me Man
The God On Point Not Op Taylor Or The Beave Man
Its Not A Choice Or An Offer You Cant Refuse To Believe Man
Im The Captain Of This Ship Slappin Your Crew
Soarin The Skys Ocean Settin Sail For The Moon
Bettin The Doom Never Lets Up Or Gets New
Its The Same Old Same Old Alphabet Letter Stew