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04-11-2006, 12:12 PM
as an extension to the 'approaches that dont work' thread

it is clear that some books were written to try to scare people into acting a certain way

it seems some books were written to encourage people to be aware and have the wisdom to act a certain way

i will confess that my bias is toward the taoist tradition
the only reason for that is because it presents the most positive learning environment

all systems of knowledge present the same information
it is clear that some of them present it in a way that makes it easier to allow some people to evoke emotions such as fear
in other people

some literature leads the reader to believe that the people and stories it is presenting were real

this takes the focus off the lesson
and causes people to discuss the people and the events that took place instead

some traditions lead you to believe that something substantial is at stake here
while other traditions focus on the fact that everything is eternal
and that this is all part of a bigger process

there is a saying that goes something like
'closed minds discuss people
open minds discuss ideas'

does anybody else have any insights on this?

Prince Rai
04-11-2006, 02:52 PM
"its such a rush, closed mind dilutes knowledge and spits it out like its an entertainment"

its true i guess,

what is to be discussed about a "people".
we are boring they are boring :S

ideas lead me away, like the forbidden apple.

if nobody understood my crap, discuss me by saying hes dumb.

or discuss what idea i may have put out there.