View Full Version : B A D motha fucka

04-14-2006, 11:33 PM
He's a bad mother fucka
shut yo mouth (repeat 2)


Bad mothafucka, stupid, no i aint talkin bout shaft
cutthroat, ruthless, flows tighter than cubans on rafts
Personally usin, my substance as the main form of abuse
I aint talkin bout drugs cept the poisonous words i use
I aint santa claus,but niggaz talk about my presence
I dont come once a year, i drop bombs every 60 seconds
I bless i microphone, then the air gets to cold to battle
lungs frozen solidm prone to lie dead at the first 'rattle'
These niggaz be phony, like they catchin terrets in the middle of tracks
Fuckin them verbally, pointin out that their gangsta shit is wack
They go in knowin that they gonna get fucked up royally
Heres the end of your verse, SOMEONES DEAD, sorry for spoiling
Rappers cant touch me, im more dreaded than a Marley reunion
Say im white, so what, u rap about half the shit im doin
Thinkin I fear them, come on son i been with your mother
Is your virgin still merry? Well i say you know what i say? FUCK HER
You wanna battle punk, id break your shit by litterally starin you down
Leavin you crippled in pain whats the most stupid thing an american's done now?
Dont excuse yourself, i aint done, you gonna get ripped
callin me out, you and your homeboys playin the faggot tip?

Father N Dangerous
04-15-2006, 02:20 AM
this is good i like it alot, we should collab