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04-19-2006, 06:12 AM
Mental Warfare

Too much shit on my mind, it’s so hard to stay focused
On this mission merging in with the roughest and the dopest
Trying to make history speaking words through a microphone
Writing and reciting over beats when I be at home
Searching for thoughts in the darkest corners of my mind
Struggling in these times, satisfaction is so hard to find
Frustrated by the bullshit most people are made off
Ignorance is bliss but I wonder if it pays off
Don’t expose that shit to me or I’ll blow your fucking face off
Even though I’d rather adapt knowledge over violence
Cross the line you force me to show you the meaning off eternal silence
Not the type to talk too much when I be around people
I only speak what I know treating everybody equal
Devil’s around me everyday, trying not to mind them
Seeking jewels and rightenousness but it seems so hard to find them
I wanna lead the people so I’m gonna have to to walk behind them

Death and disease, yo, we dont care
Aids and HIV, yo, we dont care
The end of the world, yo, we dont care
Time to unleash the motivation of my mental warfare (x2)

Some of y’all might catch my message thinking you be feeling me
I’m trying to reach one and teach one through form of creativity
Gotta see thing for what they are, not what they appear to be
Knowledge is the key, for many thats too hard too see
We need ability to set our minds free to be living in prosperity

This one aint done yet

04-19-2006, 06:17 AM
Who Am I?

I’m like a pistol when I whistle, A Desert Eagle when I talk
Better duck and look for cover cause when I speak I spark
I’m like a pit bull when I bark, in the dark dwelling through the park
Satisfaction slaying more animals ever seen on Noah’s Ark
I’m like an author when I write, flowing ink when I’m outta sight
Thinking in the middle of night, blessing paper like Jesus Christ
I’m like the sun rising in the east, ferocious like a fucking beast
Tracing down emcees and make ‘em meet my muthafucking teeth
I’m like a sword chopping of your head, won’t be long before ya dead
Now analyze what I said, before you was bleeding on your bed
With that body detached from your head
I’m like the ayatollah when I think
Needing medicine in my drink
Cause I’m sicka than HIV,affecting the shit around me
Viruses spreading over the globe through biochemical TV

I’m like a big bag of weed gettin’ high of my music
Burning through my songs too addictive too abuse it
I’m like an arson setting your thoughts on fire with my flamethrower
Your mind was playing games till’ it got played out now ya game over
I’m like a criminal letting of rhymes unable to comprehend
Violating the law, sipping henney’s and getting bent
I’m like a needle injected in your veins
Like blood rushing through your brains
Now you feelin’ me when I’m telling you I ain’t playin’ no muthafuckin’ games
I’m like King Midas with the golden touch
Turning your ass lifeless for talking too muthafuckin’ much
Now I got you in my clutch goin’ dutch on your ass
Smoking up your body usin’ your ash instead of grass
I recite my thoughts like Shakespeare
Shifting my shit through eight’ gear
Excelling speed limits in my mind while I break fear

I’m like a bomber dropping verses
Minimal with curses
Though aggressive with the style’s giving overtime to nurses
I’m like Michael Jordan when I jam
The number 1 is what I am
Breaking through you’re eardrums like a water current through your dam
Rushing through my hours like that dude Chris Tucker
No intention of slowing down for a part-time sucka
That’s why I’m deadly with this microphone, you stupid motherfucka
Giving your ass goose bumps like a nasty stimulation
Goin’ at it ruthless, half dope, half amazin’
I’m essential like your hart chambers similar to this dart banger
My rhyme’s keep more suspense to the end that you’re average cliffhanger
I’m like a Ghost Dog cause I would kill you for sho sho
Stayin’ on the lo’ tho’, knowledge I want mo’ mo’
Equalizing my chi-energy and balance in your dojo
Fuckin’ up the spines of you and that other homo
I’m like a perfectionist swingin’ swords with precision
Strikin’ vital nerves of bodyparts you’ll be missin’
You was usin’ em yesterday against peeps you were dissin’
Sittin’ in a wheelchair maybe now you will listen
I’m falling down on you motherfucka’s like an avalanche
Words like rocks taking care of you and all your other mans
Makin’ sure I’m deadly enough to disperse a second chance
I’m shining down on earth like sunrays
Poetic heat in your face, rhyming with amazing grace
But deadly with a motherfucking sniper in my suitcase
My style’s switch like a chameleon
Asian to Brazilian
Unsuitable for children like a painting in your building
Unique like Ason aka the Ol’ Dirty Bastard
No father to my style’s and lyrics I have mastered
Captivated by the knowledge and the wisdom I have captured
Rhyming deadlier than bullets laying MC’s down in caskets
It’s over like a buzzer beater with Shaq breaking baskets….

04-19-2006, 06:29 AM
more comin

04-20-2006, 10:20 AM
55 views not 1 comment, jeez comon leave a comment behind when u drop by on your thoughts/advice/tips/critic whatever

Hollow Dartz
04-20-2006, 08:55 PM
Yo nigga this is nice..on some real shit...vocabulary is excellent. I'm tryna get to that point in my rhymes. We defintely do need to collab either keystyle or audio. I hate when niggas look but don't reply also.

04-21-2006, 12:35 PM
good looks on the reply, thanks......so yeah I dont got no Microphone yet imma cop one in a few weeks, then imma record some audio over instrumentals, ill hit u up with some shit when I got it then u just tell me what kinda flow / rhymestyle / tempo and shit like that suits you best for a collab aight?


04-21-2006, 12:43 PM
yo that shit is crack kid, im feelin ur flow and everything, got it workin nice, i kno how u feel about the views and shit man, i got the same problem, its like 250 views and maybe 10 comments besides mine, lol
get at me-

04-21-2006, 01:14 PM
Peace adewutang, thanks for the love yo, been workin hard on this shit and yea was really anticipatin what other wu-heads thought of my shit then no one say shit you know? shit is bugged the fuck out for real you know?

04-22-2006, 04:05 PM
Ill shit god. keep it up! You should be throwin out a few tracks soon right? Drop em in tha audio lounge, and watch em blow. word is bond.

04-23-2006, 06:29 AM
Ill shit god. keep it up! You should be throwin out a few tracks soon right? Drop em in tha audio lounge, and watch em blow. word is bond.

Will do man thanks for the love

Need some improvement....based on skill alone...

First piece you dropped had mad random things...which is what a regular emcee should be more focused on....keeping to a subject...

As for flow...some places the flow fell off...and some lines didnt fit well with the others...

You got potential....but if you keep dropping stuff on no topics at all....more than anything, you'll prolly be overlooked....

Try to use multies/ Rhyme schemes/ Wordplay/ Metaphors....etc.etc. all that good stuff...and keep at it


I hear what you're saying.....I'm gonna study how that structure shit works and how to apply all of that, like methapors and rhyme schemes and shit, hopefully I'll be able to pull that off

Now that I read it again I do see what u mean considering keeping to a subject, but for me it's pretty clear, but yeah I see how it can be confusing and strangely put together for others, I'll have to work on that too I guess

04-23-2006, 11:19 AM
Some more old shit:

Aight lets sett this shit off, the way I’m coming' through
I'm too complicated to be solved off by any one of you
I'm the last person you expected to be fucking up your speakers
But I'm gone be up in here for a minute like you're K-Swiss sneakers
and high-schooled teachers and religious-type preachers
I ain't sweating competition I leave these mothafucka's speechless
With venomous rhymes that I design for your mind
to leave your head fucked up in all the orbits of time
Oh shit now you think I started off too quick?
Fuckin' punks want me to switch it up to some nice & smooth shit
But fuck that if you ain't feeling this you're ass must be deaf
I’m dropping philosophy's while you cats be losing ya breath's
running from cops and ducking from shots
you short of knowledge but acting like you got a lot

I'll be spitting darts with some lyrical extensions
No need to mention to supreme provided tension
Take it how you want the shit for youre own comprehension
This is my time for my thoughts to be heard
I want to fly like a bird, all I need is the word
My words can be considered as a form of exposure
Takin' this shit too deep losing every sight of a closure

The way I put my words together makes me mysterious
Plus my metaphors and rhyme style’s is keeping you delirious
I ain’t no joke I’m dead serious
So don’t play around me shorty, cause I’m about to get furious
This be my entrance to the rap game, my message to the rap game
MC’s make way for my destruction of their mind frame
My verbal dexterity creates mind elevation
It’s like a cure or a remedy to your phase of hesitation
Plus my poisonous flow gon’ complete the operation
To leave you mothafucka’s in a stunned situation
Analyze my rhymes to educate yourself
Lyrics like these will help create your mental health
Knowledge and wisdom are jewels you have to earn
From education and experience that will teach you how to learn
All about life’s aspects that you deal with everyday
And that lil’ thing in your head that controls everything you say
But yo I’m done introducing, ey DJ, take this one away…

04-23-2006, 11:40 AM

New York hip hop as my influence
Spitting flames in an aggressive way this shit ain’t a coincidence
All I need is ink, paper, imagination and a common sense
Physically born in nineteen eighty eight
Paid in Full just been delivered to the world by William Griffith the Great
With Eric B. on the cut spoiling my ears
Dropping beats and melody’s making you forget about you’re fears
Rakim Allah still spitting blowing minds out of atmospheres
The same year of Slick Rick sharing his adventures told through stories
Influence and inspiration born in the Boogie Down laboratories
I could go on forever about hip hop receiving all these glories
Public Enemy at the lead of the hip hop revolution
Terminator X with the rhythm and Chuck D with the solutions
Leaving their own government in this fucked up state of confusion
Not frightened of the guns but of the knowledge they was usin’
Boogie Down Productions putting it down by all means necessary
Criminal Minded left MC’s searching for cemeteries
Without KRS hip hop would be illusionary
Today considered old-school but never secondary


The Unsigned Hype seeing the light in ‘89
That’s DMX the Great putting his raw shit on the line
Breaking through in hip hop to escape a life of crime
With hot shit like Spellbound fuckin’ up our minds
Diggin’ in the crates keepin’ hip hop thick since day one
The Funky Technician leavin’ em dead like an automatic sprayed gun
’92 revealed the smooth side through the magic of the Soul Brother
Pete Rock & CL Smooth dropping one hit after another
Proving quality hip hop didn’t have to be violent or gutter
“They Reminisce over You” getting positive reactions from my mother
Guru and Premo droppin’ the real hip hop (hip hop)
Step in the Arena quickly creepin’ to the top
Premo lacin’ beats that’s too memorable not to mention
Guru spittin’ shit that was beyond our comprehension
One of my biggest influence’s emerged in nineteen ninety-three
Bringin’ ruckus into hiphop while proving knowledge is the key
9 Generals bringing us enlightenment with extreme force

not done yet

04-23-2006, 11:41 AM
The Criminal

This is a story about a criminal livin’ in a fantasy
Robbing ‘n killing people not knowin’ he’d be ending up in agony
Motivated by what he called “simply a ruthless memory,
Possessed by the devil and all these signals he’s been sending me”
Hustling was his daily routine, making cream off of fiends
Selling dreams, acting mean, getting by with weed ‘n magazines
It was the only life he knew until he crossed paths with this cat
Who led him to even darker places by showin’ him his gat
Instructing how to pull a trigger and how to lay ‘em down on they back
Didn’t take long before the young boy became possessed
Bought the gun in a hurry, no time or money for a vest
Ran into the park puttin’ his new toy to the test
Ended up in a gunfight fuckin’ with the best
Little did he know he was gon’ need more bullets for ‘em
Strolled away crouchin’, goin’ out to the fullest for ‘em
Didn’t even know all these cats he had been shootin’ at
Too dark to see that shit, just the sparks he was groolin’ at
Now he’s outta ammo and the shots are getting closer
Racing to the exit bashing through like a bulldozer


All he could think of was “get the fuck outta there”
His dream of having guns slowly turned into a nightmare
5-0 been alerted but yo he didn’t seem to care
Busy looking for a getaway car to get the fuck outta there
Ran up on a benz with 2 people sitting in it
Pulled out the driver no hesitation for a minute
Began to race away from all the hectic he had caused
A young girl sitting next to him looking like she was lost
Cars racing down the blocks making heads turn
Tight corners racing through making tire rubbers burn
A shootout in the park led to high speed chasing
Adrenaline ‘n sensation sounded right for this occasion
Every second increasing the high numbers he’d be facing
Bursting through blazing losing control of the situation

not done yet

04-23-2006, 11:54 AM
the post before these two started off like a battle intro, then moved into philosophy. It varied from topic to topic in that aspect. the last two are a good start at sticking to a topic. I await the finished product. peace