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04-19-2006, 08:20 PM
Outrage in Milwaukee Over Acquittal by All-White Jury of Police Officers Charged in Vicious Beating

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
Communities in Milwaukee are continuing to voice outrage over an all-white jury's decision to acquit three white police officers charged with brutally beating an African-American man. We go to Milwaukee to speak with the victim's aunt and his attorney about the stunning verdict.

U.S. attorneys are now considering filing federal charges against the officers and Milwaukee's Chief of Police has launched an internal investigation.

The victim, Frank Jude, was nearly killed in October 2004 when he was beaten at a party by a group of off-duty police officers, all of whom are white.

According to news accounts, they accused Jude of stealing the wallet and badge of one of the officers. As many as 15 officers surrounded Jude and viciously beat him.

Jude was repeatedly punched and kicked in the head and body. His fingers were pulled back, a knife was put to his neck and anus, his pants were cut off and objects were jammed into both ears. An emergency room doctor who treated Jude testified he had the worst ear injuries she had seen in 15 years of practice. The doctor also testified Jude had two fractures to his sinus and nasal bone; an eye swollen shut; a grossly swollen hand; marks on his neck consistent with choking; and cuts and bruises over much of his face and body.

It took four months for criminal charges to be filed. District Attorney Michael McCann blasted a "police code of silence" that he said hampered the case. The three officers charged -- Andrew Spengler, Daniel Masarik, and Jon Bartlett -- were acquitted by an all-white jury last week.

After the trial, one of the jurors, Vaso Sasic told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he thought Jude may have suffered his injuries by fighting the officers and getting thrown to the ground. Sasic went on to say, "Our job was not to make perfect a very imperfect investigation. We did our best. We can hold our heads high."

Meanwhile, the Sentinel is reporting two of the acquitted officers have a history of complaints against them. Jon Bartlett has been accused of using excessive force against black men on three other occasions, including a fatal shooting. Daniel Masarik used a Taser stun gun on six people in an 11-week period last year.

At a rally across from the county courthouse on Monday morning, religious and community leaders blasted the not-guilty verdicts. Father John Celichowski told the crowd "Did Jim Crow die in the 60s or did he move to Milwaukee."

galt john galt
04-19-2006, 08:35 PM
i heard about that and they say equal protection. that must mean protection cost and lives ain't equal.