View Full Version : Malfunction Verse

04-23-2006, 05:34 PM
I got.Biochemical Physical Cerebral Malfunction
Crime notion and drug dosing is causing social unaproval
forming unacceptebal people removal
our presence witch is qualified uncontroled substance
try to have us convinced that we acting without conciense
but im concious that i got you unconcious from fucking up your subconcious now criplled you needin mental crunches thowing metal punches in your middle chest verbaly eating your king simila to chess or breast
who want to test the malfunctional nigga that got no stres that pass trought several press and pshycological test and was attested phycologicaly disrupted living in a realm that was not accepted
rejected by the law enforment and any niggas that down with these clown wana get me drown without listening to my sound they say i go out of bound talkin like they got a fucking crown
they say im fucked top cus i got a too high Q.I. they dont know why i act that way dreaming abot your brain blown away