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04-24-2006, 08:52 AM
it is the nature of distractions to accomplish 2 things

1 - interrupt what you were doing
2 - make you forget what you were doing

you can be in the middle of the most impactful realization
and then you can turn on the tv and forget absolutely everything that was on your mind

on a related note -

why is it that when somebody sees another person day-dreaming
they will wave their hand in front of the persons face
and stare at them with a goofy 'i caught you day-dreaming ha ha'

when a person is day-dreaming
they are at peace

why is it that people feel that this needs to be interrupted?

is it a form of jealousy?

think about babies and how they 'learn'

babies are in their own world
until us adults start hollering and clapping our hands and getting them to pay attention to 'OUR' world

a baby will be staring into outer space
and then you will see somebody hollering and making stupid noises to get them to pay attention to some plastic toy

the point to all this -
be careful of distractions
dont let your train of thought be interrupted too easily
question those elements that interrupt you

take care of your brain dammit

nobody else is looking out for your best interests

04-24-2006, 12:38 PM
I HATE IT WHEN ANY distractions and interruptions HAPPENZ WHEN I HAVE SEX WITH MY CHICK.