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04-25-2006, 09:51 AM
And why does KTL have to be fun? Isn't that why we have the Gen chat? :?

"it isnt true unless it makes you laugh
you dont understand it until it makes you cry"
- robert anton wilson

this forum does not have to be funny
it would be wise for people to acknowledge the absurdity of the situation

absurdity is what happens when you find a person in an unpredictable situation
and they are approaching it seriously as tho they have some affect on the outcome

absurdity is when somebody goes to vegas and 'tries hard' at the slot machines

absurdity is when somebody tries hard to communicate to people who dont really pay much attention to what they are reading
and then gets angry when he is misunderstood

absurdity is when we all agree that discrimination is ridiculous
and then somebody walks into the forum and starts shooting off racial slurs

absurdity is planning an outdoor event next week without any ability to control the weather

absurdity is trying to control other people

everybody in this forum knows what is good and bad
the only difference between people is that some of us are unaware of the manifestations of certain bad things

we live in a society that is searching for a better tomorrow
and meanwhile
they are making it more difficult to live to see tomorrow

this is absurdity

tragically funny