View Full Version : MP3 rap songs about life.....through the knowledge....

04-27-2006, 04:47 AM
yo thought i would start a thread up in here. Rap songs that describe life and shit. So if u got anything good post up, maybe someone posts something dope u never heard. This shit is straight knowledge bein dropped. Here i'll go first.....

Think of this thread as opening your eyes..................

Devin The Dude & Rick James - Anything (Remix)
("You aint the only one who got problems, you aint the one who knows pain, get up off your ass & just solve them, u still gotta chance to try to change. Try that shit again.")

Dead Prez - Food Clothes & Shelther
(song is about living life on the streets & in the ghetto)

Dead Prez - Window Into My Soul
(song by Stickman of D.P. writting a letter to his older brother being a crack head and how it fucked up his family. Then he drops knowledge about the projects & why there are ghettos & hoodz.)

Dead Prez - Psychology
(rap about psychology. "Disciplin keep the mind focus, this whole world is like a corn field son look out 4 flying locust.")

Cormega - The Saga (Remix)
(An eye witness rap about living in the streets of New York as a thug. No glamour no glitz. Trife life. One of the greatest rap songs of all time.)

Ghetto Boys - Time Taker
(rapin bout how u can fuck up your life easily & how u aint got much time so live it.)

Scarface - I Seen A Man Die
(raps bout how a gangster kills his first victim & has thoughts of regret. Mad fuckin knowlege packed in this one.)

Too $hort P-Funk Allstars & George Clinton - Gettin It
(rappin bout you should be living your dreams, you should be gettin it everything u want)

Cormega & Lil Eazy-E - Love Is Love
(the rules & dangers of being a drug dealer.)

Cormega - Live Ya Life
(3 situations in tha hood.)