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04-28-2006, 09:13 PM
For Immediate Release:

So you think you can rap? Well, to be in D-Sisive's new music video, you don't have to -- as long as you can lip synch. The video for the song "Hi" will feature D-Sisive's friends and fans -- in clips they shot themselves lip synching the song. So go get filming already!

The more inventive the setting, the better, so rather than film yourself in your bedroom, film at a local monument or a spot that best represents your city. Or, if you don't get out much, your bedroom is fine. Remember: the goal is to set your submission apart from the rest. While all efforts will be made to include parts of every submission, we can't make any promises -- unless, of course, you're the only one to submit, in which case you'll be the star of the entire video.

The lyrics for "Hi" are posted at www.d-sisive.com (http://www.d-sisive.com/) (in the 'news' section), and you can also download the song at www.myspace.com/d-sisive (http://www.myspace.com/d-sisive) to get inspired. If you are not a myspace member, send an e mail to
d-sisive@d-sisive.com (d-sisive@d-sisive.com) and we will send you a rough mix of the song. Make sure your inbox is big enough accept an mp3.

All submissions should be sent to

PO Box 40036
RPO Marlee
Toronto, Ontario
M6B 4K4

All formats (i.e. video, DVD, Mini DV) will be accepted, but submissions will not be returned. Be sure to include your name and hometown, since that info will appear underneath you in the final cut of D-Sisive's video.

The official deadline is June 1, 2006, so get lip-synching, and get filming. Each person that sends a submission will receive a spiffy token of D-Sisive's appreciation.

Please send any questions about the video, or life in general, to
d-sisive@d-sisive.com (d-sisive@d-sisive.com)

http://www.d-sisive.com (http://www.d-sisive.com/)
http://www.aboyinaroom.com (http://www.aboyinaroom.com/)
http://www.myspace.com/dsisive (http://www.myspace.com/dsisive)

*please forward this to whoever you feel would be interested