View Full Version : MTV'S The Shop crank call,funny as hell

Dead Prez Rep Me
04-30-2006, 11:03 AM
yo, i was with my boys chillin. and one of them got this dumb idea of crank callin the shop. so i was like iight,how you goin to get the number? so he callz 411 and he says mr. rooney's barbershop in queens, NY. lmao, so they give him the number and they connect his call. so they pick up, and this kid is like yo lemme speak to teddy (the one with mad waves), so they put him on. and my boy is like " yo muh fucka, you fucked up my boyz line up, now that niggaz shyt is near his neck" and he teddy started to get heated and he goes :then bring him in hea,ill fix it up, wtf?" and my boy says " nah, we up in harlem right now (we was really in providence, rhode island, of course.datz whea we live at,lol)" and hes like well beat on all you niggaz up in dat barbershop too, well go in thea and rob all you niggaz,we takin that TV money cuz we need to eat, and we jackin the clippers and the clipper oil,lmao" and teddy starts spazzin,lmao and he goes " iight then,come through come through, well beat on all you niggaz" and you hear (i think it was van) in the back like yo, who the fuck is dat? and he takes the phone and he goes yo whoz this?. and my boi asks yo whoz this? and he goes its van. and he goes wut nigga? u can get it too and that nigga tim (the owner), lmfao! and van was spazzin for a lil bit like yo dont b callin hea like dat and a whole bunch of shyt, i 4got. and teddy was in da back like fuck dat, if dey want beef,ill give em dat. but he just hung up.shyt was funny as hell