View Full Version : One in the Brain

05-03-2006, 05:43 PM
90 bpm

preparin abortions
actualy slashin these uteruses while usin this pair of forceps
to drag em out
not somethin I brag about
but i got to explain the bloodstains in the back of my house
so sit your ass on the couch
and start to pay attention
cause I'm rappin about the things that your afraid to mention
yes there is pain in heaven
1 to 10 it rates 11
they playin a playoff for your soul and this is game 7
so say a prayer to the almighty dollar
and maybe every little thing is gonna be all right tomorrow
no need to fight the sorrow
go head embrace it
like I embrace as many nameless faceless angels that I can lay with
innocence is penetrated
intelligence is elevated
it all makes sense when your sedated and your brain is faded
the famous made it
the homeless hate it when it be rainin
but take off the clothes and the chains and theyíre both one in the same

one in the chamber
one in the brain
two in the chest cavity
the rest into your family

born without a conscience empathy or sympathy
its still in me to lyrically create another symphony
with history and chemistry Iím visually and mentally
molesting these enemies with impressive intensity
and Iíll mention a guarantee youíre never getting the best of me
rippin the fedia from the seven eleven next to me
flippin on ecstacy complicatin the pregnancy
when im sweatin methamphetemines
waving a 38
this bitch sayin she late Iím laughin in disbelief
and a sensible man would take action to keep the peace
Iím anything but this slut is only 21
And I aint got a job and I wasnít planning on getting one
I planned a hit and run
It was fun just sippin rum
Steady drinkin and fuckin
And never thinking bout nothing
I busted a nut
I guess it musta leaked into her stomach
And now this freak that I was done with
Is carrying my son

one in the chamber
one in the brain
two in the chest cavity
the rest into your family

suicide itís a suicide
more than a few have tried so how should I do mine
broken necks slit wrists rope burns last step donít turn
those murderers roll curbs with the slow burn
cold steel at your dome to your throat at the nose
pull the trigger there it goes leave a red and yellow rose
brain particals all over clothes articles
you know all the fools who probably saw it comin
it aint nothing the brother was missin something
but if I was missin someone I guess that heíd be the one
easy go easy come the blunts fillin the lungs
the ones you call the homies are hopefully sendin love
if not you know you can see em on the other side
true beef where you sleep with two eyes open while your mother hides
that shit aint gonna slide
standard procedure
we pack the heater blast the speakers Iíma see ya when I see ya

one in the chamber
one in the brain
two in the chest cavity
the rest into your family