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05-05-2006, 11:38 AM
Blade: Trinity Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [2005]

"Fatal" - The RZA
"I Gotta Get Paid" - Lil' Flip/Ghostface Killah/Raekwon
"When The Guns Come Out" - WC/E-40
"Thirsty" -- Black Keith & ODB
"Daywalkers (Foot Chase)" - Ramin/RZA
"Party In Tha Morgue" - Kool Keith
"Skylight" - Overseer
"Hardwax" - Manchild
"Bombs Away" - Paris Texas
"Weapons of Mad Distortion" - Crystal Method
"The Blood" - Black Lab
"Blade's Back" - Ramin Djawadi

05-05-2006, 11:52 AM
Just heard this soundtrack and it's real banging (at least the 4 first cuts, since these are the only ones i listened to yet - track 1-5 are produced by The RZA). The beats he uses here gives me chills when i'm pumping this, these tracks are some of the dopest shit he came up with for a while. I think it's doing RZA good fucking with that movie score shit since he seems to get more creative. The Blade Trinity soundtrack right here features RZA flipping over a bunch of various styles, with great succes. The opener which is called "Fatal" might be one of the illest track of 2005, that beat is so alive with live instruments and sounds real haunting - the lyrics are also on point and I love the way he flows here. One great thing about this album is that it really fits the movie (although that was bullshit) both musically and lyrically. The next track features Rae & Ghost collaborating with Lil' Flip for a really weird fast-speed bounce-type of monster for beat although it's definitively a succes. "When The Guns Come Out" are the least special or different track on this album (i'm only talking about the rza-produced part of it), I first found this in the audio section here and it said that it was by NorthStar. Don't know if they appear on this though, haven't listened much on them so don't know. It's a solid track, definitively. My favourite from this LP is "Thirsty", a collaboration between Black Keith & ODB - a slowpaced song which is truely addictive, Black Keith sings about his bloodthirst and the great late ODB comes in to deliver with a short verse which fits the theme good; " From the darkside, baby, don't be afraid/ You can't fight the thirst, nor escape the Blade". The last track "Daywalkers" is not a hip-hop track at all, more of techno and I ain't really in to that much so I won't comment. This soundtrack really was a suprise to me, I really think RZA should release an EP with these 4 tracks.

New Hills 36
05-08-2009, 06:31 PM
Worth it for Fatal and particularly Thirsty.

Dr. Simon Hurt
05-08-2009, 06:39 PM
the rza beats on here are some of his most impressive imo, i wish he had continued in this direction.