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05-05-2006, 10:25 PM
Just came back from a screening. They were giving sheets of info on wednesday, saying the movie was something called the promise, some kung fu flick, so I got excited, but thy lied right before they were gonna show it, and it was x3. BTW, I had to call to RSVP to see the film in the first place. So, it wasn't too packed. Anyway, a huge mix reaction from the film, and this is, and I mean IS, the most controversial comic movie ever. Some people loved it and some hate it.


I am warning you, if you dont want to know dont read.

I will not give away the final ending cause that needs to be seen, however, here is what happens. Since the plot is so crazy I will just sum it up quickly. Nothing is in order cause there is so much in this movie, way too much.

The cure that the government made is from a mutant that attends Prof.x acedemy. Leech, thats right Leech is in the movie and he is the cure. Beast and Prof. X knew each other 20 years prior before the school was made, and their first child was jean grey. She was too powerful so X put a mental block on her powers when she was a kid. So, here it goes without going overboard. Angel wants to kill himself, but his father wants him to be cured, since the cure is public now. Angel escapes, and looks for Xavier. Cykes wants to go to alkali lake to find jean, He does, she awakens, and she KILLS him. Yes Cyclops dies in the first 20 minutes of the film. The new X-men, Collossus, Shadow Cat, Rougue, Wolvie, and Storm all train in the danger room. Yes, the danger room, where they are testing their skills fighting off Sentinels. Yeah, I said it and it sucks that they only appear for five minutes, and you dont even see a whole sentinel. You see a head that wolvie cuts off. Whew, Im tired. Magneto moves the golden gate bridge to alcatraz. Releases Juggernaut, arclight, multiple man, avalance, and a bunch more, but they have extremely minor roles except juggernaut.

Second half is too much, it gets fucking crazy, Rogue leaves and gets cured, so does Mystique, who when you watch the end might take care of rogue as her daughter. So, yeah both rogue and Mystique get cured and turn human, Beast almost gets cured but refuses. Whew, tired again too much and this review is all over the place sorry. This really isn't a review just spoilers. The X-men lose pheonix who joins magneto, she kills Prox. X, yes X dies too.

Now for the end you have to really watch, but iceman and pyro go at it, juggernaut and collossus with shadowcat fight. Pheonix turns into a bird, you have to see that to believe. Magneto and wolvie go at it. Angel fights too kind of. Storm and Wolvie do most of the fighting. Beast fights. Psylocke is in the movie but she has a small role. Shadowcat saves the day at the end, and the angel thing is interesting.

The problems:

Mystique imo, cures herself cause she is jealous of pyro. But its not fleshed out well enough. There are alot of holes like why this and why that. Another mutant dies, but that depends on the end.

End Spoilers

The guy that previewed it said that this version may not make in the final cut at the theatre, whatever the hell that means.

Well, thats it without giving everything away, there are still surprises that I didn't mention.

(no nightcrawler and no Gambit) Sorry guys.