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manic lotus
05-12-2006, 08:19 PM
creation through wisdom is what i seek//
i got antidotes to decode any technique//
top of the pillar of shadows is where i've reached//
the time has come to show, they're defences can be breached//

i make the first step, kneel down to save my lands//
orbs of power circulate around my hands//
as i mix these potions i certainly take a chance//
what happends next depends on what the mixture demands//
and it could be, that this concoction, could foil they're plans//

so the vials are empty and im clutching my chest//
the displacement of my foundation intense//
one swift kick off the machine thats equipped and i take flight//
the seconds tick away as i wait for the tip of the fuse to light//
the explosive pressure, measurable to a dragons bite//
i hope to god that the choice that ive made is right//

the air turns orange and my muscles spasm & twist//
gravity doesn't exist as it, magnifies the size of my wrists//
the fight for dark and light on the scale of a lunar eclipse//
my fingers start shaking and twitch as sparks exit out the tips//

my vision replaced with holographic demographics//
any story about me from this point on's bound to be tragic//
fists like an Ox and my joints are elastic//
i got multiple attacks that multitask like plastic--
reversable jackets that used to act n shit//

what once was impossible is now on the back of my hands//
now those that were after my lands don't stand a chance//
unless they can decode, the shadow dragon stance//
and even honed, and perfected, it takes potions to master//
and the ingredients for those, lie in the skull of my master//

yo i just got in this bitch. o.O. what's good ?

05-14-2006, 11:11 PM
not bad at all. my only advise, work on your flow, write it while listening to a beat. but defenately a deep verse. keep posting, this is a good start.

manic lotus
05-15-2006, 04:58 PM
my style comes off as wack to a lotta dudes. i'll post audio to show ya how it fits sooner or later. thanks for the feed. peace.