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06-06-2005, 07:45 PM
yo yo wats really good Wu Corp
this ya boy TUCO a.k.a. The Difference restarting the good ol classic DOJO, u know how this shit goes yo
jus drop by with an ill verse an practice ur art an watever u know...jus shoot the breeze here an make friends yo...jus like the good ol DOJO days u know


06-06-2005, 09:03 PM
alright i'll start it off

Blow out spot's and break mc's on the dot
to come at me with agression, kid I think not
my heavy hand's rain pain on you're game
fuck you're name up twice, to make sure you're not the same
you cat's talk bout this and that
how you kill mic's, and pop this and smack
but a counter reactment, with my verbal attachment
will leave you in plastic, shit man, yo that's sick
I swing shinoby sword's, blood bath's like Kill Bill
the future like stallon, demolition man, Murder death kill
Silencer weaponry, a silent scream in the dark
spark up the dart, ripin these MC's apart

06-07-2005, 12:43 AM
got more moves than that muthafucka dawyne wade
emcees like roaches thats y they call me raid
they way i exterminte, unleash poison like rattlesnake
drop emcees who try to fuck up names....
guees what nigga, i fucked ur dame...
yea son, im twice nice
u dun tryed to fuck with my name but ur bitch got it right
and she still tryin to grab it, i made her my habit
kill bill nigga? i aint even tryn to have it
cause when u were watchin movies
i was droppin your bitch roophies
they way i came on her face i was makin abstract art
the bitch gimme brains and she aint even smart
but i still got more slurpie than the kwikie mart

06-07-2005, 01:06 AM
IS that it?, bitch you tryna battle me?,
the hardest line you just spit didn't even rattle me.
yeah son, you twice nice?, man where you goto college?
I figgure you a high school drop out,
figgure's why you can't do the knowlege.
Battle section is 1 down, but you tryin to spit a early line,
I skipped half that shit you wrote,
cause 1st lesson is connecting your punch rhyme's,
let me show you how break line's.
you waste of time motherfucker, now let me get mine.
Off this cocksucker, and back on the flow,
like I said before, you put in work before you blow.
you can have more slurp shit then a kwikie mart,
but keep the kiddy shit to your own,
stop dis-respecting this art.

06-07-2005, 01:17 AM
4 years now I been 8 on this plate, double the half, a quarter of the whole, leaves one mind one body,and no soulÖ watch the robes unravel, cold as stone, how far light travels as history unfolds, make it easy like watchin a toad cross the road, up on a monitor, where life holds no doors, closes the windows and yells at you for not finishin the chores, im all in, blunt whiskey and a grin, my altruism always benefits my next of kin, if not I then we shall win, like sunny days follow cold winds and punishment follow sins, prism of life split lengths of waves like emancipation of slaves, the truth is revealed but truth remains sealedÖ

06-07-2005, 01:57 AM
these dudes are soft on rude rhymes
like patsy cline, i'm spittin a nasty line
times ten, you'll have to climb in
this monster truck of rhymin while you all denyin
when in the closet you cryin,
i'm on point with beats, fillin joints seat to seat
and the money i reap, won't go to no orphan seeds
they go in my bank, cause I gotta put gas in my tank
i gotta put class in my rank, cause the jacket i wear
has got it shoulders all blank, but all get my stripes just wait
i push CDs on time, while your tapes are late
I use my dough as dyme bate, while you inflate dolls to masturbate
i flow at a faster rate, that's while you rappers hate

06-07-2005, 10:14 AM
My Young Wu-tang Fantasies/of Bar Non-sober Foes/tell Little Girl With The Big Mouth My Sperm Bank Is Close/I'M AS DEADLY AND PRETTY AS A ROSE/SO WATCH FOR THE THORN/NASTY LIKE PORN

Definitive X
06-07-2005, 10:26 AM
What these whack cats lookin' like messin' with X-T
So pussy there's a cervix where their tonsils should be
And the cherry's already been popped
I know these cats are gettin' fucked off the top
Grand design, couldn't redefine my lines with lyrical dictionaries
Xtadas the baddest, spherical visionary
Cuz I got 360-degree vision, set you up on any rhyme you spittin'
Hittin' with precision, yellin' for TUCO to GET 'EM!
Fuckers, I'm back, how you cowards want ya cap knocked back?
Ballhandling timetables, check how I maneuver the facts...

06-07-2005, 01:50 PM
the legendary X-man!!!!!!
damn son! been like......centuries since i last seen ya kidd
great to have u back, no doubt


06-07-2005, 02:12 PM
Disfunctional Visonairy, I see life in a fucked up state
I rhyme to relate to my past self, in a past date.
Smoke the sess, just to keep a sane mentality,
but when reality steps to talk to me, I react heavy graphicly.
dramaticly, I rain pain, no claim to fake it,
legitly I take it, if it wasn't real I would break it.
Grasp the task, on the high road, tale's to unfold,
reload the chamber, road block, sudden danger,
nightime victim just another stranger.
My mind chose to relate, alot of weight on the plate,
Im pressed with a task that can shift my fate.

06-08-2005, 03:27 PM
scenes of cellophane dreams are attained,
walking the wasteland brains are deranged,
counter culture vultures eat rotten meat,
selling bullshit lies on the streets just to eat,
the meak never seen the flames flaring,
visions of the devilish government glaring,
our youth are dressed in fatigues and boots,
killing undiscrimintely like Star Wars Storm Troopers the evil root

06-08-2005, 04:41 PM
Call me the knight rider cuz you cant stop my drive,
while you David Hasselhoff's try and Pimp my ride,
I'm the unknown ingredient that seaps into minds,
causing thoughts to blossom flowering revolutionary times,
while most sit with beasts flirting with devils,
I bounce like Bass and hit high like Treble,
while you workaholics stay stuck witrh stagnant thoughts,
I rewrite this constitution written by mason's in cloth,
this democracy is lost powered like a republic,
our taxes they smudge it using our money to covet,
mutha fuckas just love it cuz it passed over like a pigeon,
while you hold on to ya faith they kill with religion!!

06-08-2005, 04:58 PM
back in effect, we smashin up these fags on the set
and perplex mental acroments of kids that dont respect
my sect, old school 5 elements and dynasty
killin shit, poisonous pen stroke caligraphy
a dart symphony majestic, dent shit when flexin
you cant prevent it, we sent hits dementin
abominable flows, renagades in the abode
bring it back with dna of the origins omega codes

06-08-2005, 06:13 PM
alpha to omega politics is just layers,
small minded fellas doing big business favors,
for a highprice but they call contribution,
but these stone age bastards dont know what they're doing,
they rather tip the mercury and set the thermostat,
boiling the masses brains cuz we have nothing left,
they take away schools but they continue to build jails,
as these politcal fat cats get as big as sperm whales,
we continue a 9 to 5 digesting poisons we inhale,
as the ship of humanity has takern fucken sail,
only to hit a fucking Iceberg,
as the government claps we die like fucking birds....

06-08-2005, 06:40 PM
shed off the skin cause the vets return tonite
cats argue and fight only to mask massive fright
shine the light like a Christian interested in Jesus' wishes
fishes and wine the sacred dish ~ forbidden lyrics
what is this? a contest or final exam test?
DIPSET homeboy, where only the best lay in headrests
fuck a vest, fuck a gun, fuck a sword, fuck a dart
before u get smart i need u to talk on the first part
who, what, where, when, why, and tell me how
she got outta the shower, then out the rotiserrie aisle
made love to a pedophile deep inside the files
FBI's most wanted on house arrest awaiting trial
she got a taste of many baby victims from past
had a blast from his shaft ~ at long last he dashed
quicker than the feds catching OJ speeding
in a white truck after slaying white folks ~ believe me


06-08-2005, 06:43 PM
ben spok3n and ronin spit lines to the awoken,
contortin faces of devils dwelling in their boredom,
we shine like flares used in firefights at war,
spotting the atrocities the media ignores,
the heat of the Sun powers our plight,
we take to wings like predators at flight,
and shower with jewels in your mind we will fight,
to uncover the brain this society has washed,
like clorox bleach our questions have been lost,
so stop playing opossum and use ya intelligence,
cuz what these media corporations say is irrelevent,
they're just using that fiddle to play with our thoughts,
as we follow the leader at any fucken cost!!!!!

06-09-2005, 12:24 AM
weaponry darts expose the arts
cut e'm wit ideally sharp darts/
hit there mark caveman bite a GEICO line
wreck ship grip furtilize tits wit immaculate skin/
positioning power structure are u listening?
when i'm on the mic critiquing thoughts u bought of EBAY/
can't say it won't cost you a brain cell to rhyme wit me
lyrically i'm the President and u a Cabient member wanting more power/
watch you fall like Iffal tower my hords gather in silence
comannding in brillance imersed in military literature/
lyrically you don't get the picasso picture
leonardo DeVinci I spit fluently never whispering a sound/
got the darth vader temptation erasing these fakes
from exsistence like deleted magnetic cassette tapes/
'81 born knowledge collegic assoicated thought process
connected introspective and forgotten like THE LOCKNESS MONSTER/
Techwon is who i sponser weaponry so tragic
it's my own man in the mirror/
wishing he hadn't appeared gotten fear like Peter Parker
when Uncle Ben told e'm "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility"/
wishing is thinking without futility empthizing rhymes
you recognize deguised as INK in yo PEN/
get cha head straighten taken violently your mind
atmosphere is shaken like "Seven Strangers"/
i'm in danger cuz they puck me 2 be on "The Real World"
sike my mic is on the fritz like a teach wishing he didn't/
quick to "Dismiss" u like MTV's dating show "Dismissed"
now they're asking "Who's Next" on there show called "Next"/
I vexed when bitches don't take when talked too
so i speak in tongue they can only hear "there's bitch in yo ear"/
driven getting to the 5th gear hit cha one more time
without switching it like Will Smith & Brittney Spears/

06-09-2005, 09:21 AM
riddle me this-a villanous chic-grippin plus fulfillin tha script
ripped-due to tha killin this fifth-split vision led to ego trips
leave cliques gypped like slow kids missin tha brain flow
ma spits is vicious yet thorough-hittin agencies n greater bureaus
debatin me is like facin blows from tyson straight to ya dome
may imitate yet you cant clone-sweatin my place on tha throne

06-09-2005, 09:58 AM
Shifter, pass the blade ~ Bigben, pass me that bone
time to show these baby dudes why grown men take the throne
slap em off, matter 'fact, slap a kuffie in the process
this lyrical contest contains waves that leave u perm pressed
is that ya best? if so then i hope u brought a raincoat
cause my heads spinnin' and ima take it out on the next boat
all set sails, its a windy night in Miami
see the lights flashing by the Arena, too bad ur trashy
now go ahead punk and recite ur latest notes
theres was 3 of us but i subtracted 2, plus the host
keep going, keep going, ima just dump off the bodies
shoot the heads off with shotguns since i love killing parties
now now little Bobby, since ur done, here's ur review
BOOM! went the weapon ~ now stands Bobby in Belleview


The Ghost
06-09-2005, 11:18 AM
Yo, who needs tracks i got what ya'll need
Beats, ryhmes whatever it takes to succeed
But people don't wanna act right
I blow them outta they past life
I smash my opponents,crush them into smaller components
Then feed my energy off thier largest exponents.....

06-10-2005, 08:44 AM
this peace burns like hotcakes/ crushed grapes in boxed creats/ thier is no getting out trapped sufficate these hip hop fakes/ back at it after 8 monthes the 100pr00f that proof roll mad phat like straight blunts/ so brace ur neck cuz im aready cracking fack cunts//
inject junk venomes style choose ur posion // snake bites evaperate life like abortion//
crush u insects with a spray from the man they call orken//

06-10-2005, 09:09 AM
someone sticky the DOJO


06-10-2005, 09:13 AM
yea need to sticky a couple of things


06-10-2005, 09:52 AM
lyrically nuts as fitting 2 trucks in a booticall like blunts.
im fast slumming fucking eardrum/
kill you like a slow rocket/ leaving a lot a drugs and fuck you's/
my schoolz look like a boat/ thats like big as 12 monkeys mid east customs
bruise ya ankle with some sports slang/
now I gotta face your battleman/imma mess kick your ass with straight positive raps/
mouth to mouth pleasure like the pimps wanna enter/
the dojo sweat em/ teckniques wet em now let the elefants attack /
let my psyc put the teck back 'n givve crack for that bust more save sex in the 6-flags/
killzone Jan dressed black.

06-10-2005, 01:15 PM
heaven sent bodies spent like my pockets full of lint,
a mothers imprint as her child is ripped sparked like flint,
applied pressure from those indentured in this government,
supplied with wonderment as stomachs keep grumbling,
as turtles and tortoises slow thoughts til stuck like rigamortis,
I hear the torment man woman and child are being ignored when,
this republic is blowing up countries in the morning exposions roaring,
bottom of the day or top of the morning the youth are storming,
pouring out the cerebral thoughts with glocks and time clocks its warring,
drilled the youths brains like coring while implanting impulsive snoring,
awake yet asleep this life is boredom so grab a gun and get going...

06-10-2005, 01:33 PM
the calvery is set to march forth armed wit shealds and swords/ armerd from head to toe as the first compeny flow on horse//....clashing armies arows fly high as i pull my sword from this corps// no guns in this battle every thing here is physical// mud stuck to the bottem of our 10 pound shoes the battlefeild was misserable// nonlivable level out most of the enemy is crittical//genarels killd as nights roam free from fight/////the war is over 100,000 dead on the hill top fuck life// the cage is closed as u were handed a shied and a knife// ur duty is to carry on the mission and show these men the light//

06-10-2005, 02:34 PM
Quick Lines Shadowbox Myne Rattle Off Like Gattling Guns Just For Fun My Marshal Art Is Rapping But Not The Mathers Style Id Rather Die Than Smile At A Direct Disrespect Like You Weaklings Do To Save Your Breath I'd Ace The Test In Any Battle And Flip It Against The Giver I Wont Recieve The Negativity You Deliver For The Sake Of Being Chipper Instead The Chip On My Shoulder Gets Bigger And As I Get Older The More Deadly My Ryme Is Getting

06-10-2005, 06:01 PM
Colder artic snow blower I shower ya earth with meteor boulders cover the earth in mad explosions corrosion the Lava is flowing from the Mantel I've opened erosion and flash floods I'm covering families in buckets of blood I rinse my cup and fill it up stomp on mutha fuckas that tip my cup on point my reflexes hit in 1 10th of a second grappling the wenches shoving'em face down ass up now its time to face mound pound pound on the solid ground bitches scream and yelp my stamina makes 'em melt pelted with hail rain snow and sleet I wake mutha fuckas up and put them to sleep like an arachnid I creep up walls in the darkness while you fuckas just tweek!!!!

06-10-2005, 08:11 PM
dig ditches and plug bitches with bullets so gifted
stay strong with heavy arms and I blast and leave niggas demented
how can you step to a nigga with knowledge so real it's,
hard to describe whether i'm flesh or a spector, prick so listen
do this shit for comedy, not for you geek critics
remember the kid 16, sparkin niggas whenever, leavin many victims
so nice, so what's the price, kill niggas a puit em on chill, so fresh like liquid ice
it's liquid, it's ice, it's the forgotten sun spitttin lyrics ever so nice
when the heat surface i'm come through bustin, ya crew runnin like jerry rice
tryin to retire but you keep forgettin that you like the fight
didn't u used to be a warrior in the game, sold ya sould for fame?
now u wanna turn pop cause the ya home block forgot ya name?
stand on the stoop and be pissed while I fuck and dissmiss ya dame
the same game told is to be sold to whomever has a style so old
k16 is god with the mic, text and when he shit he still nice
the kid with endless banners and collabs is back to blaze this text bullshit
i treat it as exersize, so call me a geek for the way that i type with my figertips
get a life outside the I-net, let's see if you clowns can really rip hard shit
you not a vet, just quick to forget, style like mine is untouchable like Ghandi in his prime

what up corp

hope ya'll ain't forgot bout me

freestyle "text" shit is easy


06-10-2005, 09:38 PM
what up kell i remember ya...u got some nice rhymes is what i remember ....

06-11-2005, 12:45 PM
what up fam

06-11-2005, 02:48 PM
It fitted perfect in ma selection

36 styles of perfection

Iím throwiní darts, cover yo brain, as they enter the section

Donít hesitate seconds,

My power is like a Tsunami-disaster

Cuz I Self Lord And Master

Like a indian in the dark, keep going faster,

Lines ready to make the brain spark,

Transforminí like Kent Clark, into Superman, who I am,

When I hear the dogs bark,

MCís collapsed like the 2 towers,

Scattered style like flowers,

Enter ma mental chamber, you cowards

Complicated phrase, exploded into space

Turniní ya in a stone-face, by lookiní at Medusaís eyes

By the evil embraced

Backwards speaking, while telliní lies

From Zion to Babylon, you turned sides

Stronger forces then the water tides

The ledge has to be known

Like water keeps flowiní

My inner seven, you better take yo actions up to eleven

I keep blowiní, while muthafuckiní P E A C E showiní!!!

06-11-2005, 03:18 PM
Im like a shot....
Cause when I ring out, I leave you twisted,
verbaly gifted,
you dont really want to fuck with this kid
I'll leave you a mess, that no one's gunna clean up
grab your team up,
cause we still gunna fuck the whole scene up
Bacardi and coke, so my team get's stupid on trigger
pull out the digger, we gon' get real nice on this figgure
My team play's for keep's
Full house, Kill's you're pair
you'll wonder where you're getting dragged off too....
under there
90 ft sleep with the fish's
I leave you best wish's, and a message
I must confess this, Im sick, similair to Big Ben
when I see you mother fucker's in hell..
im'a kill you again.

06-12-2005, 01:27 PM
Im fat singing little secrets/ blowing trees with a midget
straight lifting bigger thinger
peace figures I trip like odyssius so much bling on the team
one fox for every ring n my wrist talk breezey
the punshes K. reevey the really dillie friendly and so green
keep that shit between the pimps and me
like ya sister, the system or I go back hitting on bridget
strip her at a weedspot a free shot
bust n reloader Joe beatifull the castle builder
cruise sted fitted roller

06-12-2005, 02:23 PM
the style i bring is far from east coast beat u weak free throws// got u comming out of the closet at water gate so now we can call u DEEP THROAT// fast getaways on speed boats//shit u can call me nixon couse i currupt this dojo system// reach fast the gun on ur side is missen//
complet the mission blind folded vision// steel figer tips got ur neck twisting into the tek position// plow break ya mind body and style into cription crip walk fake thug addiction blow u apart//u fake revel ya self like FBI agent W. Mark // mark it in the histery books u get deep like mr throat so stand gard//im a piece of that blood clot in yea artire going strat to ya hart//

06-12-2005, 03:34 PM
verbals twist em like a gangsters pistol
I grow an angry pistol
minds like kil kil kil aiming for your wistle
wishing on a last station my bitch stay with me
night training I let the silver rain
for the big wolves with red shades
you move not slightly tai chi
I fuck in degrees n no strainger to danger
sick as childsplay that do a samorai slay
ditch you on my friday
got plans made a speak eazy
peep sin city bulletproof my skin be

06-12-2005, 04:12 PM
up in this artical of rap blow u back at it wit grain in sacks/ neck attacks viken axe leving ya skull partily attatched// clog ya artiery with fat saterated blades crack looking like a pumken dissasta// sway back and forth attack when i lunge forth like the drunken masta// im a taod covered in iron skin deadly venom //burn ya body open steadaly expose ya inside of ya brain and to hell is were we send em

06-12-2005, 09:55 PM
aim high but never look below
my flow expose clone anakin/
ramifiaction impatient weaponry waiting
mystical crafts dashing til the wind ain't lasting/
mastering style collegic to artistic when I rip
poetically niggaz don't feel the drill/
killing documenting while studying the shadows
acting commander closing the books on this dojo/
reopen doper than ropes chain choking hoping hell is
smoking material like veneral diaseses/
i reason wit pasters master palns escaping on routes
saving foods and making journalistic enteries/
it's a minstery wild wit chemistry
all empathic wit life liquid/
sick wit the flavor i blaze it
amazingly quick wit prolific gifts/
opperating action taking breaking
more heads got lead wit rubber grip/
smith-n-wesson testing besting any like
Antonio Banderas in "Once Upon Time In Mexico"/
so don't test the Technographics matching my targeting
weaponry locked and loaded like Nukes shit ain't a fluke/
so i'm back to the future like Doc Brown and Marty McFly
get high wit my brothers in corridors calling e'm project hallways n stairways/

06-13-2005, 06:45 PM
niggas wonder why the style split niggas rhymes so basic
i don't live for text shit so you pricks don't get it mistaken
i'm still spittin 16's, split spleens and shake dreams quickly like crack feinds
remember the kid freestylin like i had the runs, and this is my DMC thing
you bitch made, i'm quick with the pen and a 12 gauge
so remember the threat to ya chest the next time you decide to get brave
you been afraid, you homo niggas need to remember my name
imprint it into ya brain, and copy it until you go insane
infecting ya brain, the king of bull shit text has invaded the mainframe
this art it mine, no thoughts of yours are needed to comply, certify my rhymes
i spit so quick, you wanna delete this shit, i deplete you pricks
many niggas and they fam can't believe this shit
niggas go from hype to sad and blue like a crypt, the dead kind
you steady sayin ya hits is better that my shit, so why you fear mine?
i'll tell you why. ya eyes never seem the carnation of a rap feind
i put a dark spot in ya white tee like you just had a wet dream

06-14-2005, 05:48 AM
Killing a lord with my red shaolin sword/
got the same speed of a ford,so gimme some gold/
i will still kill as the G.A.L./
hell of many wiggaz,be careful,foul/
cool in the hood,spittin'like a bulletproof/
Punchin'every crew with a blast,and proof/
Blood of enemy,deadly as an anemy/
no remedy for this,is quick and very deep/
The Automatic FREEK,destroy this fuckin'track/
Black soul wigga with an hand on his neck/
protect yoself',this g's comin'back/
shottin'like a Mac,with bullets of rap/

06-14-2005, 11:21 AM
I pack like han solo on tour Im bald too
jump on stones like the mad do
with a messy additude
I jetski on the pen its too horror 2 handle
hear the times he spread a slapstick
practice heavy mental raving nailguns
its still fun the way gods settle delirium
make a strainger dance the table.
Im still nice like galaxy rising n 8legged devises,
bite me my my east moving sidesways
flying fist dont miss the mainfraim
relaying like paydays so much bruids I spill juize here
like sexing in a kingssuite
two towers blow radios clear

06-14-2005, 01:49 PM
I have fake fucks jumping jacked in the streets,
carved up like steak meat quitely they weep,
subliminally they sleep marching to their defeat,
these mongrols are gathered and thrown in a heap,
chopped down and refined served as food for Bovine,
I squeeze as the Cotton Mouths leak till Bone Dry,
Poisonous speech intoxicates the 85 they ask Why,
while shoveling shit down their throats they get high,

06-16-2005, 06:06 AM
martyr thought in the kill zone bones get crush bring war storms to youre discussion to catch a rush suffer the fatal tide of reprecussion disable pride not a enterprise that aint compromised defuse photonic bombs to shake the tectonic foundations of youre infra-structure sattellite lazer guided surgical missiles thats what the fucks blasting out my pistol to chizzle your grizzle me and my boys we shoot issues either work or a hot one through youre brain tissue atomic war particles in every article assults launch tactical battle brigade brigadeer general lyrical war criminal indivisual critical moves made in desperate measures under pressure emerge triuphantly fearless warrior the fucken victor.

06-16-2005, 09:18 AM
yo someone sticky the damn DOJO, lol


06-19-2005, 02:01 AM
Got some poetry in the form of a ragedy Shakespear, Called it the voice of intellect like the bible cause it strikes fear. To the rear you could feel the freestyle drum's beat, No wu tang clan fan would sit down straight wild out the fuck'n seat. Called Defeat with the agony of a sore battle rhyme'n loser, handed weak mc's the nuggets of wisdom I called rhymes with a lyrical nickname like a first time drug user.

06-19-2005, 02:07 PM
Whatís the science dropping clocking
In at times unwanted calling those upon it/
U know the flow masked drafted outlasting
These so-called poets that throw it like a locus/
Iím focused ready aimed locked and loaded
Uniquely knowledge born birthed like plants wit rose thorns/
Scorning fornicating making peppered thoughts
Brought to scenes that wasnít scripted or illustrated/
Etch and sketched tempted like KIDS driven but niggaz
was forbidden done it iller than winter snow/
Catching colds break the mold
Whether it means making u fold like playing cards u know/
Keep your guard up five stances protective
But your missing the connection/

06-20-2005, 06:17 AM
slippery Shrap slide on ice, on you like white on rice
mic device demolishin death grip vice on dykes
dirty dick give a hoe lice, cunt callin the poe-lice
bounce bitches, give clowns stitches we noh nice
aint found riches, but i know nice places to jack em
time 4 sum aksion, funny faggots faces is flappin
happen to catch em, slap em out da back of da Phantom
packin a Magnum, aint catchin from asses im smashin
naw dawg, I'm medium, still bleedin em fuck holes
man nuff I crush hoes, u still shinin ya snub-nose
u mad fuck? thats what they be tellin me
yous bad fucks, and you sad fucks be sweatin me
its cool cuz clearly cousin, I'm too hot to handle
I'll miss you dearly cousin, light a blunt off ya candle
pour some liquor out, find a bad chick and dick her out
have her scream YOUR name, now that's how I'm gettin down

06-20-2005, 07:25 AM
Majestik sword swinga disconnect tha jaw slinger
whose togue sways like drunk serpents we strike wid fore fingaz
jabbin crop circles in ya chest tha art of north star
legs snap on my jagged path from the heathens who walk far
small darts shaped like concords i rip sound barriers
sonic booms incased in my voice box laceratin plastik karacters
oh tha hevenly masikahs
corpses of dead children
i resserect skilled-men to rebuild them for war on pilgrimms

The End

06-24-2005, 06:02 AM
y'all uninspired, leave ya youngest son retired
burnin banisters, i stay downstairs, under fire
i aint got no basement, temporary placement
neighbors tellin lies, want my shit out on the pavement
I shit out on the pavement, I'ma rabid dawg
plastic jaws, prosthetic limbs I'm snappin off
I'm flesh and blood, but my tongue eject a scud
Tryna tax me, collection plate dome collect a slug
Erection's tough, wang like Wolverine bones
Sack hang like Mistletoe, hookers be stoned
gimme a kiss, eatin bananas on some Simian shit
Sloppy skanks slobberin suckin Sicka's Indian dick
Oops, Native American, I ain't an American
stare at him, prone to put em planes in the air again
no disrespect, penalty box shit, rhymes is outta line
Metal detox shit, lots of lead but outta time

06-24-2005, 02:19 PM
Call me desire the streetcars are on fire,
semi retired hogs get the piano wire,
across the larynx breaking the trachea,
ignorant baffoons I'm mentally raping ya,
full steam like that track meet collision,
unfocused get blown outta commission,
bitches pay attention and listen,
or end up in a sig by the saint,
shaking ya tits and getting hit,
I'm come with thoughts so rubic most are puzzled,
I take you little doggies for walk in a muzzle,
you look confuzzled doing circle like a buzzard,
reaching for nuts while ya mumble,
bitch I'm never subtle grabbing asses in bundles,

06-24-2005, 10:21 PM
from the start.....
rhymes still smooth ...
like dem wallybee clarkes,
back to rep the dojo....
mashin' thru with darts,
skillz been heated...
tucked away since march,,
the spit stay gully...
cuz of the mastaz i'm amongst,
first let me take my finger out this cunt,

06-24-2005, 10:37 PM
Y'all crews is minimal, Shaolin Shadow Superliminal
Sawed-off shotgun send shock through ya physical
Straight outta rap hell, Saint Shrap-nel
Strapped with stats higher than daily crack sells
Stacked with stripes, sucka, start actin right
Spit send shockwaves through the rap device
Plan a heist? Nah we just gonna wing shit
Modern day Skalds, bust guns and sing shit
Berserk like Norsemen, filled with endorphins
Ride wit the Horsemen, horse shit on ya porch end
Too dead to live, some say I'm insensitive
I feel no remorse, ain't forced my penmanship
Ya swordsmanship is weak, leave ya a leak
Couldnt see the battle axe cleave ya physique
Must have cataracts, third eye is clouded, I'm reborn
Herbs sky is clouded, burn skys and ride the firestorm

06-27-2005, 12:22 PM
stick this shit to the front page mods!!!!!!!!

06-27-2005, 02:11 PM
fo real yo....DOJO been here since before most of these dudes even registered
its a Wu Corp landmark


06-27-2005, 04:29 PM
heavily armed wit the strong,
moist palms.... emotions calm,
these lyrics can rip thru trees....
that are palm,
you know the rules....
when ya steady long,
it's usually wrong,
my mental reactions' on...
some liftin' king kong shit,
gimme dat spliffff....
so i can peak at the cliff,
no need to get hostile...
i'll snatch that ice from ya wrist,
and leave slits...........

06-30-2005, 11:32 AM
rome passes thru with golden age DOJO flames
the same age of evil, look first in American names
lock the doors and windows from the corporate suits
out to act like Patriots to invade culture roots
shame this has to happens in the "land of the free"
"home of the brave", hearts fight for no more slavery


07-01-2005, 02:46 AM
Razor Blade Cutting Mic Blwoing Hoe Bagging
Ain't Shit But Terry Cloth And A Du-rag Bagging/
Slit Cha Wrist To The Spit I Speak
Like Dangerous Heats I'm At My Peak/
Apex Wet Sets Dip-lo-wit-automatics
Can't Trash The Tester I Best Western The Counter/
Made Out Wit The Bar-tender And She Was From Howard University
Spititng Drawing Pics Taking More Flicks Wit Chick Showin' There Tits/
Vice Grip Slaughter Fort Brag Auto Mobile Slaughter
Calling More To Order Fortifying Mic Relying Hold Cha Head High/
Watch Me Smoke The Next Eye Wit Spies Driven Wit Stealth Skills
Wolf Packing Kevin Nash Jack-knife Powerbombing Wit Ice Forming/
Feel Ya Spine Jiggling Hanging By A Thread Making Yo Bones Tingle
Can't Feel Your Dick When U Getting Knobbed And Shit/
Paralyzation Creative Ways Sexual Action Back Shot Mechanic
Acura Shift Gear Switch It Flows There Ain't No Mr.nice Guy Here/

07-04-2005, 05:44 PM

07-04-2005, 08:41 PM
Rhyme flow's a mind full,
ready to dump on you,
cover you up,
lyricaly make a chump of you.
Ya'll swinging swordz?,
you's too weak to swing a blade,
I pick up this lyrical katana,
shinobi slice's leave you slayed.
I come real with this,
spit with it graphicly,
I come with the reality,
that leak's your vein peice dramaticly.
you can't feel me?,
you stright up lien,
im so real for a reason,
verbal asswhippin's I be supplin.
Ya'll can ride each other's dick,
cause I know ya'll need a witness,
I spit giftness that's need's no ass kissin,
cause my quickness, leave's you're ass missin.
and if ya'll need a explanation,
surreal is so there,
Love aka SL,
Bitch I ain't go nowhere.

07-04-2005, 09:50 PM
mightve missed ya flare fam, but i can tell its been there
sorry for a crude comment, u hit like a comet fair
and cats are comet tails, common place in the Temple
its not that simple but read into the instrumental
countin' ya minutes like a minute man in the bedroom
or a T-Mobile phone girl with vocals clearer than bifocals
talk so clear but yet its dirty to the core
wats the score? 7-zip, call me Messiah lil' whore
not dissin or kissin ~ listen to Shifter's brainchild
comin' straight off the dome, thru the DOJO to cause sunshowers


07-04-2005, 10:12 PM

07-20-2005, 08:17 PM
revival ~ now its time to rebuild
how ironic the last post wasnt a holiday toast
independant my country stood but not on the 4th
that was just a document date read with laughs by King George
save the chuckle for the war, killed em off with militia
rakes and various tools used, not a pretty war picture
what matters is we won, last hurrah for the land
of the free and the brave, whip a slave, play ur band tunes
100 more years of peace, love, and baby booms
just a matter of time till yall feel the post-slave fumes
short fused black leaders step up to the soap box
proclaim a nation within themselves thru airwave spots
lead millions in marches from Alabama to DC
from PEACE to violence and down to east-west coast beef
the downfall of America can be best told thru heart
cause actions spoke enuff, look at us now, war has torn us apart


07-21-2005, 06:12 AM
When I
meditate in the dojo, my mind's at the estate's
gate of my soul, not solo, they conjugate
as mind hovers over fine waters of my spring
it's tears of a father hearing his blind daughter sing
the fusion shows it like a zoom ----- clearly
picture's weaved severely in the loom 'n stirs me
I never believed I would ever be complete
endeavor me achieve masterhood cleverly
this is the art of mind journey, mighty learning
combined with finding designs, then u-turning
cause home's the place where your heart is
face it, you cannot apart these, truth is basic

07-22-2005, 03:38 PM
Winter tactic's, I turn fake actor's to adict's,
automatic's, and fully rap metal jacket's.
Plenty gun's and plenty ammo,
keep it down low, I'm the proda,
but I push it by the pound though,
gotta keep my wallet grand full,
you's broke and full of shit,
im part of the Dojo,
ya'll know you've heard of it.
I murder it, you're click fully stacked,
well I came through and took a third of it.
left enough to break bread with, I love the compition,
my ambition's so money, I could rob you're college intuition.
You just witnessed the description, mother fucker's.

07-22-2005, 03:47 PM
I love battling, and everything i do is an art
But SL, that verse was mad tired, and stupid, with bars
I remember you once said you wont talk shit on the crew
But all that is said is shit, so now they shitting on you
I bomb fagots with lost talents, who never got across ballots
Piece of crap, so you can eat shit like tossed salads
Your not sick, i bet the only reason your mad at the whole camp
Was because i turned the offer down when you wanted to collab

lol, i peeped your verse in that "Chyeah" thread, funny...lol. anyways, yea, how did that track over "overture" go? you recorded that verse yet?

07-22-2005, 04:09 PM
Turned down a collab?, common dun you wanted it audio,
well audiose amigo, down the hole that collab-a-go,
murder you,you're crew's mad whack, that's a known fact,
ya'll claim you're 9 home nigga's, but none ya'll are black.
now how's that?, 8 bar's?, is that all you got?
you coming poppin shit, claiming you're somthing you're not.
suck my dick, stick to poetry, you're not the street type,
you just in mom's basement, thinking you making the street's hype,
You playing the wrong role, you ain't hard, you a bitch type,
and you're emotionally confused in you're lyric's, like you a switched dyke.
You on that tossed salad shit?, now who's shit's whack?,
and yes i'll shit on you're whole camp, text or on a track.
I keep the desert tatic's real life, you emptied out like Iran,
and I spit enough heat to give all nine of you a tan.
A couple cat's to drop with you, and a couple to connect the dot's with you..
you's full of shit,
I'm not even gonna say anything more cause anything you spit, I'll murder it.

07-22-2005, 04:26 PM
P.S - Originally Posted by SurreaL
How bout a collab?

no doubt, you want it text or audio?

haha, oh well, w/e

07-22-2005, 04:59 PM
I had to stop reading that peice, cause it was a waste of rhyme
you's a waste of line's and you's just a waste of time
To be honest you ain't that good, no one want's a emo rapper
you 16 with feeling's, slap me?, kid you're going against a northwest scrapper
I'll knock you're fag ass out, claiming you hard, worst you did was get kicked out of church,
You a emotionally confused depressed suicide poet, sorry to say it but the truth hurts
I'm you're anti-depressent, but you can't pop me
or drop me, lyriclly or phsyicaly you'll never stop me
I'm not even claiming this a battle, this a stright fact
that rap, you claimed that?, best to shut you're cock trap
cause im cocked back, aimed tight, fire, drop this poetik
you're pathetic, this leave's you unconsious, like a anesthetic
I dissed you're partnaz, it's funny, cause im kind of glad
left you kinda mad, after you's telling me I was the best dickride you ever had.
Stop talking shit, I would murder you in a freestyle no question's,
I have some more confession's, talk some more shit, till then I'll leave you guessin.

07-22-2005, 05:01 PM
You're really trying in you're shit huh?, this is a freestlye section, not a song section, 10 mins or less.

07-22-2005, 05:07 PM
im out for abit, going to play some football. Peace.

07-22-2005, 11:56 PM
Im in the Dojo checking my position,
Volcanic lava flow sears opposition,
minds sizzling dropping hot shit,
better watch this molecular acid I spit,
rhymes sick anemic fucken antartica cold,
froze sub zero with this deep space flow,
my thoughts chisled michaelangelo visions,
sculpted from the knowledge wisdom and building,
spok3n ya feel me our messages from the heart pump life,
into the plain simple conforming bitches acting trife,
we spit our knives.. lacerating with rhymes,
rejuvenating the blind... to seek better times,
build and dont recline.. in ya LaZy boy mind,
poetic wrath jeweled messages dont second guess this!!,
or be destined to dehydrate decompose from lack of lessons...

07-22-2005, 11:58 PM
bigben bound 2 bring brutally barbaric beatings.

07-23-2005, 02:25 AM
Banish Beings blatantly Breeding,
Bacteria Brains Benign Bleedings,
Minds Gleaming Minds Scheming,
Skales Silently Leaning Society Steaming,
Analyze Absolution Ackward Abuses,
Tipping Rapid Rappin Like Stabbin,
A fractured Face Or Impaled Abdomen,
grab The Stem and stab with Pens,
The Laughing men and All that pretend,
Im Bending Barter By Spending Blending,
Leave residue to riducule those lending,
Lethargically Liberties Lessen,
Lobster Lake Lessons,
Stickin Fur Sessions Flexed peta Painting Splashing Fakes,
Clashing Stakes as This media Camera creates... Bakes,
Flashing Signals Systems Bell Ringers mingle,
Throw ya jingle Me And Skale Send The Signals,
Brutally Bruising Bone-marrow Bluntly bludgeond.......



07-23-2005, 11:30 AM
^ thats wat DOJO's all about, no doubt.....enuff with the friendly battles!! AHHHH!
and can someone sticky this already!?


07-23-2005, 03:08 PM
Holding title bouts Tuco compounds,
resonating that thounderous sound,
implode craniums cromes serotonin serated'um,
jakes basting bums bigben brings blatant bombs,
shaking off the smog inner city fogged post ya blog,
earth ricter riches robbed rambunctious rabid spots,
electrical shocks aeortas clot adrenaline heart shots...

07-29-2005, 01:15 AM
I got the one ring and my gun Sting, Shrap is Frodo
When I'm lit, my mind is MIA like half the dojo
blow orcs in half now, dont force the wrath down
act like a hoe, u know you'll get slapped, clown
do the math now, a hundred thousand times one
Ghostfaced for Winter Warz, a hundred rounds in my gun
Calico cat bitch, ya know ya ass should know that shit
Shrap-a-nel phat jus like the ass on those black chicks
wont ask ya ass to hold that bitch - BLAOW BLAOW
nah I'm blast the fo' hat trick - BLAOW BLAOW BLAOW
how now brown cow, wanna get a lil wild wild?
yous jus a child child, more lil than Lil Bow Wow
yippie yay, plus the kay yay motherfucker
Bruce Willis bitch, mixed with Tony Yay motherfucker
you phony gay motherfuckers don't wanna feel this
stop the hate though, befo yo potato get peeled bitch

07-29-2005, 09:55 AM
Inferior rate's?, fuck that, my mind state's at a remarkable speed,
doper then the smoke from my weed, proceed to flee the scene.
when I swing slice's that are aimed to chop off you're block,
another victim just left dead, outlined in the chalk.
You bitch's gettin cocky, throw the duke's up, and get hand clapped,
these bitch's get dropped, locked and ziped up like suran wrap.
But im'a have to end it quick, cause time's gettin taken from me,
even if you's owned a pig farm, you still wouldn't get bacon from me.

Undead Ninja
07-29-2005, 01:36 PM
The Shuriken was sharp p you blade wa samzing the speed defined by the talent that made it. The ninja on the rise Bitch nigga's realize@!!!

07-29-2005, 11:00 PM
i roll in wit a knife ready to do damage to the man who branded my sandwitch//
sharp spliting shifted spits hitt wit accuret perssion how the fuck can u manege//
the skill that lights up to a flame when its relesed from my mouth//
acid spits in words when i came putting holes in the game from when i was in and when i was out//
shout when u shoot scouts scalp their scalps wit a scalpel intill thier hairlees like my couch//
dull blades cut throug u all day in a way u can still be alive to pray intill i gut u like trout//
walk in wit the tips to slice and leave u wit dry mouth for days like a drout//

Sicka than aidZ
07-30-2005, 02:30 PM
my reply to woozer

woozer's owned to the bone,..he needs to stop smokin stones../
mutherfucker moans like a bitch and still doesnt understand that i could care less bout what he thinks cuz he's from the corpse,...so go back home.../
your a nerd man,...i told u that before.../
skale's post was prolly wak,...but you started this one man war.../
silly faggot,...your on "ignore".../
i wouldnt even call 911 if your dumbass was burnin alive on the top floor of your favorite gay porn store.../
fuckin idiot.....do u remember when u called me a honkey or the your first post in my cussing thread.../
it read "fuck you",...dont try it bitch,...your better off buttfuckin your cousins an the rest of your crew u stupid inbred.../
"inbred jed",...call u that from now on.../
sorry the only pussy u could ever find belonged to your momz.../
"sonnin myself"...man your dumber than hell.../
ill have your transvestite crossdressing ass pitch into a bottomless well...../
8 minutes,....you aint shit so quit submittin.../
punch out your grill,...your rotten teeth will end up missing.../
now listen...u dont want to fuck with sicka on a "dissing" mission...../
make your desiscion bitch cuz deaths dick is all you gonna be kissin...../
did i say 8 minutes,...i meant to say 10 or some shit .../
Back to IGNORE with u bitch... go eat a dick,...u wont be missed


Killer Falcon
07-31-2005, 11:47 PM
animal rap i revert to basic instincts
locked in rage i slay the lyrical misfits
left disfigured scarred and crippled
but still thinkin your hard like porn stars nipples
at night i stalk and build a crop circle
and leave a mark in the form of a colossal turtle
symbolism of flows my form can float in
absorbed you drowned in the blood of romans

08-01-2005, 12:15 AM
The breakdown, digest the sounds
Breaking bitches to the compounds
Jacking this to the confounds
Grim reaping, sending you to the hell I found
Nothing but catalysm, you just a noun
Person, place, or thing
You a no name with no spits
Matter of fact just a nugget that dropped in my toilet
Popping off nothing but pellets
So how you supposed to rep it
Career's over like Ryan Leaf
No beef?
Big dissapointment
Now you make the appointments
The checkup
Busting cats on the table like No Limit Hold Um'
Rapping gully, now you a chump
Needing to dump
I drop the hot shit, and plus
Scratch my records
And for the record
Yea I'm wrecking

08-02-2005, 02:03 AM
Sword driven debatchry given out randomly
Nixon revivial armed Clinton max marvel/
Releasing heat distancing ourselves from the beef
Watch eím get eaten by these zombies feasting/
Backyard barbque rap recuse me like Denis Leary
I bury most mic jousters underneath my feet/
Reading the signs, right left lane given u more pain
My raps drain ya body of blood leaving u empty/
Trying to comeback like Jack Dempsy
Donít mention me check ya books know ya hooks/
Jabbing rifling bagging documents u need to have it
Section striker armed masonry passing rifles in the kitchen/
Depicting civil warfare gangs armed drive bys a nessesary
Comparing me next itíll be racism that sparks the next world war/
Pick a side quickly before u get bombed like saddam
Ruler left to next went clam before bush commanded law/

08-02-2005, 08:05 PM
Switch onto six click off the knicks
They losing shit now we got brown better gold now/
Force ya hand close plants armedgeddon past to present
Leaving local residents dusted like angels get flustered/
Grab the gat oil the snubs get emcees catch eím wit a 22
Sticking blue for his suede shoes gamma rays didnít hit doc doom/
Blew this baffoon know the rules or get school scholaring hollaring off the chain break the links we ainít slaves of this industry getting paid/
Iím independent lyrically wealthy put cha top up leave eím dumpped cuz their gimmicks stunk worst pussy that ainít been cleaned in a month/

08-04-2005, 01:44 AM
Aptly titled modern marvel
spit fire melting ya carvel/
lyrically you horse shit poop meant to get picked up quick
these emcees rapping about, pussy, cars and gats/
should be wrapped up in plastic looking for his brain
with a straight jacket/
i pack it like Digital got the underground scrounging
for sex packets/
with fifty faces lookin on nerves start trembling as i
kicked wit the creshendo ending his regin at the top like nintendo/

08-04-2005, 09:36 AM
sheepish droppin jewels usin' abstract schematics
verbal static is the name, dont blame us for keepin it strange
lame ducks sittin' on a throne of muddy mentalities
dickride the site theme instead of fiending for rhymes
eating at time, i treat rap like a buffet line
pushin' and shovin' for the point in time when i shine
pass me the sneakers for i have dudes to step on
rollin' by me is TechWon, spray em all off the atmosphere
hear my fear inducing tracks produced by OZ
land of the emeralds so bright they blind ur balls
enuff of this structure, might as well take it down
DOJO being scarcely repped' by dudes that aint even in it


Killer Falcon
08-05-2005, 12:05 PM
the ruthless emceein super-human
cat of nine tails i lash them all in unison
evolution couldnt adapt to me
my writing hand surpasses mach speed
motherfucker your banished from the planet
for spitting weak shit like an overdose of laxatives
falcon writes inside the ganga mist
in a shrine within seven rings of candle sticks

08-05-2005, 09:30 PM
wicks are blown time ticks its on invincible sword revealed crimson is poured on evil gords blown off its axis haggerd hatchets smashed ya ass backwards diagonal pivoting movements contact ya severed savages splattered audience gathers clapping foes get flattend whats happening serving ya'll bisquicks battering scenery disturbing those watching eyes start burning I'm churning like the ocean get ready to be awoken soaked in a constant slumber your following the thunder passive postures liquid liver summers

08-06-2005, 11:36 AM
lampin back wit a glass of henessy
just campin, flowing on a beat
acidy, the way i come through with a free
blasphomous, put a mc on hold
wit a flow thats sicka then your own
a rude boy, my missiles destroy
invasion, something like troy
driving, in a 2005 royse
do or die, your choice
2 exits, the white or the dark
change the wheels, start to bite the tree barks
rap galore, watch the gore
insane flames being thrown
brains being blown
too much to hear
too much to fear
too much to seer
one chance of a million like the lottery
seeing stars now like astronomy

08-06-2005, 01:35 PM
shaolin Dojo somethin like the anthem
u missed the shadowboxin somethin like a phanthom
Wu-style verbals go from speed to sticky slow
shadowbox with two right hands so is powerful hoe
i got the glow of a jedi master basterads i detach
flows i send like chinese stars so to you body i dispatch
so many Kung Fu styles and stances
know all the possition and all the wu dances
break u wit the Iron Fist fuk it gimme the Iron Flag
My Shaolin Krane is strong yo flow is weak it saggs
i had the many misteries hiden in the book of Wu
the ones that parilize or the ones that cut str8 thru
stick like glue simple to read but complex when really understood
who knew the real shaolin warrior can come out of the hood
with all due....respect u style is lackin cause u are forcing
So clear yo mind and come into the DOJO of SHAOLIN SHADOWBOXING!

08-17-2005, 08:59 PM
dead e'm i ready e'm like tape decks
check the deck for pairs come up wit pocket aces/
switching armors leaving head boggled wit full throttle logic
closed in college hosting battles killing emcees wit a shake-n-rattle/
break a neck or too emergin' submergin' disturbin' the peace verbalizin'
my conscience putting a rest to this nonsense/
i got lyrics concrete stone granet armed to the teeth i'm a bandit
check me from every angle trying catch a perpetrator like me/
SVU couldn't see me wit microscope and dental records
tellin' e'm i ain't connected to society or it's networth trying to get at me and my network/

08-18-2005, 02:13 PM
Tha war begins so i look within to find tha strength to win
It all depends on speed so i fufill the need to see em' bleed
Roll emcee's up like weed then smoke em', were high above ya league
enemies when we meet ya dead meat, bodies, and bones decorate tha streets
I move discreet tha weak copy me, watch kings get overthrown
Takeover thrones coldblooded until i blast tha chrome
Poem are potent my potential got me shinin' against opponents
It's on kids get kidnapped, and parents get paralized opposin' black
strapped wit a verbal mack, watch me lay 10 mc's fast
As i thrash wit masked ninjas , swing swords and injure
Use my pen to penetrate any head out to catch me like bait
You can murder me a million times, and i'll be back like Jason from Crystal Lake
I demonstrate straight terror, to terrorize ya era
tha dumb, deaf, and blind ain't tha rhyme time to impare ya

08-18-2005, 02:27 PM
I attack like a mother bear protecting her cubs, come test tha thug and get tha opposite of luv
Face defeat and hold tha grudge, it was self defense i told tha judge
Blow ya plug as u malfunction i floor ya wit rapid punchin', i'm always into something
These commercial rappers sayin' nothing, and fronting about tha drama they bring
Better bring a offering and bow in tha presence of kings
Control tha globe like a puppetmaster wit strings
Cuz the wack are annoying like hearing Ja rule sing

08-25-2005, 01:05 PM
hrmm....... I'll give myself 7 min's to write.

Why play game's when you know I play for the keep,
I play on a streak, a royal flush, read it and weep.
Life is a game, one life, ride it like a 2-5 range rover,
but don't crash it sober, that's a waste of a game over.
go out blazin, fuck bullet's grazin' my face,
try to leave me out of place, and leave me erased.
but I can't lose, put my money in, I claimed the rank,
now you cashed out lookin for advance's, now take the shank.
and kill yourself, better you're health, have fun with it,
cause remember this is just a game, now I'm done with it.

keep comin people.

08-26-2005, 07:29 PM
word first things first man your fuckin with tha worse...haha just playin...tell ya what though thats the rhyme that got me hook on tang..

08-26-2005, 07:49 PM
Apocrypha to diciphah the hypah no stereotypah
true to word god locked down like a lifah
bad idea cuz i buck ya down like a snipah
verbal herbal never transferable
fuckin with me that shit unnerrable
my brolic style got ya mad fuckin sick
dirty spit dont come quick fucker quit ridin ......get off ma dick
alabama slamma slam ya with my bammah with a cock of the hammah leavin ya for dead
fuck I rip shit dipshit so whatcha wanna say?
punkass trick wanna play get out the way fuck ya up wit out delay
moby dick motherfucker pull out my steamah you know what i meanah? .308 fuckah no wak ass nina. be a good duckah...fuckah bitch hitchhikin while im da mean truckah 16 wheelah mad cap peelah forealah

08-26-2005, 11:55 PM
I Flip Knowledge Never Dropped Outta Sight
Been In Mind Like First Base It's A Rat Race at a Snails Pace/
Disburst Heat But Never Caught A Case
Seen The Taste Can't Do Dem I Screw E'm Like Music/
I Abuse It Switchin' Foots Like Chucks Duck Dem Nikes
Ike And Tina Back At Like Porno Chicks Ain't Never Get Fucked/
Don't Think Cuz I'm Spitting And I Dip-lo-wit-auto-matics
That My Swords Can't Get Cha Tragedically Slayed Like A Mixtape/
This Is The Net And You Getting Ya Panties In A Bunch
Before Coogi's Copped And Album Just Floped/
You're Flocked Flocked Back To Southern Americas
I Hear And Say Etc,etc But Don't Say I Ain't Say It/
I Spit Forty Cal But Cha Rhymes Be Plowed Like Snow Flakes Don't Get Baked Like Cake For Them Carvel Bakery's/
I Hate To Simplify It But Cha Blimp Just Got Hijacked And Pimped Like The Movie Da "the Mack" The Tech Is Back/

08-27-2005, 12:33 AM
I leave niggas stressed like weedheads out of cess
don't test tha vets or catch shots like veternarians give pets
I run through sets like rats in projects
Ya'll prospects catch wet shirts from original gun clappin' experts
Put in work like b.g.'s after o.g. status sprayin' enemies wt automatics
When it coomes to freeestylin' i'm a addict at it
Brains splattered in tha driver's seat wit tha windshield shattered
On my right arm all my victims named are tatted
I'm just kidding and gettin' comical
Let me calm my flow, maxin' like coach potatoes
tight on tha mic like a python hold
Wit cha' head in the clutch, split ya face like a dutch

08-27-2005, 09:05 PM










08-27-2005, 11:51 PM
sick systems sadistic victims masochist blister
callous crawdads whisper a cats sensitive whiskers
bread bag twisters triple sec sweet and sour mixers,
take two to the kisser rice boiled then set on simmer,
steven king curse thinner its an oil and water mixture,
painting the overall picture we're treated like fixtures....

08-28-2005, 12:04 AM
fixtures of light hang in the kitchen
make sure the mixture is right, no switchin
a little deviation got a lot of consequence
chosen for mediation cuz I sit on the fence
no white picket, cut through chain links
smash your nose until your nickname's Sphinx
hate to touch ya, demolish your facial structure
rap renegade rip rounds causin racial rupture
but we all in together through the coldest of weather
yall gon freeze to death, i put holes in ya sweater
black hooded monks rockin Timberland boots
pass me the rock I put it in the damn hoop
yall call me MJ, plus I got the heart of a bull
the heart of a snake out his chest I will pull
Shrap lead the stampede, chargin security
daughter of any shade, i'll darken her purity

08-28-2005, 01:13 AM

Industructable wordplay is praised and it stays hotter than sunrays
See me lampin' in tha Bronx where tha guns spray
Everything is everything , were shadow boxin' dojo kingz
I pull niggas cards and snatch their queens
Freestyle fiend, clavicles a murder machine
Have ya team m.I.A. like Kell 16
Expose ya spleen wit one sword swing
You were chosen to be opened up, bloody shirt soaked enough
Classic like The what track, after i blaze a sack i throw grenades at cats
That shit i be smokin' got people thinkin' Johny Blaze is back

08-28-2005, 01:43 AM
shucked oysters taken from the moisture
boisterous voice thrower flame spit broiler
rattle snake recoiler strike never warn ya
bottom bunk bitch get up get over,
costco chiken get the rotisseri roaster,
ben & shrap aimer toasters twisting voltage wrapped up to go get orders thrown sick flip head's chopped like fish served up with chips meat ground with shits then pounded into pattys served uncooked you're shitting ya panties stuck to the toilet nervous system unfolding shaking an moaning fakes flock together with feathers seagulls sailing the stormy weather get an alkaseltzer blow ya belly up now ya laying in the stretcher victim of the catchers mitt fast talkers sly sliders and knuckle ballers quick 3 strikes cracked thats it!

08-28-2005, 02:46 AM
I'm not Wesley Snipes but i'm known 2 carry a blade
Robbin' hoods like suge until my salaries made
Fuck rockin' chains i'm rockin' mics bombin' ya fighters from planes
Murder tha game wit 300 bars hit cats so hard they'll see birds, and super-stars
And whoever gets involves gets their faces decorated wit scars
we can battle for riches let's see if u can hang like Salem witches
I'm wicked with this freestyle if i see trial i'll body the witness
leave my competition burning like gonnerea infected bitches
spit in a hurry darts flurry tha sky occupy tha graves for crews to be buried alive

08-30-2005, 02:52 AM
Mad maxin' wit thundercats in tha hood, clappin' tha mac, dissin' cheesy rats
Raps worthy of a standing applause in Jersey, attracting bird flocks weep
As i step away my names hollared in the street, i play 4 keepsake
Goddegree beats bang out my speakers, i kick off tha head features
Peeps jump of the bleachers, and cheer tha leader beater
Holdin' heater tactics, on the range deranged bastard blaster
pass ya instructions to avoid tha destruction
I dis-functions smashin' pumpkins, see skinned amatuers
Tha snake damager, in tha game of death tha refs keepin' score

08-31-2005, 12:26 AM
james and ben beating brains of men that squander their little score
flames are sent seething pains condemn the masses all conform...
the shadow and the storm... we creep and we soar.. in the gallows of corn
patterns are born into.. battles that scorn tissue.. of youth's in uniform,
misinterpreted and misinformed misery takes many forms,
misconceptions and disinfections sickness always warns...

PEaCE James

08-31-2005, 06:30 AM
King of throne's, wagin war in a ring of bone's//
Slingin stone's, engaging forth with a sting of tone's//
Heaven's got a spot left for the XL, SL ain't havin it//
reaven's fought and plot to excell hell's fire and shatter it//
With one swift shift I'll throw the switch//
drift with pitch, leave no snitch buried without a ditch//

08-31-2005, 09:42 AM
hiatus aint up, just took a coffee break
seen the DOJO aint dead, james and ben breakin bread
SurreaL being only as real as he feels he should
brings a tear to my eye as i try my best to be good
now im average as Joe, missed being elite company
up with higher GODS in the stars, now im Solomon Grundy
deep in the trench like a War 1 battle
feel the mustard gas comin' but i have no mask so i rattle
out of the problems like a sidewinder snake
see this is my deal, i escape what i believe is fake
but its not, in reality its an obstacle
gotta get thru the gas as to regain being plausable
applause applause, now im back in the team
but i let it all go cause what i need is CREAM


08-31-2005, 03:51 PM
Wack heads crack off impact tha attack merciless, dangerous like Mercers fists
Tha purple's lit then i spit then litter tha brain, spit dope watch it get in ya vein
Reign in main events demented nigga givin' temple's dents
Allah sent the signifigant emcee to fracture fag skull my hands swift
Shiftin' shape dig in ya brains like crates, rocket to outer space
Battle aliens and other extra terrestrial beings i eliminate
Demons disenegrate shots leave spirits holy..lyrics hold me captive
I'm actively active this iz target practice peace to all dojo masters
Shadowboxin' world-wide were glidin' backwards

09-01-2005, 04:00 AM
as i enter, entire empire trembles, whimpers
cat scatter back to the alleys that they came from
hair raising shivers, non believers quiver
slackers hack thru black mask, lee jetted off the plane, dun
i blaze one, for luc and ic, becuz they gone
and thru my wisdom, i produce some shit, got the whole crowd to nod applause

Jabba Jaw
09-01-2005, 12:10 PM
i sit by the lake as the sun shimmers on the water
my lifes been cold but now the winters gettin warmer
i slip deep in thought, i look back on my past days
always lived the fast way but that now a vast haze
was in that cash phase, when "get money" was the catch phrase
im chillin now, had to slow up n pump the breaks
maybe now i'll get to heaven n jump the gates
maybe my sins are forgiven or am i much to late
whuts my fate? where am i goin? whuts my destiny?
askin god will i succeed or will life get the best o me
made a meal of my life just didnt have the right recipe
it was stressin me, always strivin for the nesseceties
is life a leson? at least im headed in the right direction
born with a slight defection,now im giving mics disections
seein me on the mic will never happen like a dykes erection
i wright perfection so emcees might need slight protection

09-02-2005, 04:02 AM
Explicit pro-black rap bishop scriptures kicked under light fixtures
Futuristic flow show tha pro riches, it's tha ape bangin' ya mistress
Buisness handled once hot spits light candles
Vandalize ya wit lyrical vandals, terrorist beheadin' mammals
Ran fools like track, attack like Iraq insurgents
Dick in virgins it's tha cherry poppin' wordsmith
Superb wit blastin' heaters, catch tha slug cheetah
Paid in full like fat Aretha stackin' franklins
digi thinkin' lab drunk blazin' skunk trees in a blunt
Then i penetrate a cunt, she got a manhunt
Juices drip from her Badu lips as i'm shakin' kid
Clit murdered it, milked the cow style nestle quick

09-02-2005, 08:39 AM
Some heads hate the tech check me wit disrespect
Iím hoping you protecting that neck cuz Iím coming a head/
Thinking your nice I ainít a pure breed lyrically this ainít new to me
I flip flows like you change ya jewelry/
I rule the key check ya mind for the entry I raid the pantry
My rhyme be preying slaying emcees like a infestation of locus/
Who daring to test Iím the Sheep but you ainít peep the wolf
Roaring like lion coming through stomping like a titian/
Whoís writing like the facet ainít got no knob just tap water
Canít flow like I be doing me isnít screw eím like who? /
Better get a clue I speak it rhyming shining aligning trying to mine
But hereís the conflict is the mines wit childish thoughts being mined/
I got more lines than you can process Iím like a mosh pit without
Enough people in it think I wouldn't spit it so u quitting without dipping/
I live it you just give it like chicken get cha feather plucked
Cuz your up shits creek without a paddle and knees rattling like a snake/

09-02-2005, 04:32 PM
ima quote that shit yo...no doubt


09-03-2005, 07:43 PM
Deliver ya liver through UPS postage, remains frozen in tha freezer broken
Know i'm chokin' on a smokin' chalice, wit rastas at tha palace
Solid gold chain swingin' as i'm bringin' malice, tha murder stylist
I'm tha foulest, loudest, loser.... Mooseface nigga flirtin' wit Medusa
Stolen credit card user, 1 tooth missin' bitch abuser
Dime seducer, dis a broad if she's looser than stretched socks
Phil Collins blastin' out tha box, it's one more night sellin' rocks
Got more than ocean bottoms, peace 2 my doomed moon squadron
God gun-packin'... Paul Wall assasin.. Slim Thug nigga bashin'
Fufill my see u passin' passion, dojo heads mashin' u potatoes
Lego my eggo rappers get strangled, by a villian in a Kango
U better dodge tha durango, Kangaroo boxin' action in Manhattan
Man-down flattened, what's Happening wit tha latest fashions?
Chaos, and greed got us cravin' nicotine, and green dollars
Players that pop collars after the last inning and sign tha autographs for pastors
G-Unit chain snatcher, piggybank smasher, tha massacre cd trasher
Wu-forever fan listening to Maria in a Sky blue Caravan
Sexin' a woman from Sudan in a sudan, tape it in case she scream rape suing
Brew in tha fridge coolin', while i'm foolin' wit turn-tables
Searchin' for white label distribution, interrupted by tha Suge knight shootin'
Broadcasted on channel 6, channel flipped to a porno flick
Warcloud cd skips on track 10, i grab my pen and write gems
After i'm done lace up my Tims headed outside to face wordly problems

09-03-2005, 10:22 PM
"Deliver ya liver through UPS postage, remains frozen
G-Unit chain snatcher, piggybank smasher, tha massacre cd trasher
Wu-forever fan listening to Maria in a Sky blue Caravan
Sexin' a woman from Sudan in a sudan, tape it in case she scream rape suing
Brew in tha fridge coolin', while i'm foolin' wit turn-tables
Searchin' for white label distribution, interrupted by tha Suge knight shootin'
Broadcasted on channel 6, channel flipped to a porno flick
Warcloud cd skips on track 10, i grab my pen and write gems
After i'm done lace up my Tims headed outside to face wordly problems"
love them bars son

09-07-2005, 02:36 AM

It's all good robbin' caped crusaders my city's like gotham, full of Joker squadrons
Seeds starvin' becomin' marksmen bullets are like markers markin' walls in schools
Lose yourself breakin' rules behind cells payin' dues, dudes never learn bruised
Night troops plaque tha city showin' no pity, grinnin' facial features gritty
Trees lift me over buildings got a eviction notice for tha broken ceiling billin'
Willing, and waiting honey's chillin' to be cooled off, noses red like Rudolph
if i lose a battle it's put on pause til' i'm redeemed as a crowned king
My fingers rockin' Saturn's rings, i got every star shine when i'm doin' my thing

09-07-2005, 03:52 PM
here i go with another simple minded rap flow clogged thru the sinus/
far from midas, though i touch the mic gold dust vaginas/
mooshu porked for the price of picasso artwork/
thru hardwork i might project an artwork/
get some hash rolled up tighter than aardvarks/
now im sittin lazy in the recliner armoire/
is ya armor hard? hell yeah, its undentable/
from years of injected protein vegetables/
its hard to understand unintelligibles when they rattle off like roman candles, blast off ya computer handles with dumptruck mandibles...
uh oh, did i confuse the thread with pyschotic style?
prolly piss off the next poster wit vile words compiled/
speakin of piss, let me dial in the nile/
leakin lizards, i drain the vein for awhile/
now im lost, where was I? oh yeah, i remember/
its september now, im foul as carcass in a maggot filled chamber/
apparantally, i taste danger like a creme puff/ squishy flavors clog ya heart pumps/
mack trucks couldnt transport my thoughts, they too heavy and delicate/
ah the hell wit it, im spellin it out with adjectives...
great, wonderful, demented, terrible, horrendous, unbearible
ideas pattern those locked upstate in rooms made of rubber/
every word i utter flow smoother than liquid butter/
now this expedition has reached its end/
my advice to you: dont try to comprehende...

09-08-2005, 08:08 PM
Worldwide applause for the raw, faces of haters catch scars in tha mic brawl
Cause lyrical claws i strike above tha law outlaws, slay ya in-laws
No draws only amatuers droppin' it's rapid fire machine gun action
Scrappin' while ya'll yappin' time 4 roll-call, i'm all-star i spar on tha moon
Stole stripes from racoons as soon as the bell rings eardrums catch bee stings
Bring drama like baby mama's out for child support, i'm sick like dahmer thoughts
Fought tha best fighters through tha wire infinite dart supplier
Shake off Mariah after i fucked her on tha drier, tha head spinnin' survivor
Hide ya body in tha trunk off a stolen Maserati, leather gloves no print on tha shottie
Body cuts expose guts i'm nuts back-slappin' mighty ducks

09-10-2005, 08:26 PM
Crazy verse layin' busy displayin' no playin' tactics, blastin' rap rachets
Off tha rack cats come forth and get slapped wit tennis rackets
I practice this madness a mess for those who contest it's a collison crash hit
Classics crafted become smashes for masses of rappers trapped in mockery
i get props for flowin' properly on stage i'm a sight to see
Still roll wit tha trilogy my squad deep like killa bee's
Bitch please my head suckin' i hit it right others need fuckin' instructins
under construction emcee's are better off flippin' burgers, or bakin' muffins
never bluffin', just puffin' lye on tha i-95 in a fly ride headed to tha eastside
A beast on mics feast on sites always live up in wu-corp
At tha lab i'm lightin' mics up how smokers light newports

09-11-2005, 06:22 AM
Crazy verse layin' busy displayin' no playin' tactics, blastin' rap rachets
Off tha rack cats come forth and get slapped wit tennis rackets
I practice this madness a mess for those who contest it's a collison crash hit
Classics crafted become smashes for masses of rappers trapped in mockery
i get props for flowin' properly on stage i'm a sight to see
Still roll wit tha trilogy my squad deep like killa bee's
Bitch please my head suckin' i hit it right others need fuckin' instructins
under construction emcee's are better off flippin' burgers, or bakin' muffins
never bluffin', just puffin' lye on tha i-95 in a fly ride headed to tha eastside
A beast on mics feast on sites always live up in wu-corp
At tha lab i'm lightin' mics up how smokers light newports
Damn that was fire! We should collab James.

09-11-2005, 09:08 PM
Who got it locked blastin' flocks of have-nots who can't rock a venue
Bring ya friends 2, ya'll just meals on this cannibals menu
Be-friend fools just 2 set em' up and have my lady stick a dagger through his nuts
then put tha bodybag in tha back off my truck
youv'e just been struck harder than a million nunchucks
These dumb fucks are so soft they couldn't hit a slut
I'm in tha cut crackin' up, are these cats comedians or what?
Stand up and watch my sword slice ya frame up
I came up poverty stricken spittin', and cuttin' in the kitchen
Fuck what you kickin' listen as i butcher tha chickens
Rippin' heads from knecks after tha mic-check
Unleash tha off tha leash attack just like Jet
Impact made em' black-out like red n' meth
And the only evidence i left was spit on the ground, and my initials in his chest

09-12-2005, 10:41 AM
sound effect get yo recked and splattered
turn yo brain in to chop sui as it desolves to matter
wat i gather is u goin thru antic desposition
playin against a shadow boxer is a bit bravery mixed wit mistysism
learn how to play yo postion before yo ground collapse
give u i shot but yo brain relapse
thinkin "how he hittin me so many time with one dart from the temple"
is not just me its my whole dojo of kenpo
we movin at high speed racin mac 5
while u tryin to concentrate we done sealed yo eyes
u staggerin and wonderin wat has just come thru
Shalin master represntin the wu
peace to the crew that gave me the initiation
and made me a solid member of the freestyle sensations

09-13-2005, 07:52 PM
Many cats collapse unable to run tha marathon laps
God speed new breed emcee bringin' tha ruckus where busters at
Loungin' to be found in a pond, i'm in tha forest settin' up under-ground traps
Stashin' gats, and bats switchin' up kicks, shirts, and hats
The one crook tha cops can't catch cause i cover my steps
And rep wu like Meth, only difference i bring methods of death
Camaflouged ninja in ya atmosphere fearless
Hear the thunder crack as i attack ya leaders
Destroy bodies just to abduct tha spirits
Apperance causes interference wit signals never clearin'
Ya radio needs repair when i drop it on ya head then ya eyes tearin'

09-14-2005, 10:28 AM
Top of the food chain in this game
We play but few learned the angle/
Instead of indulgence in bangles
Dames and whips I just spit and make mine/
Sensible to the credentials laid out found dating back
To the essence we accredit as the golden age/
I put mine in pages stayed away
From feudal engagements/
While those stay stagnant
I build on skills built already/
Most thinking the end is getting money
But really itís only the beginning of the story/
Flooding the streets is overdosing you gotta just
Come potent quoting the best making yourself notice/
I stay focused depositing knowledge like coins in the arcade
Evade heads like SO-COM I bomb wit arms like alarms go off/

09-16-2005, 11:06 PM
The debacle of a disaster I master management skills
But bushís character judgment is null and void plus he canít build/
Call him a ďDRONEĒ for his clone ways mind as well been
Return of the Jedi instead of The Empire Strikes Back/
I hack ya mind of men like Jean Grae donít gimme credit
But the show must go on associated pressing heads/
Addressing wit no less than the covenant I place nothing above it
I raise my cup of blood hung heads higher known to many as Tech/
But if Iím grave digging pulling the roots of the devil marvel in hell
I spell heaven haven making my bed sword swing cut cha head wit lead/
Bleed words a nation nerves rock harder than the death of 2Pac
But I ainít coming at cha Iím going at cha full speed wit no sign of impede/
I read cha manuscript pimp the system I ainít just visiting Iím a resident Letting nothing other than president to present a pre-sent a gift of nothing/
So u can stike to governing but Iím chess strategizing knocking heads Back farther while still capturing there queen and killing their king-dom/

09-17-2005, 09:54 AM
CHea................ BX BOROUGH ONE TIME... 169th / Marcy / Walton..........
yO .. yO yi Yo...

Standin walkin damage orphanz cursed to abortionz thoughtless murderin children morphin..
By voilence.. catz wilin puttin bruthaz in coffinz "those who often lost it".. aint nuthin fortunate..
I aint frontin.. Im watchin it.. day by week tha faceless streetz replacin peepz who aim to be...
Sumthin.. college dreamz.. nothin.. knowledge seen eruptin then get busted in coliseumz..
Full of ignorance n hollow beingz.. Bronx NY.. art of meaningz.. Graf hedz n part of fleein..
copz seein n not recievin.. shotz cauze anemic distort sneakin in doorz defeatin ya thoughtz..
endin ya life.. bleedin of course.. Itz all people who fought but cant contained a amped brain..
Often express anger.. IM spittin off tha best banger.. Madlib Soul Sonata.. but wait hold tha drama..
Ma lava flowz oddly change.. off subject but remain raw.. so fucc lame hors hatin dogz dat spit war..
Cuz dat wa it seem like when U gleemin light.. but hethenz might be blinded by tha heat @ night..
Ima reason why mad hedz changed.. now spittin flavor on Season'd Mics- tha best made. Team of Ripe..
who developed leadin sight.. n now peoplez flight.. all cuz One one MC named AC so be polite..

PEACE n LIFE...........

PJ FlemFlam
09-18-2005, 05:23 PM
probe'n the outskirtz of my brain wave , a wift of this rave, i work my way around the spark thatz spectacular , a mirage ponders me vernacular , a bee bounce'n roun to yo flower i bumble ,breath control deflect'z edible responses humble, receive meritz fo conduct, the funnel of this hurricane abductz,cabbage in the sink,icee color pink,treasures signal a dare,reflect to my stare,ridin the "L",create'n a spell,biochemical equation,set the stage in,spit the invasion,learn'd adaption,far from distraction,propell out the contraction,in the midst of rapture,prepair for capture,bust'd head fracture,try'n to latch on,don't start cha flap on,overthrow'n time at it'z brink,blow a kiss back & wink,PJ sayz he's nyce,i'm not roll'n with yo rig'd dice,take your time or pay the price,not with your lyfe,just strife,i didn't mean to turn you on,let'z be fair so long,out the blue gadget,out of this world magic,a pattern release tactic,hit the pool splash'n,warriorz clash'n,can't wait ask em,don't try to be deep fashioned,they come & go,perception eruptz start the flow,becareful though,of a radiant glow,storm getz cold try'n ta see through rain,sleet,snow,shake my hand ,be my friend you've been digg'n 'n the garbage can

09-20-2005, 02:11 AM

Speed racer wack rapper replacer decorating faces wit razors for favors

Got blood drippin' off my pencils eraser as lyrics of rage flame tha paper

I'm the major figure snatchin' autographin' ya girls napkin tonight back-shot action

Vagina tappin' specialist squirt on the satin sheet satisfaction

Back in some bull-shit had to pull quick tha burners out

In ya mouth mumblin' lead to pistol-whippin' time-out

I rhyme bout drama that's real tha seed ol' earth threw out

Sippin' Guiness-Stoute wit Steve in tha bar writing wit ease

Trees burnin' the breeze smokey leaves please the get high need

Sharks receive wounds courtesy of tha hammer-head platoon

Back wit that boom-bap light tha mic watch tha walls in room crack

Ladies like who's that then get addressed, and undressed then i'm shiftin' their gaps

Out to relax tha noddie head mack, i'll never perm my naps

Countin' stacks in tha Ac, it's all or nothin' frontin' nucca's get tha crack

PJ FlemFlam
09-20-2005, 03:15 PM
http://wutangcorp.com/images/icons/icon1.gif Re: The Dart Board
hit you head with a brick,i'm the sideline vick,quit talk'n shit
put you in a pit,look'n all sick, release my clip,hold ya lip,now watch ya slip
take a cat nip,you ain't cold,try'n ta act bold,behind the counter behold
roundz hittin ya from ev'ry angle,dance bo jangles,my wordz do strangle,
wanna tango,i use my fangz yo,stank'n azz,suffer'n sucka tazz
hit my lines duplicate,need to recuperate,i know plenty of wordz,you just on the verge,
now you're serv'd,try'n ta splurg,ran into the curve
this time i'ma spit fire line fo line
yo decisions cost you the crime
talk'n bout i can't rhyme
on credit you need someone ta co-sign
you probably blind to these dayz & times
poet that can show then know it
grasp'n the mike ta flow it
stunt'd hair growth you know you can't grow it,
pick'n influences from not so deep artist
think'n you've gain'd info from the wu ta spark this
late night creep i leave you in da park bitch
it might sound so deep put'n together
fever now your under the weather
catch up i'm too clever
pull down ya lever
you got the clapz can't give you a hand clap
seen on the sidewalk i gave you a slap
all you do iz flap all that jap
skinz you cant' even tap
fly'n across the room
you're a buffoon with a bunch tunes
you'll retreat soon
fed with a silver spoon
think'n your a silver back
i can't cut know slack
beat ya mini me ta jack
won't catch the aroma of contact
my thoughtz are intact
try'n ta play ball in the court
i play you as a sport
a alien of some sort,
burn ya with the torch
get back on the porch this fire might leave ya scorch'd

09-20-2005, 03:42 PM
Mc's can barely breath, like they got astma
weakness lies in stamina, after medics examine ya
another closed chapter, from a book thats unpublished
simply rubbish for the rummage, right there's ya short coming
bleed the the blood of a ninja,sword made of liqid
enternal wounds have been afflicted, soul burns b4 its lifted
never seen a killa, well i fit the description
dip shit! niggaz is clowns, all fiction!
drop a couple bars, cause i know i can do it
screw it! get used to it, What! i dont give a fuck

09-25-2005, 05:40 PM
never heard an angel sing cuz ya lost fallen and burnt you're own wings,
contaminated I pull your strings heard ya scream when ya seen my beam,
aimed at your forehead spineless is your theme livin in dreams cut off the lean,
a bastard kid is what you seem thinking you're mean ya just a machine,
cut you off clean your lyrics are mis-guided while ya hit with shoulder missles I'm firing,
potatoe head emcees get sliced like french fries annoint you with my fists and you take a dive,
livin a lie you walk in disguise toothless and selfish livin low like a shelfish,
no one can help ya you smell of repellent surgically disected I leave you rejected,
despiteful despondent depression deranged your lyrics are lame like a dog with mange,
thinking ya great while you're rappin in vain ya just a stain Ill deprogram ya name,
deputy dipshit thats ya new moniker thinkin ya smart but your more like a follower,
hollow head thoughts ya brains tied in knots its to late you've been lyrically SHOT
BigBen goes for dolo Pop blowing backs out in the dojo spot running this like Flo Jo non-stop

Undead Ninja
09-26-2005, 11:42 PM
What the fuck do they know about the Ninja
I sit on the roof got you smokin that Genja.
Be feared as I blast on your ass fuck around with me
be the last nigga ta grasp my flow. As I spit U.N. mathmatics
fo sho. Big Ben in the mothafuckin house
spittin rhymes out, fake nigga's can't tough this real shit the level I spit
is realer than real iz!
Call me Moses I gave youi the laws and you choose not ta own it
N>I>N>J>A> what the fuck do bitch nigga's gotta say!

09-28-2005, 01:32 PM
Back again quoting tha 1-10 on battlefields beheading wicked men
Wipin' tha blood of my sword askin' Allah for forgiveness knowin' i'll do it again
Defend my fam, and friends to tha death til' then let's toast to tha best
Causin' after-effects like karma tha bulletproof monk honored in Ghana

09-30-2005, 11:58 PM
Splish splash my sword swings
Expand my wings like Rodan/
Hammer head blow youíre confidence
To bits stay full equipped for any jack/
Most theses emcees is suckers doing what they can Most real emcees is doing what they feel regardless/
Hardly am I amongst any defined rhyming often
On the mic setting up my debut repute any disputes/
I got wit any opponent whether it be a feud or a beef Trying to teach the youth this ainít the way u reach/
Feed the need sharpen them blades
On the end of my grenade exploding in ya face/
This ainít church where the pastorís faker
Than the breast ya old lady got implanted/
Thinking she hot dancing around flaunting her stuff In videos and X-rated porn yo trying to say thatís hot, thatís hip hop/
Nah man that ainít real what perpetrating behind fake imagery Stating drugs are cool & a culture full of dealers and fools/
Thugs are just tools to means and a end to that means The government is behind every door, floor board and whore/
Thinking you gonna become a emcee, a dj, a producer overnight This is emceeing, this is hip hop better wake the fuck up & smell da coffee/
It takes years, months, weeks, even decades for this u Dr Seuss, Humpty Dumpty, Grinch wanna be looking like the ďblackĒ Elmer Fudd/
You got real cats like me and others looking like assess just cuz Youíre dumber than a brick uneducated prick the lines of division are gone/
Beckons no long you being played like a pawn gotta move like a knight Fight like a bishop, attack not as a victim but as a victor/

10-01-2005, 02:15 AM
Tha captain caps ten mc's prisoners behind tha locks of captivity
This isn't an act but amatuers get axed gettin' in my activities
An actual fact that alot of rappers react timidly tho' they rhyme violently
See them in the streets theyr'e silent b, shook ones quickly flee
In their pants they pee on themselves scared to death
Biters are hanged on stage tha penalty for lyrical theft
Any nigga can get a deal but what's real wit no respect
Sell-out for a check, chic, and a rolex
Get rolled vexed as the quotes choke tha baddest
I bust tha steel quick like a virgins first time having sex
I drop jewels not to be confused wit dipset lyrics(Santana)
tha grammar lay em' down u hamsters get tha hammer
There's no management capable of curing my anger
Perfect stranger strangilin' headbangers, rock n' roll rapper slayer
Mos def i don't stop tha show til' i leave pros wit broke knecks

10-01-2005, 11:49 PM
I got lyrics like commercial artists have gimmics and glitter
Tha radio litters tha brain no relief for no-hitters
When i'm on strike it's like hell tryin' to get cha' deal right
Righteous type until i'm forced to fight tha matrix corrupted wit hatred
I destroyed earth know tha original man is in tha spaceship
Conquered mars wit shootin' stars lookin' at quasars
Like uncooked meat i stay raw the systems pussy fuck the law
I'm not Chino-XL but i excell wit a poison pen 2 save u all
I'm small throwin' big niggas down-fall on tha rocks crawl
Ladies can't get off tha balls like a constipated man can't get off tha john
Blazin' pawns wit advanced moves another king on tha board strong
U can either get gone or sing-a-long just don't get it wrong

10-02-2005, 07:21 AM
don't get it wrong, any hoe get the dong
but lose the granny panties, go get a thong
and keep the nani handy, and ill treat ya ass so well
be hold it for me, or i might beat ya ass to hell
nah, youll hoe it for me, on tha street ya ass for sale
dont get it twisted, two face, get both lifted
this shrap AKA, lil faze, blaze away all the haze
show over when I blaze away at the stage
buck buck bidow, fuck what with how
chop ya balls off, who you fuckin with now
thanks for keepin my seat warm
shit get cold these days so im leavin the heat on
hot like Haiti, just ask my safety
she get less play than Intellekt the PR Peter Brady
and I might beat you, maybe
but you a bitch and thats no way to treat a lady
fuck it ill bury ya
droppin six feet of dirt on ya whole fuckin area

10-02-2005, 04:00 PM
I'm back with a vengence so its time to serve notice
I'm not Wu, I'm Pai Mei The Fist of the White Lotus
been on this board for years and spit madd spears
at the ears of some of my peers as some ran in fear
Dth looms near, here with DOOM drinkin "One Beer"
watch the streets shed bloody tears meltin ice from DeBeers
my science is beyond weird much more than fat bitches with beards
my style is so 70's you'd think I was reared by Pam Greer

Undead Ninja
10-02-2005, 04:06 PM
Yo Dth spit tha verse I make tha world hurt
Fuck ya mother in your face
I destroy the human race while eatin chocolate in paste
OMG he wuz sniffin glue of tha roof
i'm the master smack ya ass 3 times faster anygangsta rapper
come prepared before I blast Ya!
The God herby-herb!

10-02-2005, 08:25 PM
This is my Dojo, strip u of ya mojo
leave u beggin like a hobo on queer street like a homo
Im old skoo like Double Dragon and u just Abobo
u don't want beef cuz us Ricans cook that shit with adobo
don't need a crew cuz i can wreck u solo
doin kids worse than what Bruce did Bolo
your style is overrated like boutique shops in soho
against me you'll always play 2nd fiddle like Manolo...

10-02-2005, 09:44 PM
swords stay sharp
train in the shadows/
creep wit me as i walk
through these city streets/
my knife and sword got my back
ready to attack on the sight of contact/
i'm like Kiefer Suttherland in "Phonebooth"
one step, marked, sighted i shoot/
break necks for a living whenever
i'm in the booth known for darts sharp as a widows peak/
seeking revenge is sweet like cake i walk
flip like gum thinking i'm stuck transmodify/
wit an option to buy got you duped
this ain't monopoly this is me guarding my property/
knocking partners i'm a panther rather gather phatter
max arms whipping carmel btiches flipping switches/
thinking i'm westcoasting i'm east boasting throw heat
roasting you turkey honkies like a pit barbque/
i flip marked arks like i'm heading to rendevu
who knew my flow floated like agua know nadda/
snatching the vault haulting armed costing u a championship
like new york did boston for 86 years fuck the curse this is vengence/
and i'm relentless hence the sentence i'm end this game
making your regin look like fedo lay/

10-02-2005, 11:42 PM
i fight with blind eyes like van damme in bloodsport/
i clamp down and recite lines worthy of export/
ya breaths short, stress chords vocally ten fold/
my words carry hits like a student of ken-po/
and like my sifu, I see through, modern day people/
these aliens illegal, stabbed with a steeple
this is actual, contracts come back to smack at you/
blast thru, the vault door like harold at white castle/
my fist, swingin thunder, my voice strike lightning bolts/
cause a flash flood with tidal wave of vocal shining colts/
bullets the size of dewdrops increase to water balloons/
splatter ya mind mass, blast like bomb drafts under moons/
while im piercin inner sanctums with a rusty nail, deflatin/
your hopes and dreams faster than a soul is sold to satan/
im like a janitor the way I, clean up a rappers foulness/
they lucky i dont break my mop and stick up they crevice/
its the I.A., Invincible, hold all these cats responsible/
for the downfall of human values, so dislogical/
so apply the mathematical, study up on the generals/
and you too might find theres a light in the tunnel...

10-03-2005, 07:18 PM
See me in photo's puttin' death certificates on my foes toes
While u sweat hoes in tight clothes, i pen flows full of soul
So above average as i ravage rappers with this passage
Got game shot mastered my lines sabatoge false gods ratted
Rhymes rattle as snakes are laid to rest in battle
Check tha time of travel as i unravel tha riddles
Big names get be-littled as i ignite mic missles
Spit official as cats think theyr'e untouchable packin' pistols
Put money up to get you got ..gotta alot of connects that are next to get you setup

Grim Reapa
10-03-2005, 07:37 PM
Racial slurs blurred ya vision
Wrath of En Sabah Nur, occured why you was in the feedal position
Tactition verbally smightin, the mc's im fightin
Look how blood stains glisten
An like pac im on a mission
But not ta preach the ghetto Gospel when I'm dead
Straight throwin a political message
Before my spinal column gets filled with lead
But this not by gangsters but by the IRA
Ever investigating the propaganda covered by the CIA
Ya might listenin to ma rhymes and wonder whats he thinkin
This niggas crazy, gonna get murdered by the government before he starts blinkin
A rebel this time with a cause to tell the truth
Political lies dramatisize the effect on our youth
Tell us they didn't start 9/11 yet theres no proof
That Bush's demorcracy failed
His political mind, not smart enough for Bin Laden too fail
You could listen too Immortal though he's not politcally correct
Sometimes its like he's throwin darts blind when der's a reason to check
So you gotta respect the eva castin shadow round Bush's administration
Next thing he duz is hire Roberts who believes in total alianation
Deep concentration, the US is facing oblideration
During the next four years cuz Bush is a Mabus reincarnation


Undead Ninja
10-03-2005, 11:43 PM
Yo the world coulen't handle the flow I spit
I stole your brain made you remit ta emit shit!
Undead popin samurai flyers
yo yo yo its th eninja fo hire
like Zachariah I ran across the world my rhymes
preveil what you spit as I fucked the world its a herald
to all corners of the earth
the gatekeeper is your master bitch this is what you deserve!
how many anthems shall I write
When I come though I tourch the DOJO down aight!

10-09-2005, 06:15 PM
Who's gonna talk when I'm cutting off ya extremities,
its tempting to see you skirm like a centipede,
extreme exorcism exercised slicing through like scizzors,
pull out ya gizzards cold blooded movements on ya reptilian lizzards,
cold fusion artic slang that smothers like blizzards,
Kamikazi supreme wizards buzzing you buzzards,
shitting on ya comode flows ya flow is straight gutter,
I'm lathering my Bars like breakfast toast with creamy butter,
Bars I scream while I watch you shudder causing ya heart to flutter,
intimidate ya ass ya start to mutter crying out for ya mudder!!,
popeye sailor slang riding on my cutter pulling ya strings like utters,
milking the bovine pastuerized whale blubber I snap backs like rubber!!!!!


10-09-2005, 09:09 PM
yo, tha straitest lyracist/fukk a plagerist/its a crazy mix/a bit of jadakiss/wit a pisst off skater kid/that aint afraid of shit/i aint scared to commit,no premeditated hit/i hate tha fuzz like ramo hated spit/who tha fuck ya thought it was?/ cap'n sav a trick/i told tha he aint shit/i fukkt his bitch and made her slob on this natives dick/yo im a hookers favrite pimp/till they short wit my latest grip/i need tha major chips more than tips for waitresses/this is more than just a glitch/and youll neva fix ya matrixes/aint this a bitch,i dont even know what day this is/ol school like 86 suede pumas k-swiss/and ben davis's/thats my favrite shit/then get my head shaved and clipt/i got tha phaser set for stun/when lasers spit ya best to run/like ghost n rae/ back when they checkt everyone/g'head pray to take me in a battle/that day will neva come

10-10-2005, 12:19 AM
Say my name in vein dope, feel tha brain poke as i reign broke
My slangs coke i bag it up then sell it to ya folks
Weed chokes my lungs still lungin' notes
Plantin' seeds to see em' grow guided by my soul
There's no obstacle impossible to master after i study
Building among tha ugly slums filthy, and cruddy
Where cats will steal ya buggy, and skin ya bunny
Dirty kids wit noses runny get dollars from me
It's never sunny thunny, just projects and young gun thieves
Who receive life the system gives 3 strikes that's cell-block life
Nowhere to hide fiends in tha alley o.d. off a quick high
12 year old girls wit sperm smiles suckin' dicks dry
I just write about hoodlife where there's no goodlife
U either hustle to get chips, get shot or get knives
I used to get hype and just fight day, and night
Until i felt tha slug plug my back, knew it was time to get right

11-08-2005, 12:41 PM
The use of wack verses arenít permitted in the lab
I got the gift of gab lyrically you can call me the rabbi/
Need I say I cuz when I sit n write I prey on my prey wit literature displaying my skills similar to a cat wit AIDS or HIV/
You canít touch me wit cha slow motion capturing maneuvers
Trying to scuba dive without equipment is idiotic wit no thought process/
Authentic rhymes be preventive wit expensive costs
Leaving most dead broke, need to now file for bankruptcy/
You canít corrupt me wit cha optician lyrical presence hence the tense
Mention me again then we going to get brave in the heart and start a war/
Having you running from Harlem to Coney Island like The Warriors
Causing a mass hysteria bearing nothing but fruitless fruit
Asking, if youíre mute? /
If not get cha game up tempo let eím know you ainít slacking
Lacking in skills trying to build on some real shit when I spit some shit/
Flip them mathematics without catching static not even needing the blade or the joint thatíll spread crowds like the red sea/

11-09-2005, 10:04 AM
Tha bastards back wit raps that slap nuccas wit louiville slugger impact
My pack never slacks when we attack wit drift force source hell's wind staff
Send cracks across tha earth at rates rapid undisputed under-ground masters
That'll mash ya and light tha matches while u in bed burn ya mattress
Another causltie added to my list of assanation addresses i'm a professional professor
Wit lectures that murk experts who become injured resters on stretchers

11-09-2005, 10:22 PM
I do this til' death def defyin' scrolls scripted on desks
so many battles iv'e blessed left medals of honor on chests
Many claim their tha best but get laid 2 rest after the mic check
I feast on sets let tha remains settle in tha womb then digest tha madness
Going to war with stress, i eliminate it with playin' chess
Writing flows, reading books, building wit gods, or having sex
Or seeing my seeds rest after a-long day we all play
Monday to Sunday doing it my way living good i must say
Sometimes i prey and display thanks to tha higher power
May he guide us and provide us wit protection on tha final hour
Which no human knows i come in peace with knowledgeable speech
Know what i speak as i use all 3 eyes to see what's ahead of me
Friend, or enemy those who speak blasphemey death be tha penalty
Government wants to assanate tha gods, and earths like John, and Bobby Kennedy
Still eternally living f.b.i. got files on me like tha Panther party, and John Lennon
See what i'm giving is life to tha life-less, and heart to tha heart-less
Were going under lost in tha storm abandoned ship when families torn
Sworn in to reform tha dumb, deaf, and blind must be re-born

11-09-2005, 11:07 PM
wu tang shadow style my flow is everlastin
the kenpo kid came back from fastin
and outlastin i'm boxin they say it can be he
"flotin like a butta fly and stingin like a bee"
not muhamad ali but wu menace at heart
in the temple throwin deadly darts
rapid like farts from a 650 man
Wu-tang hum hum all i say afta takin 40 o 50 cans
now watch my drunken master i'm a bastard wit my flow
evil child deceptive cause i got the budah aura glow
hold on hoe this is a shadowboxin lesson
mic check one two Wu-Tang is now in session

11-10-2005, 07:21 AM
great to have u

no homo

11-10-2005, 04:28 PM
nice one :)

02-03-2006, 01:01 PM
Coverin blockz- hoverin copz catch blood n tha crotch- fucc sum thugz n a glok- ma barz rupture ya heart..
bacc @ home.. laccin poemz but crashin known spotz- capture known criminal.. after dark flash tha park..
son yo I collapse ya dome wit faster dartz- pass ya home..blast ya phone cause distraction.. prone..
prone... to danger.. inflitrate anger- master thoze.. feet skillz- kill neat then drill geekz wit spilled heat..
no 'bitz' only 'piece'..roam tha streetz fill tha 'beat' wit graf- police heated mad- I achieve n laugh..

YOOOOOOO............... WUcorp bacc up.... peace.

02-06-2006, 09:16 AM
elivate a quik style i flip piles and brake ice blocks when i kick tiles//

i spit wit a venom to trip miles on ur women i spin em when i wip wild//

dragon tails crush and file u down to bone when it rips like a saw//

brake bones when i call home ur bitch is dropping giving me dome to the ball //

and i do got 2 but she is holden one in her paw she got lock jaw so she spits when my dick cocks and draws//

02-06-2006, 10:53 AM
I put cha in positions
Like I’m doing the butcher’s wife/
Demigraphics happened to rap wicked
I slick rick it flip it call me psychotic/
Rhyme operatic master skills build
Wit tools get flows built on top floors/
Savor the mic skills for the basement
Take any resume making etch a sketch/
I touch those graves Slavic on it like tonic
I sway display aim low leave ya team deemed/
Written scripts in Arabic or old English be literature
Poetical mind Asiatic get the graphical Encarta I spark/
More authors who taught cha to build cheap stools
Make a killing like Dell but give e’m cheaper parts/
Than docks locksmith gifted wit swiped blades
Aide cha team wit military presence I told cha/
Quench your thirst sprint remix the drink, track or
Sneaker I read cha lead cha on like mami ain’t know/
Book e’m document rhyme exclaiming taken most roads
Known as the attack of the clones now it’s the revenge of the spit/
As I begin to rip bars get e’m bent like metal settle down from
Overseas travel unreval the texture pixilated marvel real world harbor/
I carve tattoos hatch choo I bless you wit skills let e’m learn them
Off the books and strictly from experience know we got the clearance/

The Ghost
02-06-2006, 12:14 PM
Its the return of the Jedi, continue shall I
Breaking niggas mic cords to make them go bye bye
Spitting true knowledge for everything that its worth
Most of thier raps played and dated like a tie die shirt
Hold on the kids about to spit above the norm
Staring weak emcees in the eye I'm a child of the corn
But no i ain't corny just in case u wanna ask
Next time I'll murder you then let you relax
I got to teach you so I'm holding emcee classes monday through friday
Talk slick and find your remains on the highway
Goodbye Goodman Brown, nigga read a book
Old literature with the lyrics I cook
Not a nerd far from one actually
Got any doubts about it come on and battle me
Shortys mouth a lollypop in other words a sucker
Come on and battle me motherfuckers....

02-06-2006, 03:05 PM
Sonz be like tirez burnin from spin-outz.. tha way they shitmouth.. how many goin pass from tha clip-out?....
I spit metoz- hit pedalz accelerate toya devilz.. who pauze- n cauze ya medal 2-B mine! cuz ya settlin in time!.
"sleepin" n restin on streetz u invested in- CRIME.. tha level hit!. benevolent mindz iz gone- 'harsh' developin..
Im tha ICE ppl tremblin to skate on-.. afraid @ every flinch!! one move ya drown in tha coldest ditch!!
ya frozen bitch!!
Im supposed to GIVE warning- but cautious of morningz supportin drillz- wait till nightfall wea tha tiger fall...
(tired / mauled).. so I can surprize em all.. strike n call from hieghtz then fall- ninja stance- finish mission plan....
Dismiss shurikenz.. as they enter man.. sharp wheelz bend ya brainz wit pain.. inflict sufferin..(fucc ya kidz)
still get punctured with a ton of hitz from my 'number-iz' sproketz rocketin thru tha air knoccin 'bitch' off feet..
all defeated n deleted 'crossed off' tha list- laptop closed- we retreatin bacc to freedom- laugh @ heatenz..
damn im bleedin..apply bandagez after war- [pauze].......................................
son ya chance of being elite 'advanced wit team' iz weaken'd.. we too enhanced wit speakin-.............

LYRICAL warfare...... cramp ya breathin.... PEACE.

02-07-2006, 10:57 PM
Coma splice the words you write
thinking a pause in ya thoughts/
is gonna spark something provoking
i'm lyrically open to any suggestions/
most youngin' is missing points
like Shaq's Freethrow joints/
get the flow flown blown wind
hindering my competition helpless/
think they need special education
one on one preferablely/
don't try n diss is you ain't nice
why don't cha audition for a comedy/
cuz ya rhymes ain't even funny
they can't even punch lights 4 money/

02-09-2006, 11:12 AM
Archie bunker rhyme monkey
But I ainít fuckin wit no gorilla/
Mind thrill ya hold cha deck check
The left I rep my chamber blaze rangers/
I aim swipe my blade cross faces notice
Me with or without lasers or star trek phasers/
I run the gambit back to the street level
Concrete I beef wit emcees lengthily I rent G/
Ape suitor rhyme logo hold cha team in a choke hold
Ghostly I hold my mic wit claws gnawing at cha jaws/
This is Black-n-Latino loco bone blaster castrating emcees
On cross or any iconoclasms wit mad plasma/
Charlie brown booster rolling folding
Never rev more RPM than MPH get prescript/

03-04-2006, 03:59 PM
Shockey rocked the field shown the appeal
Weld that gauge wit two 40’s in the place/
Quicken the race taste victory oil spilling practically
Got caught leaking I’m patching machines drenched/
Run the bench pressed to continue the test
Never stick to being vexed I just chill n relax/
Catch contact bomb back clichť diplomatic
Wit immobilarity defying gravity/

03-04-2006, 03:59 PM
Uppin............4 Da Squad

03-05-2006, 01:43 AM
^ U make no fuccin sense when u spit dog.......
half ya shit be soundin forced. }:T

dif de la rev
03-06-2006, 01:23 AM
no style to since the rival be mince like meet in the feet the yard be hard like strrets have shardfs beat the down syndrome with guards like grills get slit like a bobble head to make it the kill go dangle like a stray angle can't find way when mangle directions leaving the you in disection use scapel like williams aopple pull the cord to the core get unplugged like gore no votes go conceed being late like apples with no seeds

03-09-2006, 08:54 AM
Coverin blockz- hoverin copz catch blood n tha crotch- fucc sum thugz n a glok- ma barz rupture ya heart..
bacc @ home.. laccin poemz but crashin known spotz- capture known criminal.. after dark flash tha park..
son yo I collapse ya dome wit faster dartz- pass ya home..blast ya phone cause distraction.. prone..
prone... to danger.. inflitrate anger- master thoze.. feet skillz- kill neat then drill geekz wit spilled heat..
no 'bitz' only 'piece'..roam tha streetz fill tha 'beat' wit graf- police heated mad- I achieve n laugh..

YOOOOOOO............... WUcorp bacc up.... peace.

DOJO aint bout posting "gangstah" lyrics man
gather some consiousness

03-09-2006, 03:29 PM
DOJO aint bout posting "gangstah" lyrics man
gather some consiousness
hop off my dick bitch ass.... spit some lyricz

03-09-2006, 04:24 PM
DOJO aint bout posting "gangstah" lyrics man
gather some consiousness

truth spoken Tuco good 2 see u back

03-09-2006, 05:12 PM
Don’t get give ya hopes up n keep posting
Get spaded and neutered instead/
I make hands fold like you got blocked
By Michael Strahan dead lift wanna be’s/
Hit e’m wit bangers make there mind
Get welded where spots are melting by ganja/
Lyrically I export you from island to island
Like banana cargo even get past embargos/
Key Largo flows never sticking to walls like spiders
I flatten heads, hats & there ain’t no coming back/
Exactly rack mikes up on them XXL shelves
Delve back into The Source & Vibe’s/
Trying to get that Black Enterprise
Running wit in them High Times/

03-10-2006, 09:59 AM
hop off my dick bitch ass.... spit some lyricz

i started this thread and have some shit posted in previous pages
read on (eventhough i know ima get shit talk from you regardless)

03-10-2006, 05:15 PM
i started this thread and have some shit posted in previous pages
read on (eventhough i know ima get shit talk from you regardless)
nah I felt dissed.........
I wasnt spittin gangsta shit... I was "exercising my lyrical skill" SON......
see..... If u werent so got dayum fast to POST and actually "FELT / READ" my post......

Then you will see I was "SHADOW BOXING" NIGGA...........}:|
take 2 minutes to read all tha MULTZ dog... how tha format iz....
thats exactly what I was doin.... EXERCISING........

IF U GOIN KICK NIGGAZ OUT YA THREAD cuz they EXERCISING (same fuccin shit as shadowboxing / practicing)... fucc u then.
RESPECT a nigga...... fucc.

03-13-2006, 08:40 AM
in what kind of world do we live in
drivin' by presidents who better be livin'
in prissons, but that ain't enough, is it?
no it isn't but it would help allot
less wars, doors been opened with new oportunities

less poverty, yes in the comunity,
but that's just a dream like one of mlk,
yes i know, he got rid of the fuckin' kkk

feedback pleace!!

03-13-2006, 06:25 PM
Shadowboxin' rockin' ya chins i never make amends
I just play position of hitman and slip the clip-in
Flippin' remarkable lines as crowds go wild, and listen
The mission to forever glisten, pump my fists like Pistons
Liftin' heavyweights throw em' off the mountain fate
My fountain flow incredible, as my lyrical aresenal
Peace Tuco, got affiliates from n.Y. to Mexico
Niggaz who talk shit, ya'll the next to go
these lynguistics are loco, as put cha' broke hoes in chokeholds

03-14-2006, 08:00 AM
nice! keep up!

03-14-2006, 05:23 PM
Aye yo,

Godfast for 7 days, Archangel thrown from heaven leading hell's parade
I hold the spade, and control the ace got a queen of every race
Bring ruckus to any place, touch mine and ya heads erased
Mc's get mased , and mugged and bashed up wit billy clubs
Dimes give me love, and plenty of tongue hit em' then i'm on the run
You shitty bums talkin' shit son, gonna be the target of my gun
I'm slum raised in my ghetto praised for my sick ways
Shit on ya'll for days, then smokeout drop ashes on ya face
Every beat i lace like boots, and sneakers, move wit the heater
The way i hold the Franklins, you'd think i robbed Aretha

03-15-2006, 11:52 PM
divine forces, maintaining planetary orbit/
souls trapped in corpses, paralyzed with Rigor mortis/
I take flight like Horus, impale evil with horns of Taurus/
winged horses burning through demons with gods torches/
The Orphic Greek choruses enacting an anamorphosis
The immortal sorceress/ who battles tyrannosauruses/
If you too feeble, he makes ya skin poreless
Snitches struck down by tails of Stegosauruses

03-20-2006, 01:42 PM
Enter A New Challenger/ Wild Strong Islander/ Mark Days Off The Calender/ Armageddon Is Now/ Respect The Style/ God Blessed The Child/ Expect Foul Play/ Yall Spittin Childs Play/ Nowadayz Soundin Gay/ I Cant Take It/ I'll Brake Ya Hand B4 I Shake It/ Try To Walk Amile In My Shoes You'll Never Make It/ Yall Just Insects In A World That I Created/

03-20-2006, 07:48 PM
These emcees coming up these days
Ainít potty trained, I body dames/
Who come wit weak flames donít get douched
Similar shorty on her period kid/
Do it right or get burnt like every other
Sucker emcee who done contracted/
Every STD in the book look eím up
There the definition of sonned n shook/
They get cooked raw wit no preparation
Tasting there bones n flesh simmering/
With just a lil dash of Sazůn everything
Is right for a cannibalistic lyricist/
Making every emcee n textcee
Squirm, cringe n giggle from the shit I riddle/
Down ya mental crash ya motherboard n all her slaves
I whip MCs wit a strap when Iím vexed/
Donít test what cha canít best n thatís the Tech
Shining cutting through all ya fabric n lining/
Donít try n converse wit extremist lyrically toxic
Mic concocter wit more phrases that cause severe abrasions/
Giving out more holes than gauges I put eím down in pages
Backlog every verse then come at me wit n splice it/
Mentally they ainít got any dexterity to dare n test
The Best Even Now wit multiís that get going like #3/

03-22-2006, 10:29 AM
Mc's need training their blasting awkward beginners aiming
Mainstream teams i'm maiming, it's me snitches are blaming
For not not restraining from slaying niggas way in the 1st round
My words pound heads in the emergency room, nurses don't hear a sound
Iv'e found influence off doing hits, biters get chewed, and spit out
I'm nastier from concentration during constipation puttin' the sickest shit out
It's my lane so get out, or you'll need dentures for that toothless mouth
I'm ruthless about how i end bouts, shadowboxin' contenders out unconcious
Throw chairs at their sponsors, i'm independent i can't be sponsored
Hip-hop's lockness monster got cha' , under deep water wanting breath
But my allies watching you gasp for ya last breath, demand death in the depths

03-22-2006, 06:10 PM
revival ~ now its time to rebuild
how ironic the last post wasnt a holiday toast
independant my country stood but not on the 4th
that was just a document date read with laughs by King George
save the chuckle for the war, killed em off with militia
rakes and various tools used, not a pretty war picture
what matters is we won, last hurrah for the land
of the free and the brave, whip a slave, play ur band tunes
100 more years of peace, love, and baby booms
just a matter of time till yall feel the post-slave fumes
short fused black leaders step up to the soap box
proclaim a nation within themselves thru airwave spots
lead millions in marches from Alabama to DC
from PEACE to violence and down to east-west coast beef
the downfall of America can be best told thru heart
cause actions spoke enuff, look at us now, war has torn us apart

jus thought id hit with a lil throwback DOJO verse....this one i was pretty happy with, flowed nicely IMO

03-22-2006, 06:38 PM
Creating creations that cremate heads that hesitate to make a spark
You know this water-proof mc rides waves like Noah's ark
Dedicating my darts to my peeps on the darkside, and victims of homicide
I'm living life amongst savages, still they know i'm not the one to ravage with
Grab em' then stab em' with the cross, destroyin' foolish hearts
My murder art is non-artificial, i'm lyrically artistic
Carryin' biscuits state-to-state, making emcee's statistics
Lethally spittin' venom to put all rivals to sleep, my tongues heat
Runnin' through 12 beats a day, slay all wit timeless wordplay

03-22-2006, 07:52 PM
The Zen swordsman/ I see the light without distortion/
Holy spirits contortion your fortune like an abortion/
My mind flows/ with lyrical swords that chop through porcelain/
Enter my circle, you get cut up into several portions
Warriors of Odin/ show you death with sublime motions/
The god of poets/ twisting reality with narcotic potions/
Norse horsemen/ bury the wicked in seven oceans/
My words are potent/ with precision I devastate all opponents/

04-15-2006, 11:10 PM
Asking if I’m too dirty Ah Ha dirty dogging emcees
Wit skills bringing pain look like a ravine wit brains/
Rafting on my shores cut cha umbilical cord
Leave you stiffer than cardboard box/
Ask me now who’s the hardest I’d ask back
Who’s the sickest most retarded wit lyrics/
Like this bang ya head against a tombstone
Save ya coins then you’ll be Donald Goines/

some crazy wazzy style 4 dat ass

05-01-2006, 01:32 PM
ay yo....
shadow box rap packs genocidel patients
matter fact/
i'm losin' my patients...
with relations of fakness/
it seems like ages....
like wrinkles in yall faces/
since i spit dat dojo oasis/
soon you'll see darts.....
dippin' in ya city like immigration/
rome put one in ya head/
stop head fakin/
jewels slip off from the stick up/
i'm facin'......

05-01-2006, 08:37 PM
Corpse Christy I spit, speak n say
Wit the lip speed you can only read/
Don’t think you can super succeed
The need to feed, eat, live and breathe/
I rhyme 4 more reasons entering minds
Calling it treason I’m telepathic n I’m breezing/
Developing styling wilding wit words I’m hiring
Firing on all cylinders lyrically I’ll kill ya/
Then bill ya for services you ain’t even use
The mission is impossible like Tom Cruise/
I don’t bruise mics I bruise your face
Loose the case, drop the charges/
Escape to Thailand my flow be flying
B-One bomb your crew think I’m not devastating/
Make a statement I’ll break it n reiterate it
Face it you lost the title I’m vile, sick n wild/
Bucky knuck your uppercut fuck da blocking
I’m cocking the nine to leave the bullet in place of your spine/
Then you know the meaning of getting on the grind
Split cha mind give you migraines take a pill bitch/
My flow be the Advil, Aspirin & Tylenol all in one
Think I’m dope better start call me Opium-Tech/
Don’t think I will never switch
On and off like a light switch/
Thinking you spit harder I pitch more heaters
Than a chick rocking a wife-beater/

06-05-2006, 09:09 PM
i dart arks lost at sea
my flow you soon shall see/
spit fire best believe the rhymes
i retrive from the lost dart manuscript/
flip libs give e'm jibs i jab bang you up
extremely bad loosing so much blood/
you carve out a nitch in the ground
making sure it all isn't in the game/
you know the name lyrically i slay e'm
prey on e'm n manipulate e'm/

07-20-2006, 06:27 PM
Destructive lyricisim got my mind shackled, as i spit the blind tackled
Savage stature of a master and massive dome blaster
Faster than the speed of warp, wasp tactics bring stingin' results
I'm part insect so fly lines i craft you maggots respect my darts
Specialize in explosive rap arts, uglier than facial warts
I'm done son, burning bandits to ashes on the fort

07-21-2006, 12:21 PM
Destructive lyricisim got my mind shackled, as i spit the blind tackled
Savage stature of a master and massive dome blaster
Faster than the speed of warp, wasp tactics bring stingin' results
I'm part insect so fly lines i craft you maggots respect my darts
Specialize in explosive rap arts, uglier than facial warts
I'm done son, burning bandits to ashes on the fort

jurassic wit the sword,rap your neck up wit the cord,till kidz just hit the floor
now you got an open jaw,hack saw through the body like magicians on tour,
jagged teeth rippen in the flesh like the deadly life of jaws,rap applause
clap your paws for the oldist animal around,hear me laughen and gaspin wit that twisted cannibal sound...

tha god concept
07-21-2006, 12:30 PM
cannibal sound...

pound for pound more profound you clown
cartoon money shakedown hangin niggaz upsidedown
money hits the ground the God ganks another town
if you drop anymore jewelz imma make a fuckin crown

Edgar Erebus
07-21-2006, 12:38 PM
Ya heard well, the fucking crown for rulin fuckin' town
But just make a wrong step and the kingdom's fallin' down
For the laughter you'll deserve to constantly receive
It's just distant noise of what you could be capable to give,
But don't go out, your presidency designed to be cracked
And kids off the project scream "King is fucking naked!!!"

07-21-2006, 02:01 PM
Put cha scrilla up
My flow be flooding
Like Antarctica/
Shoulda, woulda, cloulda
But cha ainít nice enuff too/
Ya just dice being rolled on the table
Pull ya card n I intend to use it/
Abuse it n miscue it now ya
Wonder how ya view it/
Whether ya at the crib or
In the library just go too/
Any site such as Youtube.com
Ifilms or hit search on ya toolbar/
Ya can Google the Viral Video too
My lyrical article spit mostly particles/
Divide words into principles
Spit scriptures turn eím into pictures/
Now you can visualize enterprise
The rhymes I exercise n make ya realize/
Open ya third eye up n plug into this
Matrix n politic Nixon click son flick up/
I Bill Clinton the Black House love my spouse
I arouse flows that Kung Pow wit the Pussy thou/

Edgar Erebus
07-21-2006, 03:52 PM
Where's the rhyme scheme?

08-03-2006, 02:59 PM
Call me R Kelly I piss on hoes, shit on foes, SPLAT
Wipe wit paper, aint nothin, I get on dough fast
Get on yo ass, flap ya lip and get hit wit fo' blasts
Flippin those packs, plus these fuckin bitches owe cash
Rode fast wit they batty ass, when they saw me last
They know I prolly blast and put holes up in that ass
Leave they hoes in body casts, swole up in that ass
Fags on my dick, barrel of a fourty fo up in that ass
Body bags in ya whip, you ride out in the trunk
I get brains bitch, and yours fly out, from the pump
Don't watch me hoe, leave that shit to the cops
Nothin but batty hoes flap they lip to the cops
Misconceptions, assumptions, he said and she said
Get the weapon, I'm dumpin, he dead and she dead
See dead people, yeah bitch, I got a sixth sense
Who is to blame, quotin his name, in the past tense

08-08-2006, 01:43 PM
I can't wait to flip weight, and make my next battle a Kuwait fate
Cash the check-mate, and flash the cash in a pawns face
war-face warrior in ya corridor taping hard-core rapes
Track rapist packin' burners to blast prison guards face-less
I face more racists than Martin, though they love my bracelits
Give em' a face-lift Hannibal style, body em' blaow
And if they still breathin' i'll get Skale to stop em' out
I'm in the house like James Todd, the pussy gettin' God
Niggas act hard, til' i beat em' til' their retards
Use my sword to decapitate ya arms, b4 ya grab ya firearm

08-08-2006, 02:27 PM
my firearm kills im firin on bitches wired on pills
you fakin ill im grabbin ya wallet to take ya bills
take ya pills, BAP BAP BAP, I'll medicate you
the metal hate you, it stay aimin to ventilate you
you stay talkin frontin like you was runnin somethin
but you aint poppin nothin and you aint cuttin nothin
keep payin no regard to what come out ya gap fag
they gon find ya fuckin body parts all cut up in a black bag

09-18-2006, 02:47 PM
I bully mc's with clubs the size of hogans arms/
lose yourself kid, once i drop explosive bombs/
Don of the wannabe dons, dis me your gonna be gone/
iv'e been all around the world and never made the same song/
Ya reign was about as long as that cat Drag-on/
To competition i'm the sting of a scorpion/
To the corporate world oppressors i'm a thug with guns drawn/
Rappers make me yawn with their Dr. seus songs/
They perform rap forms to bore the crowd know all ya fans gone/
Rob you before you got a chance to hop in ya phantom/
i write home-town anthems, ya'll just chitter-chatter over drums/
about guns you never had, and models you never bagged/
screaming 'it's murder", and your an under-cover fag/

09-23-2006, 01:42 PM
Bagged reefa bags big as an obiest bitches belly/
kick a hoe in the face, if the coochie-coo is smelly/
niggas soft as Nelly, grill me band-aids on faces, make em' eat erasers/
Tuco where you at God? My garments are known to contain razors/
Players we spray ya while ya playing sega, i'm an ol' school rap major/
In the game gangster, documentaries of wanksters get burnt/
Units get turned out in Rikers Island. mad niggaz rockin' a blouse/
Never me my hands dirtier than the Bush Clan legacy, break knecks down south/
Slang raises the bank account, i buy hot wheels with hydrallics that bounce/

09-26-2006, 09:59 AM
bounce an ounce, i flip bitch, call me an acrobat
call me a phony wit my dick in yo bitches trap
dont call me a homie less u made to show for it
if u see me wit a chain, i aint paid no dough for it
you so poor eatin dog food 3 meals a day
i roll up wit them bananas and peel away
must be feelin gay, on my jock stealin my ways
i let u feel a spray and bitch it wont heal in a day
see me wit the yay, believe it aint for this nose
how u bitches think a mothafucka paid for his clothes
i wont cave for these hoes, bitch im seriously pimpin
what da fuck u did in that telly mayne? u seriously limpin!
lyrics be written copyright, 86 My Fuckin Dick
probably got HIV, i make ya chicks all fuckin sick *;
james and I eatin hater pie, YUCK :r taste like lies
that kinda sorta bullshit, believe it was made to fry

09-26-2006, 02:52 PM
Peace Shrap.

Fry mc's like chicken that's kentucky fried, homicide wishes to niggaz who ain't allies//
In my aisle lies these internet wannabee mc's that try to bring it so live//
I flow like heavy rain pour, whore i'll damage ya glass jaw with one smash par//
I asked all shit talkers to stay off my cock, they refused to stop so know it's war//
let's settle the score as i shit on these poor, perverted, pussies/
Saying i'm a get robbed kid, a fuckin' thorn couldn't stick me//
My additude witty, and unpredictable like the Wu, these missy acting niggaz my fists will sock it to you//
Intelligence they lack is obvious when they talk it's a damn shame//
They claim their unfuckwittable, so fuck it i'll get political and my campaign is puttin' a slug in ya brain, and scatter ya brains in the hall-of-shame(motherfuckers!!)//

09-29-2006, 10:50 AM
all you lames ride my balls in vain, i love bitches
to kiss and hug, get it sucked, or just fuck bitches
but i dont get my nuts twisted they aint nothin to me
gotta be bringin me somethin to be somethin to me
i got a fuckin disease call it Cutabitchitis
put you ducks on ya knees cuz u some fuckin vaginas
suck this metal dick pussy *BLAOW* im comin fast
for them fuckin rats but they always run they ass
runnin fast like them mothafuckas was runnin track
i take em down and out like OJ the runnin back
put em back in they place wit the rest of the worms
sayin they gettin paper, they investin to burn
send em to Satan, pretend to be friends but they hatin
perpetually sayin they ya mens to the end but they fakin
talkin is cheap when u walkin the streets alone wit ya six open
lookin for some fuckin hoes thats down for some dick smokin

09-30-2006, 02:42 PM
all you lames ride my balls in vain, i love bitches
to kiss and hug, get it sucked, or just fuck bitches
but i dont get my nuts twisted they aint nothin to me
gotta be bringin me somethin to be somethin to me
i got a fuckin disease call it Cutabitchitis
put you ducks on ya knees cuz u some fuckin vaginas
suck this metal dick pussy *BLAOW* im comin fast
for them fuckin rats but they always run they ass
runnin fast like them mothafuckas was runnin track
i take em down and out like OJ the runnin back
put em back in they place wit the rest of the worms
sayin they gettin paper, they investin to burn
send em to Satan, pretend to be friends but they hatin
perpetually sayin they ya mens to the end but they fakin
talkin is cheap when u walkin the streets alone wit ya six open
lookin for some fuckin hoes thats down for some dick smokin


09-30-2006, 02:54 PM
I might die but my flow never will//
Me without a mic, is like Jada with-out Will//
Paul Wall with-out grills, or D. Trump with-out mills//
I feel the real chills when i hit a stage and let the spits spill//
A thrill to kill the unreal with bars of steel//
Even super-stars get filled with poison poetical skills//
Rivals kneel before the guilotine rips the head off with force//
Master of self saviour, the maniac with the razor tongue reppin' Wu-corp//
Who threw darts known to spark sharks, heads shanked then sent off//

10-03-2006, 10:44 AM
sent off some lead, hot, yo head pop, you dead off
dead wrong cuz im RIGHT and u stuck where i LEFT off
if u scared as fuck why make a mothafucka pop off
see u in the street, u wanna have a fuckin talk off
act like u so heavy, bitch how u nuff light 2 run off
i got a fuckin machete thats ready 2 chop yo arm off
u dont use that shit anyway just pop yo fuckin lip off
fuck some masculine ass hoes to pop yo fuckin dick off
is u gay or somethin, yo pants bout 2 fall off
i got full metal lightnin ima blow yo fuckin balls off
u gay and soft, heres a tissue wipe yo face off
heres another for yo mouth so u can wipe the nut off
milk moustache havin ball grabbin sucka ass faggot
i snatch that ass up... get it cut up and bag it
leave em 6 feet under the ground, never be found
or give u 4 in that face so u can taste every round

yeah another 16 lines dedicated to the biggest sucka ass fucka i ever met, i hope u go 2 hell rat and satan shoves a flamin pitchfork up yo faggot ass u fuckin BITCH, SNITCH SNITCH SNITCH SNITCH SNITCH, i shoulda fed yo rat ass some rat poison when i had the chance u homeless FUCK

10-03-2006, 04:31 PM
Suspects that inspect tha deck catch a spray from a teck//
In this cold world , my genius styles manifest righteousness//
Set it off masta's get murked by a killa, no said date for when they lose breath//
break em' like Bobby n' Whitney, my sounds in digital effects//
Not Raekwon but i chef raps marvelous//
This man got methods, that U-Gods gotta check//
Ol styles dirty bastards respect//

The Ghost
10-04-2006, 06:25 PM
I'm in the dojo training, which is never dumb
Getting practice murdering mc's backwards like red rum
And you drinking the whole bottle without pulsating
Venom burns people faces like fried bacon
Mistakes? I dont make them they get corrected
Revolution is coming ya hear, wheres ya weapon?
Its gone in the mist of the shadows of the wind
You wanna battle me all you gotta say is when :)

11-03-2006, 01:44 AM
Honestly itís obviously obvious
Itís an oddity oddly feeling thatís eerie/
Scary if thatís whatís next up to bat
Word thatís a wrap take it back/
Maybe itís because of the duality
Marking the start of a meager neutrality/
Of rejection and acceptation is
Or what my perception is/
Even before I put in my application in
I take multiples of three out with me/
I was going off at the mouth
Running it more than track meet/
Every time I work on project
I put in the effort of ten people/
Making me a little insane after the pain subsides/
I barter the bars cut the ties and begin to trade
Thoughts and idea ready to appear wit skills most donít hear/
If you ever get scared dart that spear
Trying to stab a general in the heart/
With registering his flow I canít just
Give you the authorization and expect manipulation/
Trying to cometh with words I runth the cup
Over fill and over kill those who donít allow me 2 build/

11-07-2006, 02:31 PM
fuck em I shut em down, cut em and buck em down
N.E.L. bitch, when it come to yo life i wont fuck around
if u aint down to ride then who the FUCK gon do it for you
put you in the fuckin cross mothafucka, 1 2 i floored you
u suckin cock like your motha but this d-boy is dope slangin
fiends i wont bang em, waste of slugs just choke slam em
brag bout what you did, theyll drop ya ass in a cell
let it out the bag bout what i did, I cock and blast you to hell
u hoes tellin gon get some dome swellin, no evidence
known felons wit chrome tellin u gimme those dividends
up in yo residence, get u for all u can be got for
dont worry bout me bitch, got mine plus i got yours
dont whip no fuckin wheels why the fuck would i need to?
i aint at the gas station, just straight pumpin that diesel
u lil weasels is gassed by some hoes that u dont whip
get your rims spinnin, outta control wit a chrome clip

11-07-2006, 04:33 PM
New n' improved inner-visions equal visual tunes
Sub-ject suspects get smashed while they bask in pools
Harps go through fools that lit my fuse
i re-fuse to lose status, reppin' mad-man mad-ness
faggots get fed to maggots worms poke out eyeballs
name on walls sprayed homage to soldiers slayed
veterans wait more memorials are on the way
Style AK sprayin' hating heathins jewelry cleanin'
Thieves keep thievin', i catch em' sleepin' penalty beatings

11-10-2006, 01:35 AM
This is my centerpiece thesis
Spit rhymes outta features/
Repeat cha like songs on continuous playback
Even at Radio Shack my flows compute n hack/
Thatíll seat cha down lead ya back
Through tunnels I rhyme n funnel/
Down more agua that ainít easy to cipher
Mic bite cha like a cobra but more poisonous/
Put cha pen down cut clowns off at the door
Call in the conundrum of lyrical assassins/
Grasp the flames Iím capturing digital to analog
I rhyme on blogs cut emcees off like a bar tab/
Now ya wanna cometh like Captain Ahab versus Moby Dick
This is the league of extraordinary emcees not gentlemen/
I rap and settle it like words I pedal wit multiples of 3
Checkered flag CG giving ya girl the best even now/
Deadliest thing going throwing more heat than ya
Know what to do with so donít screw wit me/
Or get perforated like loose leaf paper
Date rape ya flows like older undertones/
Get cloned off bones thrown Iím known
Throughout cities, towns and countries/
Who got flows that funks with The Technical One
Dead air the mind make it silent at night/
So if ya in a splinter cell then anybody wit the T cells
I excel off of bars of steel like a jail cell do/

01-13-2007, 11:02 AM
the experiment, the theory, the project
never been proven till i came out the womb
now i feel strapped and buried inside a tomb
overdosed, now i feel the most from the confines and dark minds
that defined and evidently judged my spirit's fate
no heaven or hell. even purgatory will save face
by not wasting or considering consideration
cuz my sins cancel out any oppurtunity to station
this dead lost soul wondering if he's to wander
the earth forever..."NOPE!" says the founder of existence
"the trick isnt to be against becoming a misfit
instead do some wrong with ur right. show resistence
show me that ur a well balanced individual
a sinner, a leader, a believer, even a bleeder"
my gift at the end wasnt decided from my repent
i was granted eternal life. yet i was still a heaven-sent
what a journey out the dark knowing i couldve fell in
call my great great grandkids, i got a hell of a story to tell em


01-13-2007, 01:38 PM
It’s the renaissance one-half Benetton Armageddon
Dead them thoughts to be in the new millennium/
Read cha Bible, Koran, and Torah my flow never bora
Borrow, making it a horror of horrors/
How you gonna deal wit the tragedies
Strategically operating historically
Under measures of pressure/
Trying censure censor my free speech
I pitch fork the unique wit skills of a critique/
Match by wits I peek-a-boo you fools
Spying eyeing my rhyming wit a lion’s den/
Resemble I preamble the gambling of laws
Cut e’m caws hit e’m hard similar to the almighty father/

01-17-2007, 03:17 PM
We take over borders, broads with heaters, bust bullets wit lust 4 ya..
Smoke a blunt reading the torah, the highest prophet tore ya..
Wig open, white carpets red from blood soaken..
Words of god spoken, cancerous battle-rap open..
Choking off the kush, my tongues never in the bush..
i got 69 dollars, wallets fatter than Trina's tush..
Bitches blow my sausage til' the juices gush..
Then i push em' off, son colder than Jack Frost..
Niggas hating hoes blow me, while they gotta jack off..
Call these emcee's muffin-men, cus' they raps soft..

01-17-2007, 10:26 PM
Smoke ya spliff my spit be extreme
Too extreme to get without smoking indeed/
A bag weed couldn’t get cha fired up
Enough to compete wit this/
Type of extremist lyrical chemist
I take many to class n get e’m dismissed/
Breaking down bars pattern by pattern
Line for line take that for a hip hop quotable/
If it wasn’t already noticeable that cha got eroding skills
Like Pee ya already ova da hill without being a wee bit skeptical/
And if you got shit to pull this isn’t two thousand yo
Ya ass will get bashed, smashed, gassed and shitted upon/
My flow be coming like clouds before the thunder storm
So best put cha rain coat on and WRAP IT UP [WRAP IT UP]/

01-20-2007, 04:33 PM
I trig the grammar warrior iron
Bongo ya mama wit the right piping/
Strike twice like lighting Iím sharp as
A medical scalpel military shrapnel/
Heinous rhyme angular hang glide into danger
Flow fire save the park dart off the arc of Noahís/
Cold weathers ever never given the reverend
More than 50 percent before the rental fees are paid/
Taken stages broken pages making most of my wages
Outside wit more flavors than baskin robbins/

01-21-2007, 01:38 PM
Mobbin' to push daggers through noggins..
Bust shots out the Dodge Tahoe, emcee's duckin', and dodgin'..
Caught in cross-fire victims on their knees crawlin'..
Kick they jaws in.. chins broke like egg yokes during brawlin'..
Star in the stall stallin'..knocked out..once i charged in..
Clap security guards guardin'...the garden..
Records flaw-less.. check my stats.. all wins..
Put holes in ya'll brims...snatch ya whips..jack ya rims..
I'm on some Rza shit..bout' to design my own timbs..
Chop emcee's limbs off..screaming timber before i begin..
Kill-a-army then i see Sin..ladies see my semen..
Records receive spins.. haters i deceive them..
Trim dimes get smashed from behind..moaning, and screamin..

01-26-2007, 02:45 PM
Historical rhyme rhetorical
Canít get wit the glory/
Untold stories gain press
Tested through the amazing ranges/
Shock heads wit aggression after
Addressing the bulk by messaging/
Self intoxicated iron rhyme raider
Fade maker blown brains like atoms/
Lyrical arch taken waves plaguing many
Odin as Iím roaming wit soldiers
From the western hemisphere/

01-26-2007, 03:30 PM
Phoenix fire pedals, my shoes flamin' stompin' levels..
Only trust metal, heavy on the hit, i poison devils..
Bionic six power, gibberish raps collapse cats like twin towers..
Giving bitches golden showers for hours, tonsils devoured..
Kill coward, grammy like trophey's on the wall..
Raw lyrical spit-ball, eat you like a pits maul..
Break bricks wit my fists ya'll, all day the phones blown chics call..
I've grown tall, with more styles than cracks in a wall..
soon to give ya'll more hits than a boxing match, or a brawl..

Tha Ill Shogun Lord
01-26-2007, 07:30 PM
life mad ill but not like da past rap and bullshit
made me open da clip blast back at anyone runnin they lip
trying to ride i aint neva slide nigga i'm a sayien dont touch my pride
see my rippa accended to da level a rebel
talkin all that shit even right now
but when see you it'll be all love right now

fuck dis dojo shit
should be made outta metallic
to much wood you should be tossin my salad
cuz you toss da pizza but you dont want da murda

i'm out

Battle 1
01-28-2007, 11:57 AM
No doubt it's the skills of Shaolin
Inside your brain like burgulars prowling
Weak mc's throw in the towel, spill shit out their bowels
It only takes intimidation techniques to get rid of cowards
Moving towards the high priest they bleed like a beast
My sword rise like the sun(son) in the east
Blow shit up like yeast to say the least
Then it becomes doe which with I roll like snow
So what you know
The baker at peace with the creator or maker
Thoughts awaker mind breaker breath taker
There is no debator that's greater I shook the earth like the equator
Had crab mc's lying in beds on respirators
Quickly eliminate any or all traitors


bad boy T
01-29-2007, 08:13 AM
ill will bad boy T blow constructive
I came to do my thing killa sting and make the adjustments
I'm a tell you who's the real shalion
Ripping and counting spitting and shouting
Dump in the hot sprees in paradise fountain
I'm coming quick when I rip your still be bounding
Flip the coin melting the loot in the jar
Peace to Wu-Tang Tupac Biggie Busta and Nas
Yo what the fuck you looking
I drop the bomb then you can put the hook in
ill with the will if you wanna booking
You in the invade gotta change you token
Come through in the venue shall I countinue
I ordered the crown so bring the menue
Put your blades in what you changing
Strangers in the house of danger my lyrics are flaming

01-29-2007, 03:51 PM
access granted to gravel-pit battle mastery..
Master me, never i'm pharoah ya'll master p..
Get it started geograhically.. causin' atrocities, and causlties

Empty clips for cash, plus the stash is me..
Smashin' ya peeps, lookin' thru holes, fill em' wit holes..
Put em' beneath the ground wit the moles..
i took my mask off, the kingpin's face froze..
Sub-zero flows, mortal combat combos..
fatality stage, behold the master killin' blade..
Rappers laid when i raid, and raise hell-raisin' cain..
Street menace snatchin', chains..
show u the math when i blast and reveal the matter from ya brain..

01-30-2007, 02:41 AM
Automatic rhyme cipher iron lighting
How you writing epics when ya shit is pathetic/
Can’t even get it kinetic I arm a ghetto
Running ready letting any emcee know/
Who I be on this here m-i-c
Deadly wit darts I cut n carve you like harps/
Tug on ya strings pluck e’m one by one
Showing why I am a shaolin shogun/
Hold cha weight its the technical lyrical
Biochemical opposite logical making it intestinal/
Now your digesting the mental food
I’ve been feeding you for years/
Drink ya beer and liquor and
Let the devil inhabit you/
These zombies don’t see
Past their own struggles/
Put a mussel on the whole progression
Test the lesson against time your racing/
Pathological lies get cha disguise
After your demise you’ll open ya eyes/

01-30-2007, 12:28 PM
Automatic rhyme cipher iron lighting
How you writing epics when ya shit is pathetic/
Canít even get it kinetic I arm a ghetto
Running ready letting any emcee know/
Who I be on this here m-i-c
Deadly wit darts I cut n carve you like harps/
Tug on ya strings pluck eím one by one
Showing why I am a shaolin shogun/
Hold cha weight its the technical lyrical
Biochemical opposite logical making it intestinal/
Now your digesting the mental food
Iíve been feeding you for years/
Drink ya beer and liquor and
Let the devil inhabit you/
These zombies donít see
Past their own struggles/
Put a mussel on the whole progression
Test the lesson against time your racing/
Pathological lies get cha disguise
After your demise youíll open ya eyes/

War-cries from abducted p.o.w.'s, give em' scars my blade's live..
Cats lives get reduced to 7, killed em' twice on the 8th night..
Irate life livin', money spendin', prodigy prodigal sun sinnin'..
Natural rhythm charm women, fertilize seeds in em'..
last days dazed in a cage, hold it down, hoodlum rage..
B-boy like sage Francis, coppin' ranches in france kid..
Dance spin, slide in the venue, verbals firing..
Count to ten, Tennessee country blend...

01-30-2007, 06:15 PM
Get cha verbalization up
Lyrically you spit gibberish/
Can’t even get wit the program
Up date cha manifest/
Thinking addressing situations
Was pleasantly underestimated/
This isn’t an SOS or distress call
This is progress needed to be digested yall/
Intersecting rhyme directing opening
Session correcting all errors/
Mechanically you can’t adjust I
Cuz I’m one of the most original/
Evenly critical mostly cynical
Overtly opposite to everything positive/
Niggaz don’t get the metaphors
I recite on a daily basis/
Making NEO looking like an atheist
By the way I display it looks racist/
But that ain’t the basics
That just ya observation/
While people are dying your worried about things
That isn’t applicable to the situation/
So continue creating jewels and drop them gems
On those so-called fools well get cha forecasted/
My raps be predicted like a weatherman
Experimenting wit time travel like Doc Brown/
Your are a clown wit no frown game drew the town
Hopefully star bound before you manifest destiny/

bad boy T
01-31-2007, 07:16 AM
Nice spitting J.T.S

02-02-2007, 04:23 PM
Sprinkle my darts
All over the frosty cake mix/
I spit cataclysmic wickedly
Sadistic openly vicious/
And if you can’t get wit it
Then you’ll know I’m sick wit it/
Given it critical acclaim and
Make a name 4 your self/
Trying to test a tech
Is wreck caused to ya best/

Battle 1
02-02-2007, 07:45 PM
No contested I'm protected by enzymes so your food gets digested
Licking shots at those who protested
My balls stay covered like eggs with birds nested
Steel Brush your teeth off with some Crest and
then clean your dirty ass off with some Zest
If you can't afford the soap don't lose hope getting high off some dope
Stay tuned cause the moon rise like the ocean tide and destroy pride
Like those who aint paying for this ride
I'm already deep inside the mind in those dark places that's hard to find
One of a kind cuisine on some fish squirting lime
Sticking to thoughts like slime
Add the wine and we can dine
Still bring my nine in case the menue is filled with swine
Behold the divine sign my signature on the bill taken along with this pill
Medication for the ill cause like pain I kill


bad boy T
02-05-2007, 08:14 AM
Yo you know I'm so ill that I melt your bones
Take out to withdraw all those dimonds that ice your chrome
I melting you slowly in the ill house of wax
I spill the wax in the ill house with your ill axe
I'm the lyric warrior heat up the ice dimonds re-cut to the max
To remember you will surrender remenese it back
The ill kill bill dimond light shine on katie
We take it back old school back to creation back to eighties
Back to the blood sucking vampires
Take out your teeth with the rusty pliars
Busting fires kanye west to the through the wires#
Then burning rubber you get whip lash with dusty tyres
You on the speedway you cruzing now
Like freeway You ozing out

02-08-2007, 12:09 PM
nice shit in the DOJO
new blood

02-24-2007, 12:17 PM
It’s Knowledge born arm a long bong song
Smith double fisted stick e’m for the goods/
Hold the hoods like hammer head nails
Rhyming red doing the blue too true/
Open ya mind minus the clutter
Undo the lock and unchain ya vocals/
Spread cha thoughts eagle and
Speak freedom without censorship/
Renting minds like a Vulcan mind meld
Better yield I weld my light saber/
Vanquish emcees wit skills
That been built before the force/
Cut cha course close ya chamber
Emcees you roll wit don’t even
Get the roach clip of my blunt/
Stunt don’t front classical tragical
Making shit multi octagonal/
While you wanna bee’s flow rectangular
My flow be circular in shape wit no edges/
Cutting heads so sharp they don’t even feel it
Now I’m the most wanted with a head hunter/
So potent I vaccinate hip hop wit the cure
Believing most forgot what hip hop is & was/

Battle 1
02-25-2007, 01:42 PM

Battle 1
02-25-2007, 07:53 PM
With thier rhymes covered in rust left to fuss
They would never really bust
Buzzzzzzzzz, land in your hive kicking no jive
Mc's come alive but leave dead taking a dive
Parlay with their wife real trife that's life
Money swiped off blood being wiped
Fruit picked real ripe with my fingers I type
Don't believe the hype mic cords ignite
Horse power's driven by the knight
Leaving mc's outta sight or real quiet and polite
No stopping braking laws despite
Dying for the right take a stand let's fight
Getting knocked out you might
Sent home on an early flight
Or into the night with no light,
Rudolph the red nose rain deer is left in fear
Out of the dark I appear take em' off course into last year
Rocking that Wu wear
With some wallabees, a real nice pair
Machine wash mc's like clothes inside out with care
Them taken a fall is nothing new or rare
Try and not stare at the son cause I burn into the eyes like a flair
Running like the mayor see you in townsquare or at the youth fair

02-26-2007, 03:59 PM
Yo, it’s the technical lyrical archbishop
Biochemical rhyme over instrumentals/
Crack dentals retrace e’m like stencils
Can’t diagram the mental into 8 signals/
Slaving over stoves for labor
Aim to become the savior/
Cut cha vinyl, smash ya finger
There goes unemployment/
Destroying families lack of income
Drink the wisdom of those beside you/
Flow vital feel the pulse of hip hop
Inside you so remain loyal and continue to toil/
Cancel all your subscription internet conviction
Ageless addictions critical conflicted/
Tested addressed it can’t connect with it
Gotta give another chance dance the outcome out/
Down the flavorish forty five dive ten feet under
Hold a sunder cold a wonder fold a hand/
Plan the plan plotted the land
Aim to stand got the game/
Taking control over these solider
As if they we’re microchips
And you were the processor/
Can’t comprehend most of it doesn’t even resonate
Wit my initiation into hip hop nahmean/
Find the calibers rhyming Babylon
Avalon icon mind stronger by the days going on/
And if you aim to strike the heart
Then we must strive on like bygones/
Forgive but never forget historical facts

03-15-2007, 09:31 AM
I final cut pro these emcees
After the get edited they get deleted/
What cha gonna do when my flow
Guns for you don’t say hatchew/
I breesely brew these emcees
Without the hopps my joints don’t flop/
I rock holograms grafhically I perform
Fatalities like mortal kombat/
Now your try ya special manvuers
I groove sooth retrive skills indeed/
Call me a ninja rhyme specialist
spit spin on top of ya head/
drop lead world war two
bomb ya land misspeak bay mans/
flowing seamless like a teamster
you can’t win against the best/
I wrestle with no arms and legs
And still give you trouble without them pegs/

Dr Sleepwalker
03-17-2007, 02:05 PM
Ehyo, I havent been in here fo awhile.. haha..

Aite.. off the head..

Crumb snatcher, affiliated with the shadow I sit with/
Re-abilitated, I feel the hatred from the arrow they hit with/
Carbon misfit, pass the pardon.. blazin' Christmas/
Ason's triplet.. face it, Ace did.. when I laced his mistress/
I chased somethin' sacred.. ended in the house of mirrors/
Blazed out.. bent kid.. pretended it was out of tears../
Blowin' smoke at this laughin' door../
Holdin' hope for this crashin' soar.. lept off the edge/
Kept on with my ledge, stressed, so I stepped on Seth../
And than they said, 'Off With His Head',..pfft.. stop with the threats../

03-28-2007, 03:31 PM
Hop out the whip like a green toad, rockin' mean gold..
Beating niggas for nothing, a twisted fiends soul..
Wrong road traveled, i unravel pictures of doom..
Underworld wolf-man howling at the moon..
My platoon blooms like flowers in June..
I mean to say may, fuck it, shit rhymed anyway..
I spray ocean spray raps at cats with lips chapped..
Fiends searching walls for cracks, get slapped jack..

03-29-2007, 01:41 AM
Hop out the whip like a green toad, rockin' mean gold..
Beating niggas for nothing, a twisted fiends soul..
Wrong road traveled, i unravel pictures of doom..
Underworld wolf-man howling at the moon..
My platoon blooms like flowers in June..
I mean to say may, fuck it, shit rhymed anyway..
I spray ocean spray raps at cats with lips chapped..
Fiends searching walls for cracks, get slapped jack..

good 2 see ya back homes

08-09-2007, 11:20 AM
The dojo's been slept on by many who repped wrong
I breath life in it, infinite lone ranger
The sight of my sharpened sword means danger
Banging on gang bangers with illegal bangers
Wizardry slang slanger, infect hosts wit death influences
Bully former bosses to represent as my job references
If there's no good report, those pockets i extort
J.T.S. guilty as charged in death's court
Styles original, the origin started in hallways of all sorts

08-17-2007, 03:26 PM
whenever rhyming or grinding i'm constantly re-defining
and alligning camps, support the fam like food stamps
We all gotta eat, settle beefs wit choppers that sweep streets
Rather unique when i speak like the God AZ
boning babes in Baisley, i quit em they angry

08-20-2007, 12:04 AM
The dojo been slept on, wept on the carpet
Ya shoes are still on; you desecrate the floor, wit artificial soles
Master the art of the official I rip mics and target foes/
Spade cha flow ya rhyme neutered canít even turn the page
Ya rhymes are stagnant and stale wit words that couldnít be read in brail/
You failed to live up to the standards of a real emcee
I donít care if youíre doing it for the ladies
But be sincerely true to the culture/
Donít even act like some opportunist vulture?
Trying to cultivate the culture/
For ya own purposes and reasons
Now thatís just down right devious/
Ludicrous, Iím a lunatic spitting nefarious
Infamous wit crimson intentions connected regiment/
Transmitting hip hop lyrics through the internetÖ..
So producers and emcees can connect and recollect/
Similar to masters and pupils we have multiple equals
Even shreds of discipline extra kin you need a killer instinct to win/
You canít bend the wind in order to win excelling wit skill alone
Youíll achieve nothing but skin on youíre bone
Wit meat hanging off the throne now ya know ya clone/

08-21-2007, 04:41 PM
Unknown artist bringing drama to shows like "The twilight zone"
Prince without a throne, parking the red corvette to use a pay-phone
This pretty chic i called hanged up once she heard the tone of my voice
Shorty was 5'9 blasting Royce the 5'9 in her Rolls Royce
Her name Joyce i rejoiced after she rode the horse
Couldn't tame the beast in her, she lusted the pipes with force
Trying to reach for the stars, while surviving street wars

08-25-2007, 06:22 PM
i read that
ya feedback
i see that
ya wack ass
is far past
ya prime
spittin those rhymes
should be crime
u on some wack shit
a rap bandit
on some clan shit
i ban this style
u stacked shit pile
ya raps is vile
now go on raflect n think bout this shit for a while

08-27-2007, 03:18 PM
Your Elroy.. light ya like an El boy..shatter ya style like thrown bottles..
Your girls look like crystal meth fiends.. mines like European models..
Your spits..lost and found.. stolen...or maybe borrowed..
Flowershop emcee's like you... wither and die by tommorow..
By lack of water...change ya style up...on the block saw u rhyming for quarters..
Lockwood residents wouldn't give you a penny..u holding a cup in front of Denny's..
U skinny.. mouse emcee that's feminem like Minnie..

08-27-2007, 05:10 PM
I drum line these rap minds
Wit stylized rhymes like the A&T Drum line/
Spin beats back and forth from some of the dopest
From Miles Davis to John Coltrane I take notes and make melodies/
Now we have modernist spitting flows like blazing trumpets
I manifest destiny wit lyrical weaponry/
Strike down the living wit heat rocks from the Beat Konducta
Now I’m instructing ya to flow like thunder and move like water/
Alter ya torture wit words I bought cha down the line
Sticking the midriff type of rhymes wit lines shivering down the spine/
Play the drums on ya skull and bones I throw tags full of bag of bones
After lances mathematical emancipation creating a window of opportunity/
Now I’ve been given unity spit all fluid throwing darts all ruling
The wavelength like hypothetical articles wit no barnacles/
Now you emcees gonna get ruined when I bring back sampling
Making words get trampled buried under the bridge of the sample/
Making the competition trample wit ample example
You can’t Campbell soup these flows all buried in the broth ya know/

08-27-2007, 10:51 PM
I'm peepin the evolution of lyrical execution
but this is a revolution, let me clear up the confusion
the majority is usin same metas same punches
feedin off eachothers vomit like baby bird lunches
spit, bit , then spit again after digestion
is it subliminal suggestion? yall need an intervention
how many times yall gonna mention samurai swords
and metaphors of asian culture,
gets on my nerves worse than a white suburban vulture
like why you wear a doorag? you got no waves no braids
sound fake like Magic Johnsons' aids outbreak
i been to shoalin but i don't talk that shit
cause a warrior don't talk, see he walk that shit
yall ain't read no scrolls peep no manuscripts
u seen a kung movie, u runnin off at the lip
bout you a ronin rollin with your kung fu crew
ronins are loners from japan , yo how stupid are you?
how do i know? i'm a nigga who lived in beijing
they look at you like ni shi shei? ta shi ba da ling (who is this bitch?)
so stop revolvin and start evolvin cause i'ma be a problem
ain't none of yall solvin.


09-01-2007, 03:37 AM
damn ididn't mean to kill the cipha. lol its okay i'll leave. yall can continue doin what yall were doin.
HIIIIYA!!! see i can conform. lol

Dr Sleepwalker
09-01-2007, 10:37 AM
^ lmao at that guy

09-02-2007, 11:54 PM
Weaponry infinitely I had an epiphany
Showing me I can spit without all the wizardry/
So do me a favor give me the epsilon key?
Check the status of the registry if you please/
Trying to measure me by standards
Are obsolete retreat into darkness/
I’m far best eastern weaponry settles disputes in the west
Often tested connected via the internet now I intercept/
Wreck heads like trumpets, cymbals and other percussion
Backed by various synth tracks I rap over and into the Matrix/
Stop, pause, delete erase it I faced it camouflaged face lift
Dentist tricks spit linguistics wit patriarch rips/
Now I quit all schemes and gimmicks a long time ago
And just went wit my heart now I’m giving you the spark/
Shoot a few a darts my way I sway and dodge e’m like Agent Smith
Put my hands through digressing through the motion of the blues/
Do you still not have a freaking clue here how about?
I write it down for you, strip the ball outta ya hands like Tony Parker/
I’m half black, half Puerto Rican and yeah I’m the author of this rap
So fuck off and go get jacked while I speed race against cha
And show you crabs how to spit outta ya motherfucking mind/

09-03-2007, 04:39 AM
i absorb the backlash but block the backhand,
from 1/2 a black man like u had a bad hand/
your punches ain't potent, powerful poetry flows,
floats into your lungs and leaves opponents chokin/
philosophy's velocity will make u a mockery, own you like apostrophe "s" ,
u only fantasize of more than mediocrity/
while i manifest, the miracle of creation,
creative juices rain, brainstorm catagory 5 hurricane/
declare this thread a disaster zone head for the superdome,
yall ain't spittin dope this is stepped on methadone./
i don't need a thesaurus to dig deep inside your brain/
or to eat u like a tyrannosaurus suffering from hunger pains/
i'm a human metaphor for what clouds and thunder brings/
guess storm? u getting warm like a tropical depression,
reply and look to the sky as i deliver more lessons.