View Full Version : Incubus- Make yourself

05-15-2006, 08:54 PM
Need I say more to get this one started? Though it is not a classic 10, it does stand the test of time.At one time in my life not long ago this album pulled me out of a dark place. DARK. I just popped it in now to possibly get rid of some stress and its workin.

Discuss and enjoy.


05-17-2006, 06:59 PM
Yeah man....That album the shit...I like morning view

05-17-2006, 09:59 PM
yea it has some dope tracks, some weak ones...morning view is a personal classic to me

05-23-2006, 11:43 PM
I have quite a few songs of theirs, but no LPs... Imma have to get up on this LP...rock always lifts my spirits

05-28-2006, 11:20 PM
This album is awesome, but it doesn't hold a candle to their earlier CD, SCIENCE. Science is one of my favorite albums, any genre.

Frontal Lobotomy
05-29-2006, 12:26 AM
I gave my copy of Make Yourself to a chick, fortunately i got some nookie in return haha. Not that bad an album overall, i just can't stand that Brandon Boyd geezer